Northern New England

You can use this tag to discuss food in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

7 Simple Rules for the Best Lobster Roll You'll Ever Make

No matter how far you are from coastal Maine, follow these seven tips and tricks and you can make the best lobster roll you'll ever eat, wherever you are. The ideal place to enjoy a lobster roll, without...

Spring trip to coastal Maine...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Prepping for our return to Maine late in May. We stay in Kennebunkport and travel out from there. What new and interesting culinary news can you share with us? Our travel map ranges from mid-Coast ...

Best Place for a Lobster Roll?

by NShewmaker 16 days ago

Hi All, I will be heading to Boston next week and then down to Portland, Maine for a couple days. Looking for the best place to get a lobster roll in Portland. Full disclosure: I have never h...

Shrimp paste in Brattleboro, Keene, greenfield area?

by cheff2 23 days ago

Any sightings?

Vermont culinary/beer destinations

by Phil_A_Mignon 1 month ago

I am planning a surprise trip to Vermont with my wife for our 17th Wedding Anniversary in October. The only reason my wife and I really travel, is for food and drink. We'll be flying into Burlingto...

Dogs and lobster rolls

by ElsieB 27 days ago

Looking for somewhere north of Kittery, south of Portland, not too far from 95, for lobster rolls... outside dining that is dog friendly. 4 humans and 2 v large dogs traveling.

King Arthur Flour Recall

by JerkPork 1 month ago

Recall of King Arthur Flour, based in Vermont. I'm in Montreal and have purchased this in the past in Burlington and Plattsburgh.

Franconia area?

by chowfox 2 months ago

Spending a couple of nights in Lincoln, NH later this week. What's good? We've never traveled in this vicinity before.

Fore Street - still good?

by UnConundrum 2 months ago

We're heading North on our annual trip in a couple weeks and I'm debating whether Fore Street is still worth a reservation. Last year, while there was nothing wrong with our meal, it just didn't s...

Food tours in Portland

by UnConundrum 2 months ago

Had a great time on the Land, Sea to fork tour today. This was a 3 hour tour that stopped at six different restaurants: Union, EVO Kitchen and Bar, Solo Italiano, Blyth & Burrows, Mami, and Picco...

Best Portland Lunches?

by UnConundrum 2 months ago

Well, we've reached the age where large meals at night are more than we want to handle, but we love to eat at Portland's better restaurants. Some restaurants offer the same menu, or similar menu w...

Miller Brothers

by UnConundrum 2 months ago

Started our annual visit with stopping in at Miller Brothers, formerly the Fisherman's Grill. Met Tom Miller who was apparently the chef at Fisherman's Grill, so the food is essentially the same. ...

North Conway?

by Joanie 1 year ago

Will be going at the end of April (for the first time) and wondered what's good. I see a few things that look decent. Friend enjoys IPAs, I like a well made cocktail and always enjoy a good iced co...

The Great Banh Mi Search

by dfrostnh 4 years ago

Please help me locate Banh Mi sandwiches in Northern New England. If I'm in Nashua on the weekend, I stop at Saigon Market for their pre-made sandwiches. Recently we went to Portsmouth so I could t...

Table8 Pasta, the new Italian takeout meals place in Bedford NH?

by wedeln 12 months ago

I noticed a new Italian take out meal place has opened in Bedford, NH. Has anyone tried it yet? Interesting concept they seem to be trying. Everything is fresh ingredients (They state they don't...

Looking to rent a private home for a 100-150 people wedding. Northern New England.

by searchingforavenue143 4 years ago

We got engaged a couple of months ago and have been searching and searching and visiting and searching for a venue to host our wedding for summer of 2016. We saw some decent venues with little valu...

Report on quick visit to Wells, Maine

by chowfox 3 months ago

We have less than 48 hours, so we've been sticking to Wells, even though there are many temptations on offer further afield. We have a housekeeping cottage, doing only one meal out per day. Yes...

Quick Portland report

by Joanie 4 months ago

Took a drive up from Boston a couple weeks ago starting with lunch at Jitto's in Hampton (or Portsmouth, right on Rt. 1). Have passed this place 100 times and glad we finally stopped in, split a sm...

Fresh wide rice noodles?

by silsurf 7 months ago

Anyone know if I can find fresh wide rice noodles in the Portland, ME area for sale? I have used the Nona Lim ones purchased at Whole Foods in another state, but not sure if I have seen them in Mai...

Everything in Farmington, ME is horrible.

by tamerlanenj 9 years ago

Just a little warning in case you should find yourself passing through. Keep right on driving...


by strawberry drago 9 years ago

Where can I find Chinese sesame candy It was served at Chinese restaurants after dinner Candy is soft and sweet of a dark color like molasses without nuts Small squares sprinkled with sesame see...