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You can use this tag to discuss food in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

7 Simple Rules for the Best Lobster Roll You'll Ever Make

No matter how far you are from coastal Maine, follow these seven tips and tricks and you can make the best lobster roll you'll ever eat, wherever you are. The ideal place to enjoy a lobster roll, without...

A magical drive to The Lost Kitchen, Freedom, Maine...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

This past May, self-taught Chef Erin French, proprietor of The Lost Kitchen located in rural Freedom, Maine, published her first cookbook. It piqued our curiosity. We had heard almost mystical stor...

Ogunquit/York report Sept. 2021

by Joanie 4 months ago

The coast of Maine is one of the few things that seems to get any attention on CH these days so I'll fill you in on some of the places we hit this year. Fri. we started at Ziggy's Donuts in Peabody...

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by strawberry drago 11 years ago

Where can I find Chinese sesame candy It was served at Chinese restaurants after dinner Candy is soft and sweet of a dark color like molasses without nuts Small squares sprinkled with sesame see...

Danone/Horizon to terminate 89 organic milk contracts in Northeast

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

"...Dairy farmer Abbie Corse, a member of the board of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, said loopholes in the USDA’s National Organic Program were a factor. 'It’s allowing larg...

Restos adding credit card processing fees to your bill...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

I have noticed it more and more. Restaurants are posting up to a 3% processing fee to your final bill. I guess its an effort to defray some of the loss eateries incur to credit card companies. They...

Spring trip to coastal Maine...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

Prepping for our return to Maine late in May. We stay in Kennebunkport and travel out from there. What new and interesting culinary news can you share with us? Our travel map ranges from mid-Coast ...

Portland birthday week

by chadnibal 6 months ago

We're in Portland for 5 days including my wife's birthday, don't know the area, but lobster, scallops, magret de canard, turtle soup, foie gras, trout, salmon, and arctic char are some of our favor...

ISO restaurants for dinner in Manchester VT

by Karen K 6 months ago

Seeking restaurant recommendations, especially some that are not fancy restaurants. Also looking for good thin crust pizza

Cape Cod Chips: I'm hooked...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

During the Holidays, I picked up a bag of kettle cooked Cape Cod Waves with sea salt at my local market. I could not stop noshing on them, especially with a dip or alongside a sandwich. They are a ...

Portsmouth stuff

by Joanie 8 months ago

By the time I realized how crappy Mem Day weekend was gonna be, it was too late to cancel the hotel. So we slogged around but still had a good time, here's what we hit. Drove up Sat. (from Boston) ...

North Conway report

by Joanie 9 months ago

Figured I'd add something new to the board. Spent 4 nites in North Conway in March and have come to really like that town. Here are the stops, trying to keep it brief (but that's impossible for me)...

Quick Maine Trip report

Bob W
by Bob W 1 year ago

Maine trip Sept 20-26, 2020 Just got back from my only Maine visit this year. Did more at-home eating than usual so the list is sort of random and not as long as usual. Here are a few words on e...

Whistling Oyster, Ogunquit

by TD 16 years ago

Can someone tell me where this restaurant used to be located in Ogunquit? I know there is a gift shop in Perkins Cove with the same name, but I'm not sure if it has any affiliation, location or ot...

Lobster prices coming down: how do you like them?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Now is a good time to buy lobsters. I have noticed sale prices at local markets starting at $6.99 lb. for pound and a quarter; a bit more for larger sizes. Even frozen lobster tails have been on sa...

BBH and Ogunquit 9/20

by Joanie 1 year ago

I hate how dead these boards are now and since I just had some fun stops in Maine, figured I'd write them up quickly. First on Fri. was lunch at Day's in Yarmouth eating at a picnic table out back....

Where could I track down a vintage Carbur's menu?

by mollymac 11 years ago

For those that remember Carbur's in Burlington, VT... That menu was so hilarious, so enormous, and was the building block of so many fabulous memories. Anybody know if those menus are still floatin...

Looking fo Taj Mahal beer sales

by profkaf 1 year ago

Where can I buy Taj Mahal beer in Maine or New Hampshire ( grocery or liquor stores)?

The Lost Art of Growing Blueberries With Fire

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 1 year ago

“In the frenzy of 19th-century industrialization, though, the ancient custom largely fell by the wayside. The communal task of burning uneven, rocky fields by hand was exchanged for mechanized burn...

Local Tomatoes - Can't Wait for The Flavorful Fruit

by treb 1 year ago

Here in the Northeast, we're getting very close to having some local tomatoes from our farmsteads. I'm so anxious to finally have tomatoes that have flavor. Most of the stuff available in super...

Sunshine Oriental, Concord NH Fans

by dfrostnh 1 year ago

We missed a final visit to Sunshine Oriental when they closed sooner than announced. We miss the food and friendly owners. If you were a fan of Sunshine Oriental, where are you getting Chinese ta...