New Orleans

Beignets, crawfish, po' boys, and more! Chowhounds tell us where to eat, drink, and experience the best in local culture down in the Big Easy.

She's New Orleans' Biggest Praline Producer and You Don't Know Her Name

It is without a doubt that Louisiana is one of America’s truest treasures. The creation and evolution of jazz and bounce music has influenced American culture in some of the most profound ways. The...

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EasterWeekend in NOLA

by ASeyler 22 years ago

We already have reservations Friday night at Bayonna, after that where else would you eat on a Saturday night in NOLA?

Seafood/Crawfish help!

by Nayak 22 years ago

I'm going to New Orleans in a few days and need help finding a good, low key restaurant that serves buckets of crawfish and or has amazing sea food. The cheaper the better! thanks

2 fantastic new restaurants

by rstoler 22 years ago

I have foiund two fantastic new restaurants that are in need of help, they have both oppened here in the last 4 months, and everytime I go, they are both almost empty! How sad? I hate to see grea...

New Orleans food report

by Cathy 22 years ago

Had a few good eating experiences in New Orleans last week. Camellia Grill, 626 S. Carrollton Ave. Recommended by someone on this board. Went late at night for pecan pie, which they heat on the ...


by kate 22 years ago

I loved Acme. I don't know about sitting at a table and all that jazz, but if you grab a seat at the oyster bar (not the regular bar), order some Dixie beer, and just let the shuckers keep on shuck...

If not Mother's, what?

by Cathy 22 years ago

I was sad to read the posts about Mother's going downhill. Anybody have any other recommendations for breakfast in New Orleans?

King Cakes

by june 22 years ago

Anyone know where I can get a great King Cake sent to me in NY. I prefer unfilled.

new orleans ultimates

by stephen kaye 22 years ago

hi folks, need your s.os. plz. I've got very good friends in from florence, italy. they will be in new orleans in about 2 weeks. I need the ultimate 2 places for dinner, and the ultimate 2 pla...

New Orleans Indulgences??

by Lisa Antinore 23 years ago

Hola ChowHounds! I finally planned my first trip to New Orleans for over the Memorial Day weekend. I'm very excited about it and want to really indulge in local cuisine. I've looked through this...

Christmas in New Orleans

by pam farrell 22 years ago

My husband and I are making our first trip to New Orleans this December. I am in search of a restaurant for Christmas dinner. French, Creole, seafood, or some combination located in the French Quar...


by The Lead Dogs 22 years ago

Welcome to Chowhound Starship Mellencamp. Bob(TM) has added features that will make these boards much more convenient to use. We'll let most of them be pleasant surprises, but there are two thing...

Eating in New Orleans

by Sarah 23 years ago

So, my husband and I moved here a year ago from Los Angeles and expected to find ourselves in the land of fabled never ending wonderful dining. Warning to Californians: Visit New Orleans and e...

New Orleans eats

by Jay G. 23 years ago

I'm off to spend a week in New Orleans, and am anticipating a gorge-fest like only that town can supply. My specific question is this -- I'll be working daily at the Convention Center, and would lo...

New Orleans

by George Kappus 23 years ago

I will be in New Orleans for a week starting tomorrow night. Can anyone suggest unpublicized places with local flavor. (By local, I mean creole, not cajun. I spend roughly a week every month in ...

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