LA Times Food Editor Peter Meehan Resigns Following Accusations of Bad Behavior

The Los Angeles Times food editor Peter Meehan has resigned from his post following claims of abusive behavior and the cultivation of a toxic workplace inside the food wing of the newspaper. In a series...

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Merrill Schindler Stinks!!

by aurora50 13 years ago

He tends to review the same kinds of restaurants, his writing stinks, and he spends a lot of space in his reviews, just writing about all kinds of other stuff (his youth, what he did last week, etc...

Sietsema's Top 100 Inexpensive Restaurants in NYC circa 2003-2004?

by duskofdawn 4 years ago

Does anyone here happen to have a copy of and/or link to Robert Sietsema's list of 100 Inexpensive restaurants in the Village Voice from around 2003-2004? The reason I ask is that I used to live in...

SF Food Lines Worth The Wait?

by DavidT 4 years ago


Jon Kauffman: Why is it so expensive to dine out in San Francisco?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

The Chron has tracked the rising price of 20 signature dishes over the past ten or so years. The biggest factor in price increases is labor. "...We may have been willfully ignoring the fact that...

Bouley - three stars

by Lacrosse_Gastronomic 4 years ago

I'm glad to hear that Bouley is still excellent. I plan to revisit soon. Pete Wells: "Bouley in TriBeCa Still Goes Its Own Way, Seductively" http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/02/dining/bouley-rest...

People who live here: Which papers do you read for restaurant criticism?

by ghiottone 4 years ago

My bar gets Il Messaggero. One Giacomo A. Dente reviews restaurants, which appear on Tuesdays. He does a good job of covering Rome restaurants, ranging occasionally farther afield. But his reviews...

Nice Watsonville food article in Santa Cruz Sentinel

by bouncepass 7 years ago

Today's Sentinel has a nice article on Watsonville options. It's not the same-old, same-old. I haven't checked out many of them, but a number of the places are on my "to-visit" list; some have also...

Sheryl Julian stepping down as Boston Globe food editor

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 5 years ago

Devra First will step into her role. Thanks, Sheryl, for reams of great food writing over the years; I will miss your voice. Congratulations, Devra, and break a leg! http://mcslimjb.blogsp...

Jacques Pépin essay in The New York Times

by Multifoiled 5 years ago

This essay solidifies my opinion of him as not just an amazing chef, but a deity when it comes to all things food. What a beautifully written essay this is. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/09/din...

Paradiso, Rockville Centre

by Gastronomos 5 years ago

Does anyone (emarcus?) have a copy of the Newsday review of Paradiso published around the year 2000? Thanks!

Thanksgiving, the Julia Child Way

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 5 years ago

Wish I'd seen this before Thanksgiving. It's still a lovely article about one of our favorite people. It may be after Thanksgiving, but now I have a hankering for a few Goldfish and a Martini.

Who creates the editorial voice for the NYT food section?

by howdini 6 years ago

"Here is [xxx]. And here is [xxx]. You wil [xxx]." Twee; precious; incredibly irritating: here is someone in desperate need of punch-in-face.

'The Food Lab': The must-own cookbook of the year

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 5 years ago

So says Chicago Tribune. I love his vegan recipes. I wonder how many of those made the cut. Has anyone purchased this?

NYT 36 hours on the right bank

by macdog 5 years ago

Don't know if anyone has seen this article that just posted in NYT. Restaurants mentioned are Poulette, Goust, lunch at Le Marche des Enfants Rouges and cocktails at Club Raye. The Promenade Plan...

MKE - Carol Deptolla's Top 30 of 2015

by shaja 5 years ago

The list is out: http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/dining/carol-deptollas-top-30-restaurants-of-2015-b99572636z1-327940551.html

General rant about food media and news

by Bottomless_Pit 5 years ago

I've noticed a pattern of authors not providing sources. This is true of many different articles. I've also found it to be annoying with word of mouth conversations. I now try to go out of my way t...

Stephen Harris does home cooking?

by Harters 5 years ago

Let me preface these remarks by saying I am not a regular purchaser of the Daily Torygraph. Nor is Mrs Harters - but she picked one up to read while she was having her hair done. There was an artic...

Stephen Harris does home cooking?

by Harters 5 years ago


New York Times review of Javelina

The Librarian
by The Librarian 5 years ago

Pretty funny review by Pete Wells in this week's Food Section: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/20/dining/restaurant-review-javelina-in-gramercy-park.html?ref=dining&_r=0

NYT Cooking Digest

by roxlet 6 years ago

I really like their new digest/newsletter. Take a look here: http://www.nytimes.com/indexes/2014/07/18/cooking/cooking-email/index.html?emc=edit_ck_20140718&nl=cooking&nlid=35208363

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