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We've got your ultimate guide to nonstick cookware, from health concerns to how to care for it and which brands to buy.

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Non-stick Options, Or Not

by mikie 2 months ago

I've had it, really! I've had a Scanpan 8" nonstick classic pan for probably longer than I should. It's been sticki...


ferret commented 18 hours ago

Turning a non-stick frying pan into a regular frying pan?

by Dave MP 10 years ago

Hello In my apartment, we have a pretty cheap (from Target) non-stick frying was new about 6 months ago, ...


RichardSr commented 5 days ago

Sauter pan - What benefits does stainless steel have over non stick sauter pans ?

by CHSeifert 20 days ago

What benefits does stainless steel have over ceramic non stick sauter pans, other than durability, when it comes to v...


CHSeifert commented 19 days ago

Scanpan: To sear or not to sear

by DTats0311 29 days ago

OK my friends, I've been reading a lot on here that people don't believe in using Non-stick for searing, to stick wit...

DuffyH commented 20 days ago

What food is better cooked in non-stick than cast iron pans ?

by CHSeifert 25 days ago

I wonder what food you prefer to cook in a non stick frying pan compared to a cast iron pan ? Omelet/egg YES Deli...

drrayeye commented 21 days ago

Your preferred type pan for braising/frying meat?

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

I wonder what type of pan you guys prefer for braising/frying meat? Non-stick Aluminum Copper Cast iron Carbon ...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

Help choosing non stick sauce pans...

by CMoya13 2 months ago

I'm looking to pick up a few new non stick pans that aren't too crazy expensive but I am willing to spend some money ...

Bertha79 commented 2 months ago

Any Berghoff Cookware Users?

by drrayeye 3 months ago

Here's the home site: They're obviously huge...

drrayeye commented 2 months ago

Titanium Cookware - Is it worth the money?

by mpdjr 6 years ago

I have a 12in. " Titanium Elite " fry pan. It really works well - truly non-stick, impervious to high heat, easy cle...


ak89765 commented 2 months ago

Ecolution cookware & Hydrolon coating?

by rosemarie365 5 years ago

Has anyone used this and more importantly......what is 'hydrolon' . Is it really safer than other non-stick surfaces?


looksgoodonyouthough commented 2 months ago

Are Calphalon Pans Really Worth It?

by Atomic76 4 years ago

I've been buying the Calphalon Non Stick frying pans for several years now. I usually snag the two packs when they ar...


John Francis commented 2 months ago

New Report on Non-Stick Cookware

by ninrn 2 years ago

Since there have been so many heated discussions on these boards about the safety of non-stick cookware, I thought so...

DuffyH commented 3 months ago

Calphalon Non-stick cookware pans are NOT dishwasher safe - WHY?

by wheresthelove16 6 years ago

I know not to put my Calphalon non-stick pots and pans in the dishwasher, but does anyone have a reason WHY? Is it...


lifeb4kids commented 3 months ago

Help buying non stick pan

by nixie 8 months ago

I am looking for a new non stick pan. I had an All Clad non stick from a set that I bought years ago. It's just got...

DuffyH commented 4 months ago

Scanpan vs All-Clad Nonstick

by greggeis 4 months ago

I'm looking for a new induction compatible nonstick cookware set and I've narrowed it down to the Scanpan Pro IQ and ...


JWVideo commented 4 months ago

Gothan Ceramic Titanium

by law_doc89 1 year ago

Saw this hawked on TV. Nonstick that is too hard to scratch and can go into the oven to 500 degrees. TV products a...


boy commented 4 months ago

Electric Waffle Iron -- NOT nonstick

by jessinEC 5 years ago

I'm in the market for a new waffle iron. We used to use ours very frequently -- 1x a week or so -- but stopped when I...


kingdc11 commented 5 months ago

How to clean residue off nonstick baking sheet?

by cyndychow 7 years ago

I forgot and left an Analon nonstick baking sheet, coated with sprayed on Pam, in the oven. Started preheating oven ...


Samalam commented 5 months ago

slow cookers that can be used stove-top, without nonstick coating

by jobug 4 years ago

Hi all! I've been reading through threads on ChowHound for years, and finally decided to join. I couldn't find ...


Jazmino commented 5 months ago

Non-stick for induction?

by trpltongue 7 years ago

Hello all! I'm a new poster here (relatively longtime reader). We are moving into a new house with an induction c...

drrayeye commented 6 months ago