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The Simple Greek, Norwalk, CT

by zackly 1 month ago

I liked this place. I had a red meat gyro, tasted like very mild lamb to me but I think they stack beef and lamb toge...

BiscuitBoy commented 5 days ago

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Primavera Restaurant Norwalk, CT

by zackly 6 months ago

Was thinking of bringing my family there for a Saturday night dinner. Anyone ever been there? They rarely seem busy b...

Lunch or Brunch near the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT

by Monica 1 year ago

I am thinking about taking my young kids to the aquarium on Sunday. Any recommended brunch place in town? We eat ev...

jfood commented 1 year ago

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Iconic Pizza Mecca Colony Grill Coming to Norwalk, CT

by zackly 2 years ago

Opening in the summer of 2015. The value of my house in Norwalk just went up 20% with this news. http://www.ctbite...

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Great Burger and Food at The Spread in Norwalk

by jfood 2 years ago

In the midst of a 10-course dinner with friends at Spread I ordered the “Cheeseburger.” I’ve enjoyed Executive Chef C...

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Apricot Bar & Grill (Norwalk) - Pretty Basic Burger

by jfood 2 years ago

Apricot Bar and Grill recently opened on in Norwalk next to Fat Cat Pizza. The building has an interesting and storie...

ISO, $10.00 Red Holiday Wine

by zackly 2 years ago

I want to buy a case of enjoyable, very drinkable red wine to give away along with holiday cash tips. I've had many ...

zin1953 commented 2 years ago

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Los Gemelos Norwalk CT

by AubWah 2 years ago

Anyone else enjoy this waterfront gem?

Steakhouses in Norwalk CT??

by mom2 9 years ago

Meeting up with some friends in Norwalk next week for dinner. They will be driving on 95 up from NJ to RI. They ask...


chefdoug1457 commented 2 years ago

Q's Restaurant, Norwalk, CT

by SteveSCT 2 years ago

I tried a new place this weekend that addresses the lack of solid Asian options in lower FFC. Q's Restaurant on Main...

jfood commented 2 years ago

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Washington Prime Opens in SONO (South Norwalk), CT

by jfood 2 years ago

Washington Prime recently opened at the entrance to the SONO “Ironworks” on the corner of Washington and North Water ...

Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk - Wow

by tazerowe 3 years ago

I was searching for something new while running errands in Norwalk today and read about Rincon Taqueria, hidden on a ...

BiscuitBoy commented 2 years ago

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Beef Wellington near Norwalk CT?

by The Jeff Next Door 2 years ago

We're taking a colleague out for a farewell dinner tonight, and he's asking if we can find a place near work (Norwalk...

Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

by mushroomaffairs 3 years ago

The Chinese restaurant Pearl East for takeout in Stamford burned down and is still closed. I really liked their Chin...


Sherbro commented 2 years ago

Where to buy fresh gooseberries near Norwalk?

by lecker 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchased fresh gooseberries. I live near in Norwalk, CT but would be willing to drive t...


billyboy6565 commented 3 years ago

New restaurants in. South Norwalk. Ct

by nbermas 3 years ago

So. I see at least 3. So how are they and how do you rate the food and what was very good to eat and why?


rbailin commented 3 years ago

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The "Old Ash Creek Saloon", Norwalk, CT.

by temilove 3 years ago

I called to go tonight.... They have a new menu and a new owner! The staff says it's way better due to a new smoker....

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Nola Oyster Bar in South Norwalk - Yum!

by mla19 4 years ago

Had a really great meal there this Saturday. My husband and I split one entree and a bunch of small plates. Portions ...

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Biagio"s Osteria Stratford CT, Pasquales Osteria Norwalk CT or Osteria Romana, Norwalk CT Which is BEST

by nbermas 4 years ago

Which one would you pick for the best food for a big birthday and best service and ambiance please for this weekend? ...