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With the help of the Chowhound community, find the best pizza, food trucks, lox, Italian fare, and more in New Haven.

9 Pizza Styles to Know & How to Make Them at Home

Pizza generally means one thing—in that everyone understands what you're talking about when you say the word—and yet, the particular type of pizza one thinks of can vary widely, especially if we're...

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Great night out in New Haven?

by Jane Leu 19 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! I need your expertise. My office has a fabulous summer associate who is headed back to grad school in New Haven. As a thank you, we want to get her a gift certificate for a great d...

belated New Haven report

by Deborah 19 years ago

First: thanks to everyone who welcomed and prepared me for the move from LA to New Haven. Please forgive my long silence; I've been chewing the cud. And incidentally, blast the computer. I've atte...

Mexican Restaraunt in New Haven

by Sharon 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a kosher, Mexican restaurant in New Haven, CT?

Jim's Dinner: New Haven Pizza

by Erica Marcus 20 years ago

I was horrified to read Jim's recent report on the decline of both Pepe's and Sally's Apizza in New Haven. I grew up in New Haven and though I don't get back all that often (I live in Brooklyn), it...

moving from LA to New Haven

by Deborah 19 years ago

I am moving from LA to New Haven in a couple weeks and am anxious to get my culinary and gustatory bearings. I've been to New Haven a couple times and have had a couple dismal meals at Zinc, and y...

New Haven Recommendations Needed!

by DeeDee 19 years ago

My husband and I are thinking of going on a day trip to New Haven this weekend and was wondering about places for lunch and beers. We want to try some of this famous New Haven pizza. Also we're bee...

Roomba (New Haven) recs?

by deb-in-billyburg 19 years ago

We're going Thursday . . . nine months of living in New Haven, and just never quite made it (partly because I've been pregnant for eight of those months and thought I'd be tortured by the cocktails...

solo dining in New Haven?

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

My partner lives in NYC, and--while we go back and forth a lot--I'm often stuck in New Haven alone during the evenings. Tips on where to go to eat as a solo diner where I won't feel odd? I love t...

better New Haven takeout options

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

I'm in a takeout rut. Suggestions for your favorite New Haven or East Haven takeout places?

Best Pizza in New Haven

by New Havener 20 years ago

Was sorry to read an article on this site awhile ago claiming the death of Great Pizza in New Haven, and citing only the slide of the overrated - or at least over-noted - Pepe's and Sally's as evid...

Thai Pan Asian Chapel Street New Haven

by Richie 20 years ago

Went here saturday night after finding a long wait at Bangkok Gardens,we figured we try this place out. Turns out it was a huge mistake. The place was very busy. It was a good 40 mins. before they ...

The new Sandra's on Whitney Ave. in New Haven

by Richie 20 years ago

Has anyone tried this place yet. Read about it in the Register and it looks too good! Richie

"The Spot" @ Frank Pepe's Pizza in New Haven

by Roger Lee 20 years ago

C and I took a trip up to New Haven yesterday in our shiny new silver grubmobile to gain personal insight on the recent downhill report posted by the A-hound. We only had one pie, a large white cla...

Thai in New Haven

by bud 20 years ago

We'll be visiting in Old saybrook on Christmas Day. Will return to NY on Dec 26. We once lunched in a Thai restaurant in New Haven. It was across from a park, I believe. Can anyone help in identify...

Best Bakery Birthday Cake,New Haven County

by Richie 20 years ago

Where is the best place around the New Haven or Bridgeport area to get a birthday cake? I am talking either real butter cream(no crisco garbage) or real whipped cream. Thanks,Richie

Sandra's (?)in New Haven

by Dave 20 years ago

Anybody tried Sandra's (?), a soul food restaurant that used to be on Congress Avenue in New Haven's Hill area and has now moved to upscale Whitney Avenue?

Caffe Adulis--New Haven

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

I used to stop here all the time when driving back and forth between Boston and NYC; is it my imagination, or has it gone downhill? We stopped in for dinner last night. We shared some fried plant...

Fish and Chips in New Haven Area?

by Zina 20 years ago

Looking for authentic, batter dipped, fresh fish and chips in Greater New Haven. I'm originally from Southeastern Massachusetts, and haven't been able to find anything that even comes close. Any s...

New Haven Eateries

by TJ McGrath 20 years ago

I need to know the five "best" places to eat in New Haven. Quality is upmost, but so is price and value. Whenever friends come to town I'm at a loss...

Modern Pizza in New Haven?

by Emily Cotlier 20 years ago

Living far away, I'm heartbroken by Jim's report about Sally's and Pepe's in New Haven. To be honest, every time I went there, I was so hungry by the time the pizzas arrived that I would eat them ...

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