New Orleans

Beignets, crawfish, po' boys, and more! Chowhounds tell us where to eat, drink, and experience the best in local culture down in the Big Easy.

She's New Orleans' Biggest Praline Producer and You Don't Know Her Name

It is without a doubt that Louisiana is one of America’s truest treasures. The creation and evolution of jazz and bounce music has influenced American culture in some of the most profound ways. The...

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This is not your typical which restaurant to eat at post - New Orleans

by girdev 3 years ago

I am coming to visit NOLA with my best friend who is getting married. will be there 11/1/18 to 11/4/18 Kind of like a bachelor party but for two foodies. I am looking for a special food experie...

Need some advice [about jambalaya and other recipes for a crowd]

by mflick81 3 years ago

Thinking of making jambalaya for tailgating sunday. I was going to make it the night before and reheat in a aluminum tray on the grill. Will it reheat ok? Also looking for good recipes enough for a...

New Orleans Thanksgiving for Vegetarians - Restaurants or try to cook?

by ekt_now 3 years ago

We arrive Thursday morning and will be at the AirBnB by noon. Not having much luck finding restaurants with vegetarian entrees (lots of restaurants are closed for the day). We are staying two bl...

Just found out we will be in NOLA

by starbucksbrew 3 years ago

Family of 4 will be in NOLA for a wedding at the end of December. We'll stay another 2 days or so. I've been to New Orleans many times in my life (family used to live there), but it's been 5 years ...

New Orleans in October

by gbailey75 3 years ago

Returning to New Orleans in October after a two-year hiatus (the wife's insistence, not mine). Part of this trip is to check out some of the classics -- Galatoire's and Brennan's are on the list. F...

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

by Hungry4Good 6 years ago

Does anyone know where to find this preferred Kosher salt in the N.O. area? Thanks!

I have New Orleans Boudin Sausage- what to make?

by wendy8869 15 years ago

I live in the Los Angeles area and a friend of mine just brought me back 3 boudin blanc sausages from New Orleans. I'd love some great interesting ideas on dishes, preparations, accompaniments, et...

Gris Gris

by bill1jan 3 years ago

Anyone been to Gris Gris? Reactions?

Picou's donuts

by Kaila 20 years ago

Is Picou's donuts still around? When I was last in New Orleans they were located off Esplanade not too far from the Fairgrounds. A tiny place, you had to know they were there. Even open all nigh...

French Quarter Saturday Brunch Recommendations?

by danhanshan 3 years ago

Hi, I've been reading through these discussion threads, but I'm not seeing exactly what I'm looking for--please help! My wife and I will spend two nights in New Orleans at the end of this month ...

Lola's/cafe degas

by ejh 18 years ago

I hear that Lola's has Spanish food . . .can anyone elaborate on what is particularly good? Is it in a safe neighborhood? Would a single feel comfortable there for dinner--early? Cafe Degas--ho...

Coolinary time!

by collardman 3 years ago

It's been too quiet here. Last night I looked through some of the coolinary menus and too many choices and not enough time and money. I just went through some of the places out of the FQ and ...

Something like Angeline?

by DaTulip 3 years ago

Hopefully I'm posting this to the New Orleans board as I mean to do. It's been a while and CH seems quite different. Anyhoo, to the question...last year when we were in NoLa we had a great br...

Trad NOLA food to eat at bar

by susangillfun 4 years ago

Older hippie chowhound staying at Esplanade and N Rampart want places less than 1/2 mile away to reserve for dinners at bar during Jazzfest. $$$ OK. Help please.

Recommendation for Dinner Tasting Menu - best options for letting it all hang out

by scottyd77079 3 years ago

Looking for recommendations for group of four for dinner with solid Tasting Menu / Wine Complement. Have tried and liked August, really loved (and miss) Stella. Don't get to New Orleans very ofte...

French Pastries

by iateit 3 years ago

Just had a friend return from France, and we're looking for authentic french pastry shops, cafes, etc. for a trip next week. We're definitely more interested in sweet rather than savory, but bo...

Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse bar

by honeybrook_99 3 years ago

Do you need a reservation for drinks and dessert? We had dinner there several nights ago and I had a delicious piece of coconut cake that I just can't leave NOLA without having again! I really am n...