This Tahini Semifreddo Is the Gold Standard for No-Bake Desserts

For the uninitiated, a semifreddo is a half-frozen dessert, made of egg yolks, sugar, and cream, and it’s my idea of a very good time. It’s similar to ice cream, reminiscent of pudding or mousse, but...

What Can I Make in A Car?

by CaliPenguin 8 months ago

Ok, so I live in my car. I need things that are cheap, but can be made and stored in a car. I have a few things I can employ, like a rice cooker, self heating kettle, instapot (that I'm afraid to u...

Just Add Water - Instant Foods

by soypower 12 years ago

Without getting enmeshed in the details, it appears I will be spending a few days in a hotel with only a coffee maker...no microwave, no refrigerator...Going to the grocery store after i arrive is ...

Your favorite no-bake Christmas cookies?

by coll 1 year ago

I find myself without a working oven for the time being, and won't be able to get a repair done until after the end of the year. I figured I could still do my traditional bourbon balls, since the...

Strawberry topping for no-bake cheesebake

by LL3786 2 years ago

I’d like to place a Serious Eats strawberry sauce on top of Wood and Spoon’s no-bake cheesecake recipe, simply because strawberries aren’t in season. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/07/s...

I'm hungry and I can't cook

by KisaOrelans 3 years ago

So I'm sitting alone in the living room and hunger hits me. I find it safer if I don't cook but I'm the only person in the house. We barely have any food as I had a 'clear out' the other day. Anybo...

Can't stand the heat: your ideas for preparing meals without adding heat to the kitchen

by allipalli 5 years ago

We're having a heatwave here in the Pacific northwest. Houses here typically don't have air conditioning; mine doesn't. What are your ideas for preparing meals without adding much heat to the hou...

Recipes for Impromptu Casual Summer Entertaining?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 5 years ago

So, thankfully, we are finally approaching that splendid time of year where everyone spills out of their houses and onto their lawns and sidewalks again. I find myself bumping into my neighbors and...

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