Shrubs, elixirs, juices, and tonics are proof that you don't need alcohol to have a good time and enjoy a complex cocktail. From recipes and articles to tips and techniques, we've rounded up everything you need to craft a drink that intoxicates the tastebuds without the presence of liquor.

This Spiced Mulled Cider Will Get You Fired Up for Fall

You might think it’s too early to discuss the holidays, but we’re in the large majority of people who’d beg to differ. After all, the temperatures are already dropping, dusty slippers are being yanked...

Best non-alcoholic beverages: share your favorites!

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Want to cut back on my alcohol consumption during this pandemic. We enjoy our wine and beer, but we want non-alcoholic alternative drinks, too. Especially when dining out. A friend recently tried H...

Non alcoholic wine Toronto

by burlgurl 11 months ago

Has anyone had a half decent non alcoholic wine? Does this even exist? I’d love a dry white wine, but can only guess most existing options are overly sweet juice. Where in Toronto? Have t seen any ...

Alcohol-free extracts?

by Patrick Thompson 21 years ago

Can anyone recommend a source for extracts (vanilla, almond, etc. etc.) that do not contain alcohol?

Non-alcoholic "Scotch and Soda"

The Librarian
by The Librarian 8 years ago

My daughter is visiting from Walla Walla WA where several gas stations/burger joints/restaurants serve a drink called a Scotch & Soda. From what she can gather, it is typically made with a citrus ...

Who here drinks non-alcoholic beer?

by theirisnetwork 11 years ago

Hey guys and gals, recently I was given O'Doul's as a client for a class, and I've got to be frank, I'm not well versed in those who prefer to drink non-alcoholic beer and I was wondering if you wo...

Non-drinkers—what do you order?

by rweater 12 years ago

For a number of reasons, I'd like to cut back my alcohol intake. I'm not a heavy drinker by anyone's measuring stick, but it's just something I'd like to cut back on. I do like to go out, but I...

ISO Bitburger Drive, 0,0% NA beer, any stores that carry it?

by devilham 4 years ago

Looking in the Boston area for the above mentioned non-alcoholic beer.... had to quit drinking recently and am looking for this particular brand as it has 0% alcohol.... would like to give it a try

Anyone know a place to buy Sanbitter?

by Matronix 4 years ago

My wife is pregnant and is looking for something to fill the taste of a decent cocktail. We were told that Sanbitter is a great alternative because it is like Campari. Any clue where in town we co...

Non-Alcohol Bananas Foster

by eenie1 5 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for a non-alcohol bananas foster recipe. My plan is to use it, once it's cooled, as a "filling" between two layers of a cake which will then be frosted on the outside. The ca...

Alcohol-Free Wine

by yeoyeo 14 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alcohol-free wine that might actually be tasty? Preferably white.

Mint extract - making

by jounipesonen 5 years ago

Anyone have any ideas for a non-alcoholic solutant for fresh mint leaves? Glycerol would be good but extremely expensive here in Finland for food-grade product as only available in tiny bottles ...

Non-alcoholic alternative to Cynar

by BrassyNova 6 years ago

Now that I've found a way to make a zero-alcohol equivalent to the Aviation, I'm moving on to my next favorite drink: Cynar & soda. This one's stumped me, as Cynar has an elusive and unique aroma ...

Cioppino w/out wine?

by Rachael5000 6 years ago

I want to make cioppino for xmas eve but will be cooking for some that don't drink, and can't drink, should i just use extra stock instead?

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

by sandylc 7 years ago

Any ideas for some interesting beverages to serve to someone who has stopped drinking alcohol for health reasons? Hopefully things that are not packed with sugar, either, although a little bit i...

Non-alcoholic mixology

by debbiel 6 years ago

I decided to start a new post mostly so I could see what it would be like to do so in the beta site. But I do actually want some ideas here. I'm off alcohol for a couple months due to some new m...

Best non-alcoholic beer???

by EclecticEater 12 years ago

I am unhappily restricted to not drinking alcohol for the immediate future so, because I do love beer, I wonder what your experience has been with some of the non-alcoholic beers?

Creative mocktails for 16th birthday

by TimTamGirl 6 years ago

My friend is bringing his daughter to Boston next month to celebrate the daughter's 16th birthday. They're from very suburban NJ and she wants to do Cool Things In The City, and I was thinking that...

Your favorite michelada recipe?

by esquimeaux 6 years ago

I'm 8 months pregnant and all I want to do is drink Micheladas all day! I've been having some great ones (with club soda instead of beer) at various restaurants around town, but would love to serve...

Spruce Beer!

by Darksyde 13 years ago

For those of you living here in Toronto who are transplanted Quebecois/Montrealers, I have found a place to buy that delicious (non-alcoholic version) drink known to many of us as spruce beer! It ...