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Trip To The Tropics

by dinggb 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I am new to chowhound, I travel frequently for work and would like to ask you folks for some nice restaurant suggestions in and around Newark. I am a vegetarian and it is extremely dif...

"Newark Style" Italian Hot Dogs?

by Tom Murin 20 years ago

The topic came up on Fri night over a few fine ales---what is contained in a "Newark Style" Italian Hot dog? Specifically, is the main ingredient Hot Dog or Italian Sausage? I say Hot Dog, but my f...

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Good Paella - Newark

by jhk4 11 years ago

looking for good Paella and thinking of heading to the Ironbound in Newark, but where? We are coming from southeast Morris County, so open to other locations within reasonable distance if Paella i...

Francesinhas in Newark? ( Portuguese sandwich )

by Lambretta76 17 years ago

I just spent a lovely 10 days in the Oporto area of Portugal and fell in love with the local sammich - the Francesinha. It's the only thing I can imagine that is worse for you than Quebecois poutin...

Newark Ironbound First Timer

by Daniel_D21 2 years ago

Have been looking forward to eating in Ironbound for many years, and will finally get the chance in two weeks. Best place for seafood for solo diner on a Sunday night?

Chicken Savoy ala Belmont Tavern (original in Newark)

by dosielee 13 years ago

hi all. being from north jersey, we often went to Stretch's -- Belmont Tavern on newark, bloomfield border for chicken savoy , chicken murphy, cavatelli and pot cheese. the savoy always made with r...

Treasures in Newark, NJ

by goodparmesan 3 years ago

Having traveled throughout the Ironbound, I've compiled a list of nearly every restaurant/cafe/bakery in Newark. I've been to many of the Portuguese and Brazilian spots, with a few of my favori...

Where to eat in Terminal C at Newark airport

by skardm 4 years ago

We are flying from Newark next week from Terminal C. Would love suggestions as to where to have dinner.

Need reviews on new eateries at EWR terminal C

by mleng 6 years ago

I travel quite a bit and often uses EWR as a hub on United. Over the last year, there has been a big change with pretty much every single eatery switching over to a new identity. I would like to ...

Is paella necessarily prepared and served in a paella pan, with a tasty toasty layer of soccarat?

by tangoking 3 years ago

Tonight I dined in the Ironbound district of Newark, NJ, which is locally famous for its Portuguese food. I ordered "Paella Valenciana" off the menu. USD 26.95. It arrived in a largish metal bow...

Found some good food!!

by PrimeAiry 4 years ago

I really enjoyed myself at The Black Rooster on Mt Prospect Ave in North Newark. If ur in the area I recommend giving them a visit!

Spanish, Portuguese, or Brazilian recommendations in the Newark area

by freshfigs 12 years ago

Looking for a good Spanish, Portuguese, or Brazilian restaurant in Newark or its surrounding communities (Kearny, East Newark, Harrison, Belleville, Elizabeth, Union, Hillside, etc). I've been to ...

Fresh bay leaves in northern NJ?

by juliachildish 4 years ago

I came across a recipe for an Italian digestif flavored with fresh bay leaves that sounds intriguing. I'd like to try making it, but I don't know where to get fresh bay leaves in northern NJ (I'm i...


by Disneyfreak 5 years ago

I haven't had rodizio in a few years (oh the horror!) and suddenly I'm in the mood for it. Where would you recommend I go? I live in Northern NJ so Newark is an easy destination. I might end up go...

Portuguese in Newark with a vegan?

by NJBluesGirl 5 years ago

Hello all! Heading into Newark early April and was wondering if anyone knows of a great Portuguese restaurant that would have something on the menu that a vegan could eat-besides a house salad. No ...

Help me choose birthday resto - Newark/Eliz. Portugeuse, etc.

by lajiaodust 6 years ago

Hi: I've already cross-referenced a few posts to narrow down my choices for an upcoming birthday dinner for 10-12 people. Early @ 6PM, so our littlest guest enjoys. In no particular order is my lis...

Where to eat by Prudential Center (Newark)

by Zydeco_Mama 9 years ago

Coming to Newark for the December 15 Rolling Stones concert. Need a place to eat prior to the concert, but only have three hours between plane touching down and the show. We fly out early the next ...

Portugal Day 2015 - Newark

by Mike R. 6 years ago

Any great expectations and favorite eat-spots for this weekend's Ferry Street festivities? (In recent years, I've relied on "PicNic", just after the bend at Wilson Street, for tender leitao / su...

Newark, NJ restaurants suitable for family dinner with Granny / Prudential graduation

by OhRubyJean 6 years ago

Hi, I know this is a bit late - but can anyone recommend a restaurant where I can take a family of 10 adults for dinner before a graduation ceremony at the Prudential....tonight (5/15/2015). I have...

Good restaurants near Newark Airport (NJ)

by annma 6 years ago

Hi. I'll be meeting friends for early dinner before going to Newark Airport to pick up my son. We'd like to eat near the airport. Any suggestions of good restaurants? No chains, please! Thanks in ...