Long gone Newton old school Italian restaurant

by HubFlyer 1 year ago

Back in the 80's/90's there was an Italian restaurant on Rt 9 WB where Barrows Windows and Huntington TV is now. It wasn't foodie but I remember it as a friendly, casual, red sauce place. The a...

Newton Corner 1980s pasta restaurant

by ames4411 1 year ago

My brother and I have been trying to remember the name of the restaurant in Newton Corner (possibly the now closed UNO’s location on Washington Street) that primarily served your choice of pasta sh...

Does anyone remember cappuccinos in Newton?

by Attan 2 years ago

This goes out to Paul Richard... Hello there, from the far past... Drop me a line a some point s1s2s3star@hotmail.com

Does anyone remember the restaurant Cappuccino's in Newton?

by mk24 10 years ago

Cappuccino's in Newton closed in the 90s I believe, they used to have the best white sangria made tableside with whole oranges etc. Does anyone happen to know how it was made? I recall maybe Prosec...

Callahan's Restaurant, Newton

by LindaMorgan 2 years ago

Do any of you remember a restaurant called Callahan's in Newton, MA? If you do would you happen to have their recipe for a salad dressing made with white cheddar cheese. I used to buy it by the pin...

Dense chocolate cake between Boston and Newton

by Blumie 2 years ago

Driving from the Back Bay to Newton for a friend’s birthday. She wants a chocolate cake, but doesn’t like “fluffy” cake. Any good suggestions for a denser chocolate cake that doesn’t need to be pre...

Newton Center Restaurant run down

by kimfair1 3 years ago

As of mid-June my wife and I have lived in our new digs in Newton Center. While we miss Brighton (we’d lived there for nearly 30 years), we were excited to see how many restaurants are within a ten...

Great rye bread in Newton?

by somervilleoldtimer 3 years ago

I have been travelling south to Philadelphia all summer, each time picking up wonderful loaves of "South Philly Jewish Rye" at the local supermarket. That connection is ending, sadly. My husband ...

Grape Leaf, new Greek restaurant in Newton Highlands

by Blumie 3 years ago

This new casual Greek place has opened up on Lincoln St. very close to Walnut St. and the Newton Highlands T stop. It had its grand opening today, and although I didn't go (it's not an easy T ride...

Dinner with octogenarians in the western burbs

by Blumie 5 years ago

Dad is 89, mom is 85. They live in Newton, and I try to take them out at least once a month. They have enjoyed Lumiere, but have not been as happy with it since it changed hands. We all ...

Restaurant wedding venue

by nyc_to_ma 5 years ago

I'm looking for something that might be impossible - my fiance and I want to get married somewhere in Boston that has great food and drinks, and isn't a typical wedding venue (not a hotel or a barn...

Buff's Pub for wings (Newton MA)

by BostonBestEats 5 years ago

BOSTON'S BEST WINGS: According to the Improper Bostonian Magazine And, yes, they are quite good wings. Moist, meaty, moderately crispy, not overly sauced. My fav was the Garlic, Cheese & Srirach...

Fiorella's - Newton?

by SaraAuDust 15 years ago

Any thoughts? Was highly recommended by a friend, but this same friend recommended the Kowloon which was one of the worst meals of my life, so I'm a little hesitant to trust him again...

Best Chinese in Newton?

by frond 6 years ago

Hi, We are looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Newton for Friday night. Has anyone tried Sichuan Gourmet House? We like all styles of Chinese cuisine. Thanks in advance.

Rox Diner (Newtonville): solid food, iffy service

by Jenny Ondioline 6 years ago

Allstonian and I finally got around to having dinner at Newtonville's Rox Diner tonight. We'll be wanting to return for the food: her fish and chips was really good: the panko crust is unusual, but...

Dinner for 9 in MetrowestBoston

by jogill 6 years ago

In Boston area for son's Parents Weekend and Head of the Charles. Meeting foodie family members for dinner afterwards on Saturday night but have to meet them in Route 128 area for dinner. Interes...

Boston College area restaurant - large group

by walshiannonem 6 years ago

Help. Anyone have a suggestion for a restaurant in Boston area (within 15 min of Boston College) for large group dinner (25 people) on a Saturday night?

Judith's Kitchen West Newton

by kronictonic 6 years ago

Went by the other day on my way to Blue Ribbon BBQ. Looked in and everything looked new, neat and clean and the food looked fresh and well made. Went in today for a sandwich (they have salads and l...

Anyone been to Cook in Newton?

by mbd23 6 years ago

Planning a dinner for some work friends. Menu looks great. Has anyone been?