Norfolk food-seekers, listen up. Here's your definitive guide to restaurants in the area, from diners to dessert spots.


2 days in Norfolk, VA

by Pamelado 8 months ago

Looking for recs - visiting local breweries but no idea where to eat. Handsome Biscuit looks good, what about local seafood? Checked out Grain and Saltine menus but hoping someone has some other re...

Super dry country ham slices

by fishymd 3 years ago

Back in the late 70's, my grandmother who lived in the areas around Williamsburg VA used to get an institutional size pack of dry cured country ham slices(ready to eat) for making ham biscuits. Th...

What Is Your Opinion Of Copper River Salmon?

by PontiusPalate 6 years ago

A restaurant in my local area (Norfolk, Virginia) recently found a source of Copper River Salmon. According to the manager, he was able to get it flown in fresh. For several weeks in a row, it ...

Steak seafood Williamsburg, VA private room no room charge

by TonyBomb 5 years ago

Looking for a tastey Seafood and or Steak restaurant in Williamsburg VA with a private room where I may present some slides. $120 a person inclusive. No room charge. AI equipment not necessary.

Tony Jr's Hot Dogs in Norfolk, VA

by Ron Rosenbaum 19 years ago

Anybody been to Tony Jr's hot dog stand lately? There are two locations, one at the Waterside complex and the other on Lafayette Blvd., right across the street from Tony's hot dog stand. Do not,...

Who Would Have Thought? The Best Tacos in Norfolk are not Mexican!

by gderenoncourt 5 years ago

The best Taco in Norfolk, hiding right under our noses! Granby Social Club brings Casba Cuzina the warmth and flavor of the Mediterranean to a uniquely urban area known more for shops and services ...

What Is Your Opinion Of This Manhattan Cocktail Variation?

by PontiusPalate 7 years ago

THE MORNINGSTAR: This cocktail was described by my bartender tonight as a "twist" on the classic Manhattan cocktail. The description on its menu reads as follows: "Eagle Rare Whiskey/Frangelico/...

Two Restaurant Recommendations In Norfolk, Virginia

by PontiusPalate 8 years ago

Greetings, I am a relatively new poster on the Chowhounds boards. For personal reasons, I was away from the local restaurant dining scene for nearly five years. It was only a couple of months ...

Tidewater Taste Buds - reforming

by foodjack 6 years ago

We had a foodie group a few years back in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, etc.) called the "Tidewater Taste Buds." Our goal was to meet and try out resta...

looking for a good nosh before or after show at Norfolk Scope

by SweetPhyl 8 years ago

going to Cirque du Solieil show on Friday, 4/4/13--recs for before show drinks/aps and after show eats.

Good restaurants in Norfolk, VA

by HitBullWinSteak 8 years ago

I'll be moving to Norfolk this summer for three months for a clinical rotation. Where do I need to eat? I'll be living/working downtown a few blocks from USS Wisconsin

Yock or ya-ka-mein in Norfolk/Newport News/Suffolk/Portsmouth area

by teachergirl23 10 years ago

Can anybody suggest a place in the tidewater area (Newport News, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth) where I can get yock or ya-ka-mein? I would also like to know places that sell the right type of noodl...

Norfolk area for Christmas Day Dinner.

by banchow 9 years ago

Daughter's family is relocated to Norfolk this week. I am seeking a nice spot for Christmas Dinner. Any suggestions? 2 kids...so child friendly for 3 and 9 year old.

Vintage Kitchens Norfolk Va

by Section J 9 years ago

This is an email that was sent to the owner/chef which recieved no response. I wanted to give you some feedback on our experience at your place Friday night.10/26/12 First, the food was...

Norfolk and Virginia Beach

by oceans 9 years ago

We are going to Norfolk and Virginia Beach for a long weekend. I know about the great Maryland crabs. Is this area known for any particular foods? If so, what restaurants, or crab shacks, would ...

Downtown Norfolk

by ickymettle 9 years ago

It looks like I may be in downtown Norfolk tomorrow night for business. Does anyone have any suggestions of somewhere good to eat solo? Perhaps a place with a nice bar that serves good food.

Great Little Restaurant in Norfolk

by FoodienNorf 9 years ago

I can't believe I've lived her for 15 years and just found out about Omar's Carriage House!! It is this great out of the way spot that actually used to be a carriage house in the 1850's (at least ...

Recommendations for Good Seafood in Norfolk VA?

by zeezai 10 years ago

Will be in Norfolk next week and am interested in some good dining options. Any suggestions? - Thanks!

Restaurants in Norfolk, Va

by lenorel57 10 years ago

We will be in Norfolk for 2 nights in March. Any special restaurants? I'm not interested in Asian or Italian. I can get that in NY. I have heard about Todd Jurich's Bistro and 456 Fish. Are the...

Norfolk/Virginia Beach Restaurant Week.... where did you go?

by wanderingviolet 10 years ago

I enjoyed Burton's Grill this past weekend.I started with their she crab soup- good flavor but very rich. For dinner I had the Mediterranean chicken- nice juicy chicken breast topped with a goat ch...