Who Put the 'Reuben' in the Reuben Sandwich?: The History of a Deli Classic

Not too many sandwiches are worthy of a name beyond their own ingredients. If they're really good, they're lucky to acquire an acronym à la PB&J or the BLT. But somehow the Reuben outdid them all...

‘Death of 1,000 cuts’: Kellogg’s workers on why they’re striking

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

"...Trevor Bidelman, president of BCTGM Local3G and a fourth-generation employee at the Kellogg’s plant in Battle Creek, Michigan, explained workers are on strike against a proposed two-tier system...

"Living Soil" documentary

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

As we end Healthy Soils Week 2020 in California, this is a good time to watch "Living Soil", a documentary about the importance of safeguarding soil health. “Educating consumers about the on-fa...

Where would you stop along I-80? (NYC-->Boulder via Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa & Nebraska)

by ofoodie 4 years ago

Hi all--road tripping from New York City to Boulder and trying a new route for us going Pennsylvania-->Nebraska. Planning a 4 day drive and looking for yummy stops along the way. We'll have our dog...

Looking for Steakhouse in Omaha

by oc4me 4 years ago

Passing through Omaha on a road trip. Would like to find a quality steakhouse. Only requirement is casual dress. A good pair of jeans and a nice shirt is all we will have to wear out to dinner. ...

Good eats in York and Kearney, NE?

by Socialkim 14 years ago

Every summer, I meet my in-laws in either York or Kearney to do the kid exchange so my children can be spoiled by their grandparents and run free until it's time for school to start. Each time we ...

Need Omaha Nebraska recs

by Phaedrus 6 years ago

I will be in Omaha December 16-20 for the NCAA division I volleyball Final Four. So here is a warning for the local,s ravenous volleyball coaches will be invading then. The convention is at the Cen...

Mitchell, Rapid City SD

by ktmoomau 14 years ago

Ok Hounds I need your help. The Aunt and I are major foodies and are roadtripping from MD to Yellowstone. We have planned tentative stops at these locations: Columbus, Indiana (posted in anoth...

Can anyone vouch for Ole's Big Game & Steakhouse in Paxton, Nebraska? Whiskey Creek in N. Platte, NE?

by echo_park 19 years ago

Came up in a couple of google searches for "Steakhouses" and "Nebraska" -- Los Angeles kid suffering from red-meat withdrawl and CaliforniaCuisine O.D. is doing a roadtrip through the midwest...det...

Nebraska, SD, ND, Iowa Trip

by AGH 14 years ago

My husband & I (we are from New Jersey) are visiting states #41-45 on our list, and we have always depended on Chowhound for good dinners. This is our next trip with where we are staying and what ...

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