Need Recs for Nice Dinner in Newark DE

by Forklaw 4 years ago

Going down to University of Delaware for parents weekend and would like to take my daughter and her roommate to dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday night. They wanted to go to Café Gellato but...

Vobla in/near Newark, DE

by Moxie718 4 years ago

Hey! I've recently been introduced to vobla (dried fish) by a friend whose husband is Ukrainian. I am now hooked (pun intended) and I want to know where to find it! She goes to Bell's Market it Phi...

Kao Soi in Newark Area

by chesh 5 years ago

Does anybody know of a place to find Kao Soi anywhere around Newark/Wilmington

Ole Tapas in Newark DE

by sal_acid 6 years ago

Mediocrity on every level. One server was awkward, another had no idea of what was on the menu. Food was all underseasoned...from the saltless calimari to the churros. Grape-sized meatballs were o...

Korean BBQ & Sushi Bar in Newark, DE (I want recipes!)

by muzicman82 7 years ago

My girlfriend and I LOVE Korean restaurants. One of our favorites is Korean BBQ and Sushi Bar in Newark, DE. http://www.yelp.com/biz/korean-barbecue-and-sushi-bar-newark If you like Korean foo...

Skipjack in Newark DE

by sal_acid 8 years ago

A new place in the Shops at Louviers, at the old location of Johnsons Grille, and a few other equally forgettable places. Its run by the ex-chef at Krazy Kats so the guy knows how to cook. Ther...

Living in Newark, DE.

by kiwi 17 years ago

I'm considering applying for a university position in Newark, Delaware and was wondering if anyone out there can tell me about the city. My wife & I live in NYC, and were just trying to get some th...

Blue Crab Grill, Newark DE

by jujuthomas 8 years ago

Went to visit the inlaws yesterday in Newark, and they took us to Blue Crab Grill for an early dinner. (thank goodness, the initial idea was for applebees. UGH) There was a local band just finishin...

Bakery in Newark, DE

by Karen K 9 years ago

My son, a freshman at U Del, turns 18 later this month. Is there a good bakery in the Newark environs that might deliver a cake, cupcakes, or cookies to a student at the university?

Starfruit in Newark, DE?

by amanda_marie 9 years ago

Hello! I am looking to acquire some starfruit in or around Newark or Wilmington, DE. I've tried at the New Castle and Newark farmers markets with no luck. I'd like to stick to a farmer's market ...

The Chicken House in Newark, DE -- what a surprise!

by CindyJ 11 years ago

Yesterday I had a conversation about Peruvian food with a couple of people whose opinions about food and (especially) wine I trust. We began talking about Juliana's Kitchen, (they had more suggest...

Univ of Delaware/Newark, DE-Wilmington, DE

by ansky4 9 years ago

Any recommendations for dinner on a Friday evening? Somewhere not near Main Street, she's exhausted all of those places! Any great food is preferred. Thanks...

Cucina di Napoli Newark De

by Fiona 9 years ago

For years I was a real fan of this place for red gravy Italian food however I am loosing my enthusiasm. The food hasn't gotten bad but it has lost its yumminess - it seems like the food used to be ...

Has Nonna Ristorante near Newark, DE closed?

by gfweb1 10 years ago

I have heard rumors. This would be a tragedy. ----- Nonna Ristorante 4621 Ogletown Stanton Rd, Newark, DE 19713

Food Challenge in Newark DE (University of Delaware)

by joswald21 10 years ago

Does anyone know of a sandwich joint in the UofD area with a food challenge? Both my brother and I saw a TV episode on one of the channels with food related shows (e.g., Food Network, Food Channel...

Korean BBQ in Newark DE - Anyone Been?

by Fiona 11 years ago

We are looking for a new place to get takeout Wednesday night. I have heard good things about the Korean BBQ in Newark but neither of us can eat really spciy food and it seems expensive. Has anybod...

Chingaari - Indian in Newark, DE

by MrRuffles 11 years ago

MrsRuffles and I tried this new hole-in-the-wall in University Plaza in Newark (same shopping center as the Burlington Coat Factory and Harbor Freight). Had some tasty Seekh Kabob and Boti Kabob fo...

Food - Aetna Fire Hall Newark DE

by Fiona 11 years ago

For a number of reasons (size, location) the Aetna Fire Hall seems like a good place for us to have an event but I am concerned about the food. Does anyone out there have any experience with events...

Fair Hill Inn, Elkton, MD - worth trying? (or anything else really good relatively near to Newark, DE)

by MisterBill2 12 years ago

My wife and I will be in the Newark, DE area for a couple of nights and I was thinking of trying the Fair Hill Inn in Elkton, MD based on a post I saw here (and checking their menu, of course). Is ...

Best choices in Newark, DE

by lhgou 12 years ago

I'm visiting Newark, DE for a few days and want to know where are the best places to eat in town. I'm open minded about the type of food--what are some local highlights and 'must-eat' restaurants?...