Looking for food in the Nashville area? Get recommendations for favorite local spots, or share your own with the community.

A Bite-Size Stop in Nashville, Tennessee

Planning a stop in Nashville? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. The Music City is without a doubt the coolest stop in Tennessee. Legends of country music like Johnny Cash...

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Nashville-Mid April

by Bobseesit 18 years ago

We will be stopping in Nashville for 3 days on our way home from New Orleans in mid April. We will be staying at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Any suggestions for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Nashville mini-report from a Brooklyner

by Lambretta76 18 years ago

First off I'd like to thank those who offered recs here on Chowhound South. They were much appreciated. My hounding was cut short simply because of the fact that most places are closed on Sundays...

Nashville report: Monell's b'fast, Hog Heaven, Noshville, International Food Market (long)

by Julie 18 years ago

After scouring this board for thoughts on what to eat during my too-short stay in Nashville this past weekend, I ended up with a Saturday morning breakfast at Monell's, a late afternoon picnic at t...


by william2 18 years ago

Had an odd experience at this Chinese place recently. Ordered my usual Kung Pao chicken for lunch, and when they brought something other than that I told them I wanted them to bring me what I ord...

Lady visiting knox and nashville this week

by tnseductiondancers 18 years ago

Seeking great food recommendations while i am traveling. please email me

a vegetarian lost in nashville

by karinsa 18 years ago

we are visiting nashville over valentine's day and are looking for places to eat, but we don't eat red meat or chicken. fish is okay. in particular i'd like to find somewhere niceish to eat valent...

Fine dining in Nashville

by Florrie Byrd 19 years ago

I'm looking for ideas for upscale places to eat in Nashville. Upscale as in coat and tie required ... foie gras on the menu ... possibly prix fixe. Any suggestions?

Nashville Report

by Bob W. 19 years ago

Thanks to posts from several people, we ate very well this weekend. No clunkers at all. 1. Prince's Hot Chicken: Got there just before 12 noon, when they were supposed to open. No one there. Loca...

Italian in Nashville?

by Florrie Byrd 18 years ago

I'm looking for good, authentic Italian food in Nashville. Any suggestions?

NY Hound in Nashville

by The Rogue 19 years ago

I will be in Nashville for a week at the end of September and want to find the best eats in town. I have a friend there who knows the food scene but would like to surprise him with some places he m...

Headin' to Nashville!

by Bob W. 19 years ago

Thanks to all of you good Southern hounds, we will be doing some really good eatin' over the next four days. Among the definites on the itinerary are: Monell's, Prince's Hot Chicken, Wilma Kaye's...

Fondue in Nashville?

by fladd 19 years ago

I'm looking for someplace in Nashville that we can send some good friends a gift certificate to. We'd like to send them out for fondue. Is this even possible?

Road Trip through Memphis and Nashville: Food and Overnight Accomodations

by Bacchus 19 years ago

Planing a road trip from Chicago to New Orleans during the Thanksgiving holidays and expect layovers in Memphis and Nashville. Looking for memorable breakfast and dinner in each town with inexpens...

Chicago Pizza in Nashville

by RadioGeno 19 years ago

I'm an old Chicago boy, and have been in Nashville for the better part of five years now. Until recently, I was disappointed at the lack of a truly good pizza. There's even a place that calls itsel...

Barbeque in Nashville

by YourPalWill 19 years ago

Chicago based hound visiting Nashville this weekend. can you recommend a realy traditional and good barbeque place in the Nashville area? I'm willing to drive 20-25 miles outside og town for the ri...

I-40 Nashville to Asheville: any unique restaurant advice?

by jay 19 years ago

I'll be traveling Interstate 40 from Nashville to Asheville, and am looking for a fairly quick stop for something good. Should be unique, hole-in-the-wall, or similar. Willing to stray a few minute...

Nashville Report

by rlc 19 years ago

Had a good trip to Nashville this week. My wife and I took my folks to the airport, and used it as an excuse for an overnight visit. I wanted to try two new (to us) places. Wed. Night: Tried th...

Nashville Rant -

by rooty Tooty fresh 'n Frooty 19 years ago

I am humbled by the unexpected culinary adventures forced upon me, a Brooklyner (who lived in San Francisco and New Orleans each for a seven year stretch, and now returned to the fatherland to live...

Nashville Caterers?

by Phil 19 years ago

My fiancée and I are planning our wedding for 80, Please if someone can recommend a caterer that would be great. We are relatively new to Nashville and can use all the information we can. Also, any...

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