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We've got your ultimate guide to nonstick cookware, from health concerns to how to care for it and which brands to buy.

anyone use (non stick) BEKA cookware?

by nylongirl 6 years ago

I've been reading through the boards looking for a safe non stick. I don't like using cast iron and seasoning etc.. a...


Barbiecarter commented 10 days ago

Non-stick pans, metal utensils, and TV chefs

by Midlife 8 years ago

Every time I go near a non-stick surface with a metal spatula, spoon or tongs my wife gets upset that I'm going to sc...


devries commented 2 months ago

ScanPan TechnIQ

by Angelus2013 2 months ago

Williams-Sonoma recently started selling ScanPan TechnIQ cookware. Supposedly it's more for "commercial kitchens" des...


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

Nonstick Pan Duration?

by hellskitchen6 2 months ago

Hey CH! I'm in the market for a new nonstick pan (again)...and while my go-to in the past has been to buy cheap......


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

Cooking in stainless vs. nonstick saucier/saucepan

by emeryross 3 months ago

Hi all, I'm wondering about specific benefits to cooking with stainless over nonstick in *sauciers/saucepans*. ...


kgrey commented 2 months ago

Turning a non-stick frying pan into a regular frying pan?

by Dave MP 12 years ago

Hello In my apartment, we have a pretty cheap (from Target) non-stick frying was new about 6 months ago, ...


Angelus2013 commented 3 months ago

All Clad D3 Armor: a nonstick revolution?

by drrayeye 2 years ago

Here's a new tri clad product line that is nonstick without any coating of any kind:


Angelus2013 commented 3 months ago

Tramontina Deep Fryer: Anyone Tried This?

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Anyone used this? It seems very versatile and inexpensive, and somehow has rivets on the outside, but not on the ins...


Libranflight commented 5 months ago

Calphalon Non-stick cookware pans are NOT dishwasher safe - WHY?

by wheresthelove16 7 years ago

I know not to put my Calphalon non-stick pots and pans in the dishwasher, but does anyone have a reason WHY? Is it...


BiffsOpinion commented 5 months ago

Fry pans: what's the diff? stainless steel vs. nonstick vs. blue steel

by nooodles 13 years ago

I'm torn. Which is the best all-purpose fry pan? I don't want to get more than one because I really don't do any of t...


BigG commented 6 months ago

Are Calphalon Pans Really Worth It?

by Atomic76 5 years ago

I've been buying the Calphalon Non Stick frying pans for several years now. I usually snag the two packs when they ar...


Angelus2013 commented 6 months ago

Best Material for Non-Stick Pans?

by hellskitchen6 6 months ago

Hello CH! Was having a conversation with a friend today, which went something along the lines of the fact that we ...


Neo1 commented 6 months ago

Non-stick pan Reacting Differently on Induction?

by Robenco15 7 months ago

So I recently noticed this when playing around with my new induction range. First though, I’m not sure if this is spe...


Angelus2013 commented 7 months ago

Scanpan sale at Sur la Table

by BostonBestEats 7 months ago

If you've ever wanted to try a Danish-made Scanpan non-stick skillet, which are not cheap, now is the time. They h...


treb commented 7 months ago

Titanium Cookware - Is it worth the money?

by mpdjr 8 years ago

I have a 12in. " Titanium Elite " fry pan. It really works well - truly non-stick, impervious to high heat, easy cle...


paulj commented 7 months ago

Scanpan CTX Ceramic Titanium vs. Stratanium

by estherchung82 11 months ago

I recently bought a Scanpan CTX 3 Qt pot and a Scanpan CTX 10.25" frying pan, both from the same online retailer. Bot...


BostonBestEats commented 7 months ago

Non-stick advice

by JohnLearnsToCook 9 months ago

My wife has said that she wants a non-stick sauté pan the size of my 32cm Proline. She likes the Proline, but she wa...


drrayeye commented 9 months ago

Zwilling best non stick frying pan?

by Fuffy 3 years ago

In the food section of 1.6.16 NYT this is of interest: over the years Paul Theroux's wife has given her husband a s...


alexrander commented 10 months ago

Storing NS Bakeware

by mobiledynamics 10 months ago

Had some extra rainy day money so I picked up a stash of NS bakeware...sheets, muffin tins, cake tins. Anyhow, curiou...


mobiledynamics commented 10 months ago

Shopping for a raclette grill--granite grilltop vs. nonstick?

by kattyeyes 10 years ago

Hi! I saw one other thread on this topic, but it doesn't address my question. I'm hooked on raclette and would like m...


canddc commented 12 months ago