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Best Coffee in Auckland?

by CBinNZ 8 years ago

I know this is a touchy issue, but in my opinion it's Coffee Lab. They have a great coffee bar at the hospital in the North Shore, but now you can also go to the Café in Wairau Valley. It's a reall...

New Zealand brewpubs/breweries

by Bryan Gros 8 years ago

will be in NZ over Christmas and New Years. We're beer and food lovers. Any suggestions for beer sites not to miss? We'll be hitting Christchurch, Akaroa, Marlborough, Wellington, Napier and ...

Best bets dining in Nelson, Wanaka, Blenheim, Queenstown

by debdak 8 years ago

We're headed to the South Island in January ... I read about lots of great options in Queenstown area (Amisfield, The Bunker, Fergberger) but my list for Nelson, Wanaka, and Blenheim needs help. An...

Maori in Auckland

by ebayboy 8 years ago

Apologizes if this makes the wrong board. But I could not find a good thread of a good restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. I am planning to staying in the beginning of March 2013 and would like ...

FAQ: New to the Australia/New Zealand Board? Read this first

by Jacquilynne 9 years ago

Are you new to Chowhound? Or just to the Australia/New Zealand board? Perhaps visiting from somewhere else? We've got some tips to help you get started. If you're brand new to the site, you shou...

Young couples first trip to Oz (Sydney, Melbourne) and NZ (Christchurch), looking for advice!

by lauren_j 9 years ago

Hi all, chowhound is new to me (so bare with me!) and I can see you all seriously know your stuff and have alot of good advice so was hoping you could help me! My husband and I are a young coupl...

Auckland in May: Breakfast, Picnic & Chai Latte

by Bogberry 8 years ago

I will soon be in Auckland, sans my own transportation for a day or two (likely non-consecutive). Since I arrive early on a Sunday, I would love to find a good casual breakfast spot... Little and F...

Wild Foods in New Zealand - May

by Bogberry 8 years ago

Hello, I am aware of the March festival in Hokitika and that there is a small restaurant that way on the west side of the South Island. But I'm not sure I'll get that way. So I am wondering i...

Dunedin NZ lunch

by Kaisgraham 8 years ago

Will be on a cruise. Looking for a nice place for lunch. No sushi.

More suggestions needed - this time for NZ

by LulusMom 9 years ago

Everyone has been so helpful with the first leg of our Australian trip that I thought I'd post again. today we fly off to Auckland, spend a few days there, then to Napier and then to Wellington, wh...

Wellington NZ lunch ideas

by Kaisgraham 8 years ago

Will be there for one day on a cruise. Any good ideas for lunch? No sushi, please. Thanks!

Two New Yorkers in New Zealand and Australia

by aviated 9 years ago

Just back from our first trip to this part of the world and are so grateful for all the great advice we got on this board. We ate so well on this trip and wish we could have stayed longer. Your reg...

Need a nice restaurant near Sky city Auckland

by BarbaraM48 9 years ago

We will be in auckland for a couple of days and have one night that we could go somewhere nice. I am taking some adult children of friends that live in Auckland so they will have a car. I don't wan...

Restaurant Guide for New Zealand

by lbacholer 9 years ago

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a restaurant/dining guide for New Zealand. We will not have internet access the whole itme we are away, so would love a guide we could take with us. We lov...

Questions for our Honeymoon in New Zealand in Sydney/New South Wales

by Warpear 9 years ago

I'm getting married on Dec 30th and we're going to be spending 4 days in Sydney/NSW, 3 days in Auckland/North Island and 6 days driving all over the South Island. As a newby who's never been to Au...

American in Wellington Needs Help Finding a Decent Burger

by mayt 9 years ago

I've been in Wellington for the past 8 months and have yet to find a good burger. I am now in desperation mode. We've got an important rugby game coming up (USA vs. Australia), and we're doing a...

Thanksgiving in New Zealand: Far North

by ideabaker 9 years ago

Hi all; I'm an American teacher living and working (for three years now) way up in the Far North of New Zealand (three hours north of Auckland). It is rural and we have very limited selections i...

Siem Reap Restaurant, Wellington NZ

by MRich 9 years ago

This place was just delicious. We had green curry, a stir fry, a salad, and the pork appetizer. Every dish was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended.

New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

by MRich 9 years ago

Hi there. We're new to New Plymouth. Anyone have any favorite places to recommend? We've found a burrito place that is pretty good even by our tough Northern California standards. Please ch...

NYE 2011/2012 in Christchurch...what's going on?

by Ariad11 9 years ago

Hi everyone, My husband and I are going to be in Christchurch over New Years eve and we're trying to figure out a fun place to ring in the new year. Some of the places that look like they would...