New Year's Day

Hungover, sure, but you still have to eat. Discuss the best places to go out on New Year's Day, and share your favorite menus, dishes, and recipes to kick off the New Year.

Celebration-Worthy Dishes & Linens for a Festive Table

We've curated some of our favorite fine dishes and table linens—from classic and elegant to modern and rustic—that you can pull out for special occasions. There's a time and place for the good stuff...

Cambodian New Year in Oakland - 2019 Pix

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

On my way to a morning appointment on Saturday April 13, I passed by what looked like a street fair in progress at Garfield Elementary School (1640 22nd Ave @ Foothill). There were vendor tents alo...

St. Paddy's Day 2015 Corned Beef... What's Your Preferred Cut of Choice...and How Do You Plan to Prepare It? Braised or Baked in the Oven or Steamed/

by fourunder 4 years ago

It's that time of year again...There's currently another thread posted by (Sir zackly) pondering why, or where's the cheap Corned Beef this year. I admit to fancying a good value purchase and stoc...

Corned Beef Test Results... Slow Baked and a Braise, For St. Paddy's Day.

by fourunder 8 years ago

It's that time a year again, St Paddy's Day is near and Corned Beef is cheap and plentiful in the markets, so I decided to purchase two pieces and see if a slow braise in a slow cooker ...or slow ...

Mexico City Restaurant Schedules Christmas/New Year 2016

by cristina 3 years ago

Greetings CH Mexico City Visitors: I promised to find out who's open and who's closed during the Christmas/New Year holidays 2016. Special hours and closings are shown; if a date is NOT listed,...

Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day

by CoffeePencilKnife 7 years ago

Hi! First, I know lots of folks say corned-beef and cabbage is not technically Irish. That's ok. I still enjoy making it for the holiday. Now my questions: - where do I get a good corned-bee...

New Year's Day early brunch near FLL

by Food on the brain 3 years ago

We have a 5 hour stopover at FLL on New Year's Day. Where for the best New Year's Day early brunch!?

Open New Year's Day

by prima 3 years ago

Whole Foods Yorkville Most restaurants in Chinatown Most hotel restaurants The places taking reservations on OpenTable on New Year's Day Where else? Please mention any places you notice are...

New Year's Day?

by LulusMom 3 years ago

I'd like to take the family out for a nice lunch or brunch (although I don't like breakfast food, so it would have to be a place that had other things) on New Years Day. Preferably in Chapel Hill o...

Paris, high difficulty rating: weekend + New Years + kids!

by Machaca 3 years ago

We'll be in Paris for a long weekend, arriving late Friday Dec 30 and leaving midday Monday Jan 2. Two kids, 6 and 11 -- they have enjoyed Michelin-star-level restaurants in the past, and we are w...

Ozoni @ Baachan's Kitchen, 12/6, Japanese Cultural and Community Center, SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"If you loved Baachan’s Kitchen throughout the year, we hope that you can join us for a special year-end celebration for all of our baachans, jiichans, and program participants! The menu for the Ye...

Dining on New Years Eve/New Years Day - Alba? Bra? La Morra?

by spicygal 3 years ago

My husband and I will be visiting Piemonte later this month. After a few days in Torino, we'll be up against New Years Eve and New Years Day which fall on a Sunday and Monday, when it seems many re...

Songkran Celebration at Wat Thai in DC April 10th

by Kurtis 3 years ago

This is an annual Thai New Year celebration that involves cultural, religious, and of course food! I've never been to it, but came across this info yesterday when we visited My Thai restaurant in ...

Las Vegas group dinner with pre-teens

by Mtkalina 4 years ago

(This is my first post and can't figure out how to edit my typo in title!) Heading to LV for New Years weekend. Looking for a restaurant for dinner on Jan 1. Group of about 15 people including adul...

Will everything be closed on New Years Day

by mmlyip 4 years ago

We are arriving Oahu on the new year's day (staying around ala moana). I was hoping to stop by the supermarket to stock up on milk, breakfast items for the kids. Will stores be closed that day? Wha...

48 hours in London, Ontario

by rockandroller1 4 years ago

I'm coming in tomorrow (New Year's Eve) and am looking for places a solo F traveler could dine safely and comfortably that won't be jacked up with "couples" special menus. Also need to know of ...

Menudo on New Year's Day

by sinazucar 4 years ago

Looking for restaurants (particularly in SF) noted for their menudo. Thanks!

New Year's Day Wineries in Napa or Sonoma

by lnedrive14 4 years ago

Hi, doing a return trip to California wine country with a large group of friends over New Year's, and was curious if anyone had any recommendations for wineries that might be open on New Year's Day...

Bar open early on jan 1?

by Constant Velocity 4 years ago

I'm visiting Montreal, my favorite place on earth, for the holidays and staying with a friend in Parc Ex who doesn't have cable tv, which means I'm looking for somewhere to watch the Winter Classic...

Hangover Brunch

by Gastronomic 4 years ago

Traveled a bit to Pascal & Sabine's last year for a NY Day brunch. Looking for a new spot this year? All suggestions welcome. Nothing too fancy, but a served brunch, rather than a buffet preferred.

St. Pete Beach Recos

by tcg2 4 years ago

Hi - heading to St. Pete Beach, FL for New Year's Eve '15 and wondering what places (sights, restaurants, events) we shouldn't miss! I'm traveling with children, so family-fun recos are very appre...