Has anyone tried Letizias pizza in norwalk, Ct?

by swa 15 years ago

According to this months Gourmet magazines it is as good as New Haven pizza!! Please let me know if this is true. Link: http://www.food411.com

Harbor Harvest, Norwalk: what goes on there?

by gutreactions 4 years ago

From their website, it appears to be an enclosed farmers market/caterer on the harbor in Norwalk, CT. It is open to the public. They carry meats, produce and artisanal products from local farms and...

The Simple Greek, Norwalk, CT

by zackly 4 years ago

I liked this place. I had a red meat gyro, tasted like very mild lamb to me but I think they stack beef and lamb together. Regardless, it was very tasty. It's rare around here to find the vertical...

Primavera Restaurant Norwalk, CT

by zackly 5 years ago

Was thinking of bringing my family there for a Saturday night dinner. Anyone ever been there? They rarely seem busy but Yelp has glowing reviews....Thanks! http://www.primaveraitaliancuisine.com/d...

Lunch or Brunch near the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT

by Monica 6 years ago

I am thinking about taking my young kids to the aquarium on Sunday. Any recommended brunch place in town? We eat everything. thank you.

Foodie driving through CT....what are some MUST try's ??

by ItsMee 9 years ago

I want to take drive from NYC through Greenwich, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven & Norwalk. I am very eager to try foods that are unique to Conneticut's local cuisine. I prefer hole- in- wall pl...

Iconic Pizza Mecca Colony Grill Coming to Norwalk, CT

by zackly 6 years ago

Opening in the summer of 2015. The value of my house in Norwalk just went up 20% with this news. http://www.ctbites.com/home/2015/5/7/colony-grill-to-open-in-norwalk-ct-new-waypointe-site.html

Great Burger and Food at The Spread in Norwalk

by jfood 6 years ago

In the midst of a 10-course dinner with friends at Spread I ordered the “Cheeseburger.” I’ve enjoyed Executive Chef Carlos Baez’s version in the past and wanted to see if there was any update to hi...

Apricot Bar & Grill (Norwalk) - Pretty Basic Burger

by jfood 7 years ago

Apricot Bar and Grill recently opened on in Norwalk next to Fat Cat Pizza. The building has an interesting and storied history with numerous bars and several adventure-based occupants. The copper t...

ISO, $10.00 Red Holiday Wine

by zackly 7 years ago

I want to buy a case of enjoyable, very drinkable red wine to give away along with holiday cash tips. I've had many sub $10.00 reds but they are usually one time, special buys or good one year an...

Los Gemelos Norwalk CT

by AubWah 7 years ago

Anyone else enjoy this waterfront gem?

Steakhouses in Norwalk CT??

by mom2 14 years ago

Meeting up with some friends in Norwalk next week for dinner. They will be driving on 95 up from NJ to RI. They asked me to find a good steakhouse. Would anyone recommend either Porterhouse in S...

Q's Restaurant, Norwalk, CT

by SteveSCT 7 years ago

I tried a new place this weekend that addresses the lack of solid Asian options in lower FFC. Q's Restaurant on Main Ave in Norwalk (in the original Valencia Luncheria location), offers quality Vi...

Washington Prime Opens in SONO (South Norwalk), CT

by jfood 7 years ago

Washington Prime recently opened at the entrance to the SONO “Ironworks” on the corner of Washington and North Water Streets and is already garnering positive feedback and enormous crowds each nigh...

Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk - Wow

by tazerowe 7 years ago

I was searching for something new while running errands in Norwalk today and read about Rincon Taqueria, hidden on a hill across Conn. Ave from the Kohls. It sounded like a fairly traditional taco...

Beef Wellington near Norwalk CT?

The Jeff Next Door
by The Jeff Next Door 7 years ago

We're taking a colleague out for a farewell dinner tonight, and he's asking if we can find a place near work (Norwalk, CT) that serves a good Beef Wellington. Any suggestions?

Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

by mushroomaffairs 7 years ago

The Chinese restaurant Pearl East for takeout in Stamford burned down and is still closed. I really liked their Chinese food the best. I don't like Tengda, although I've only had their Japanese d...

Where to buy fresh gooseberries near Norwalk?

by lecker 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchased fresh gooseberries. I live near in Norwalk, CT but would be willing to drive to White Plains, New Haven or anywhere in between to get some. I've only seen go...

New restaurants in. South Norwalk. Ct

by nbermas 8 years ago

So. I see at least 3. So how are they and how do you rate the food and what was very good to eat and why?