We've got your ultimate guide to nonstick cookware, from health concerns to how to care for it and which brands to buy.

9 Essential Kitchen Utensils and Which Cookware They Work With

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How Safe Is the New Teflon?

by obillo 2 days ago

The safety of non-stick cookware coatings is a vexed question. Anyone interested in this issue should look at “The Devil We Know,” a documentary on Netflix. Teflon was made with Perfluorooctanoic a...


Silicone tongs

by VFish 4 days ago

I don't remember where it was recently discussed how slippery silicone tongs are, but I have found a pair that work very well and thought I'd share! These are actually silicone coated and have a g...

Pro chefs searing meat in non-stick pans and copper cookware experience

by CHSeifert 10 months ago

I have been watching Masterchef Denmark for the last couple of months, and I only see people sear steaks in non stick pans. The gear is from Eva Trio, a danish brand of cookware - and they also ...

Titanium Collection Cookware

by melajoh 3 months ago

I know this cookware is an (outrageously) overpriced scam, but I got into a discussion with someone about it and though I'm 95% certain this cookware contains PTFE, the website is written in such a...

Not made in China non-stick 8" fry pan?

by marlinspike 3 months ago

As much as I don't like it, my wife needs one non-stick fry pan, and I am willing to humor her. If I don't want made in China, am I looking only at All-Clad d3 and d5 and Demeyere TiX/Zwilling Forte?

Seasoned Wok in just 1 wash cycle?!

by borisabrams 5 months ago

Hey! So I have a great wok that I took a good while to season (first the usual heating, smearing oil, cleaning the oil off, re-adding etc. ). I then built up some good coating through a few year...

Good nonstick pan with no rivets?

by CrazyOne 10 years ago

So I'm thinking about getting a new nonstick 10" skillet/omelet pan/whatever. I have a couple of 10" Calphalon professional nonstick omelet pans from several years ago. One is particularly gettin...

What types of fish do you recommend cooking in a non-stick pan?

by Tektrex 9 months ago

I currently own a 9-inch (22cm) Le Creuset TNS shallow skillet which I use solely for the purpose of cooking fried/scrambled eggs and omelettes. I'd like to invest in a larger 11-inch (28cm) for mo...

Suggestions for lightweight nonstick cookware

by kgrey 12 months ago

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, it looks like my arthritis is going to force me to sell most of my very heavy copper cookware. At least at this point in my life, my body is in desperate n...

Scanpan CTX Ceramic Titanium vs. Stratanium

by estherchung82 2 years ago

I recently bought a Scanpan CTX 3 Qt pot and a Scanpan CTX 10.25" frying pan, both from the same online retailer. Both were marketed as Scanpan CTX "Ceramic Titanium". When I received the items,...

Best Non Stick Pan for Eggs that you can use a 'metal utensil' on

by bombadilio 1 year ago

This is a serious question so please refrain from any snarky comments ;-) I love cooking and have had a #1 rule of never using metal on any of my non stick pans. So I was a bit odd when I saw th...

Bare Bones Cookware Set

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Was just trying to figure out, what I would have to have to make everything perfectly, without having any extra cookware to store. Anybody know what a "bare bones' set would look like? I am mea...

Nanobond 11" skillet user followup report

by drrayeye 1 year ago

Since Hestan introduced Nanobond about two years ago, I've been an enthusiastic follower, and ultimately, a purchaser and user. Here are some of my OP threads: https://www.chowhound.com/post/th...

Cookware Musings from the Peanut Gallery

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I have not really been able to cook much for a while, I was working so many hours, but I have noticed when I do cook, that there are a lot of pieces I do not touch. My LC skillet is covered in d...

Looking for a detachable handled skillet in nonstick aluminum

by SognSpatula 1 year ago

I'm looking for an aluminum skillet with a detachable handle for use backcountry camping. The goal is light weight and packability, without sacrificing the ability to make a real meal. In the p...

Question about Immersion Blenders Safe for Enamel or Non-stick Cookware

by DeaH 8 years ago

I am currently using an inexpensive plastic immersion blender because it's safe to use on cast iron and enamel cookware. I would love to upgrade to a sturdier metal model, but I am unwilling to get...

Feeling burned by Swiss Diamond pans. Nontoxic, reliable alternatives?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 8 years ago

I (used to) love my Swiss Diamond pans. They are truly nonstick. They are solid and conduct heat evenly. They are easy to care for--dishwasher safe. But, I guess I'm realizing that they really are ...

anyone use (non stick) BEKA cookware?

by nylongirl 8 years ago

I've been reading through the boards looking for a safe non stick. I don't like using cast iron and seasoning etc.. also it's too heavy. I just found online something called BEKA which seems to be ...

Non-stick pans, metal utensils, and TV chefs

by Midlife 9 years ago

Every time I go near a non-stick surface with a metal spatula, spoon or tongs my wife gets upset that I'm going to scratch and ruin the surface................... yet I just saw Jacques Pepin use a...