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Eating in Newark -- Dodge Poetry Festival

by celestialmundane 9 years ago

My friend and I will be attending the Dodge Poetry Festival in Newark, October 11 through 14, and we are looking for dining recommendations. We were at the Festival two years ago; and I asked for ...

Places to eat in Newark, NJ

by Wtg2Retire 11 years ago

My granddaughter will be going to Newark to work for approximately 2 weeks. She loves dining experieces at new restaurants. Probably the low to mid-level price range would suit her, although she ...

Help driving from Newark airport to Larchmont need chow (kosher deli)

by 510jeff 9 years ago

Yes we are driving from EWR to Larchmont I-95 , anybody know of a good kosher deli? Open at night? Or diner for eggs or??? We keep California kosher. It should be closer to EWR as we'll be hungr...

Dinosaur Barbeque in Newark is open!

by maryanne06 9 years ago

http://www.nj.com/entertainment/dining/index.ssf/2012/05/dinosaur_bar-b-que_opens_much-.html Has anyone tried it? I've been very hopeful that this one is a keeper.

Frances' Italian Bakery in Newark - Rum Cake!

by allisonfc21 9 years ago

Does anyone remember the bakery in Newark called Frances'?? It's been closed for several years since the owner/baker passed away. We grew up on their giant rum cakes and my dad's birthday is comi...

Help with Business Lunch in Newark Area

by Juniper 9 years ago

Hi Hounds! I'm a Toronto Hound looking for a restaurant with solid food, somewhere around the Newark Airport, for a business meeting. I've looked at some other threads, but came away with optio...

Where can I buy tri-tip/picanha in the Newark area?

by MJPByron 9 years ago

Okay, so I'd like to do a homestyleish rodizioesque grill this weekend, and I'd love to get some tri-tip to season up and throw on. Does anyone know where I can get some? The butchers near me are...

Newark near Prudential Center, pre-concert suggestions needed...

by radiogrl1 9 years ago

Headed in a couple of weeks to The Rock to see Springsteen. I would love some advice re: places to get food before the concert that is close to the venue and isn't a complete ripoff pricewise (Many...

Dinosaur BBQ coming to Newark

by bgut1 10 years ago


Can you get ANYTHING decent for lunch in Newark?

by secondbecky 10 years ago

I work in the Gateway. Coming from Midtown Manhattan to this.... I'm DYING. There is one good food truck that is here most of the time - Two Pitas in a Pod, but other than that my options are cra...

Newark Cherry Blossom food vendors - worth it?

by MJPByron 9 years ago

So the cherry blossom picnic is tomorrow, and my wife and I are going. The question is: is it better for us to drive from Union to Edgewater to get bento boxes or other nifty Japanese takeaway (un...

late night food near Newark Airport en route to Wayne

by troyfamily 9 years ago

We are picking up someone who is arriving at Newark Airport at 9:30pm on Saturday and want to take him out to eat someplace decent but not formal, open at 10pm on a Saturday night and either in New...

Newark Airport

by goodfoods 9 years ago

Looking for somewhere very close to Newark Airport where I can grab a bite of dinner.

Can you recommen a good Bar/Restraunt Area within 20 minutes of Newark Airport

by BigBroncoMan 9 years ago

Hello! I am looking for a Bar/Restraunt Area that you can walk between multiple bars and Restraunts within 20 minutes of Newark Airport. Just a fun place to hang out and try something new. Any sugg...

What's your favorite eateries in The Oranges , Newark, Irvington.... ??

by ItsMee 10 years ago

I know these areas are mostly urban , and not the "tourist areas" of town. I would like to know what are the stand-outs or good places to grab some good from in these areas ?? Ethic places ?

Anyone know of a Newark restaurant that's open Christmas Day?

by Snorkelvik 10 years ago

Want to meet dad for an early dinner, and he loves those Newark places. This way no one has to cook or clean up and we can visit the 12 other relatives we need to see beforehand. Thanks!

Mompou in Newark is a Solid Choice for Tapas

by diva360 10 years ago

Mr. Diva and I went to Mompou tonight, and we were pleased with the food, although the service was merely adequate because it seemed that our server was overburdened with tables. We had to flag he...

Going to "The Rock" in Newark? Edison Ale House is the place

by Spiritchaser 10 years ago

Just got back from a department lunch at Edison Ale House. I was extremely happy with the burger I had, juicy, cooked like I asked, great size. 20 beers on tap, some of which are top tier, Flying F...