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Dallas' Cedars Neighborhood Is Home to Great Food and Drink—And the Police

One doesn’t usually consider fun synonymous with the police department. But in the Cedars neighborhood of Dallas, a small set of streets just south of downtown, people fill businesses and offices during...

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Places to eat from a Beaufort SC native.

by beaufortboy 14 years ago

Having lived in Beaufort SC my entire life, I thought I could give some reccomendations to anyone visiting the area. I've worked and still work the Food and Beverage Industry in Beaufort for many ...

Reccommendation for Richmond Hill/Markham, please

by boleslav 7 years ago

Will be on a 5 days business trip in Richmond Hill/Markham area next week and would like to ask for your recommendation on the following cuisines: Vietnamese Indian Thai Malay Chinese Korea...

The best of Markham and Richmond Hill

by suckfail 12 years ago

Hello, I've been living in Markham for about a year now, and I've prowled the internets and the old thread on chow about the best places to eat in Markham (which seems to be dated around 2007). Ba...

Mission Must Dos

by SweetObsession 6 years ago

Hi all. I will be staying in the Mission district for a long weekend. I'm wondering if you Chowhounds would share your favorite spots & dishes/bites in the area. I'm looking for a fun atmosphere, ...

Exploring Jackson Heights--recommendations?

by leesky24 7 years ago

Planning to check out JH beyond Little India. Especially interested in Himalayan spots. Also curious about Taqueria Coatzingo and Arunee Thai. Curious to hear what you all think... are these highli...

Commercial Drive

by saffrongold 6 years ago

I haven't been to Vancouver in 15 years and happy to be returning. I used to love an Eastern European place on Commercial called "Heart of Europe", or something like that. Does anyone know what I...

Best of the LES, east of Forsyth?

by howdini 6 years ago

l was just reading this thread, which is inspiring: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/822291 l ate at Sheng Wang a couple of months ago, and thought it was excellent; still haven't tried Super Ta...

Anything new and exciting at the Gaslamp?

by Honeyman 7 years ago

I did a search but there really hasn't been anything posted recently. My wife are headed down for a couple nights staying at the Omni and I'm looking for casual places that we can stumble home fro...

Bastille near Quai de la Rapee

by sergad 7 years ago

We are in the midst of a 2 week stay and would be interested in a couple of recommendations for the rest of our trip. So far we have enjoyed Au Passage, La Biche au Bois, les Temps du Cerises, Mons...

big family staying on mag mile

by mstrimel 6 years ago

hi, we are a big group of relatives coming into town, including some kids. The Berghof would be EXACTLY perfect, except we are all staying in the Mag Mile neighborhood. Recommend something wi...

Ile St. Louis and Ile de la Cite

by smilingal 6 years ago

I have been thinking that we would spend an afternoon on these two islands and enjoy lunch at L'llot Vache but I just realized that it is only open for dinner! It also appears that we can perhaps ...

Foodie Walk Lower East Side

by bjchin 6 years ago

My wife and are in town and want to do a stroll to Mission Chinese on a Thursday night, have a few bites, then have a slice of pizza at Motorino. What else can we stop by while walking to try....

Suggestions near Rockefeller University

by conradical 6 years ago

My wife and I will be attending a conference at RU and are looking for some suggestions for casual dinners in the area. We are pretty omnivorous with an affinity for Asian (including Indian)and Fre...

Anniversary Dinner on the LES or EV

by coco99 6 years ago

My husband and I will be staying at the Ludlow to celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss (well mostly bliss). Looking for good recs in the area, willing to go slightly west of Houston but would prefer t...

best lower-end restaurants in the Villages/Soho

by poochiechow 6 years ago

hey all - i just moved to the west village, and am excited to find myself in the middle of what appears to be food heaven. however, i'm not seeing a lot of places with what i'd call lower-end, ...

Two nights near Faneuil Hall?

by Westy 6 years ago

Hello - I'll be spending 2 nights next week near Faneuil Hall. What is within walking distance and is great? Westy

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

by PoppiYYZ 10 years ago

With all the restaurants and shops fighting over business from the Students, Residents, Part Timers, and Vacationers, Peterborough and area has a surprisingly active and good food scene. Thoug...

Japantown area [San Francisco]

by MrGaglianos 6 years ago

Thank you all for the wonderful responses so far! Me and my friend might be going in a different direction now since we've figured the AirBnB's are way too expensive, especially the one in SOMA....

Restaurants Near American Airlines Arena

by Linda VH 6 years ago

We're going down (from Boca) to the Eagles concert Friday night. We want to go down and have an early dinner. Any suggestions?