Sf hound coming to naperville

by roofus 6 years ago

Hi everyone, coming to Naperville in a couple weeks for biz. Staying Monday through Friday. Would appreciate restaurant recommendations nearby. Will probably go into Chicago a couple nights and sta...

Naperville Options

by wabbitslayer 6 years ago

Going to be in Naperville for a couple of days in early May. What are the bet reasonably priced options? I'm particularly interested in the best choices for Chicago-style dogs, pizza and Italian ...

NY style pizza in Naperville area?

by cheryl 16 years ago

I am going crazy looking for a place in Naperville area that serves NY style pizza. If I have to eat another pizza casserole, I will cry! Even "thin crust" is not really "thin crust" as I know it.

Places to eat in Naperville

by wccmikey666 8 years ago

Well my buddy said places like apple bees or chills isnt the best as a first date for a girl .Well I'm gonna be in Naperville Saturday anyone know a good not to over pricey place.Shes into Mexican,...

City Island in Naperville

Chicago Wine Geek
by Chicago Wine Geek 9 years ago

So last year we see a new restaurant going in on Rt. 59 where Blackie's used to be - City Island. Find some info on the web showing an organic focus, burgers and stuff. Sounds good. Before we co...

One dinner in Naperville

by foodell 9 years ago

I will be in Naperville with my family for one dinner. We all are omnivores. What is the best place in town for interesting, quality food. Is it Katy's Dumpling House. Thats all I have found ...

New Pizza in Naperville

Chicago Wine Geek
by Chicago Wine Geek 9 years ago

Fiamme Pizzeria Anyone tried this new restaurant yet? Look great from the outside and from reading about the concept, sounds like it could be pretty darn good. Who's had their pie? How abou...

Vietnamese in Naperville

by CJT 9 years ago

A new Vietnamese restaurant recently opened in the space formerly held by the Twisted Cork in Gartner Plaza, Naperville (Casey's Foods and Trader Joe's are in this plaza). Based on several visits...

Boro Park, NY to Naperville, IL Chol Hamoed

by jaq121897 9 years ago

DH is very concerned he will starve. He will be traveling for business from Brooklyn, NY to Naperville, IL on Chol Hamoed. He will remain in IL through the end of Pesach. Are there any options f...

ISO: Silver Palate Martini Olives in Naperville area

by ceekskat 10 years ago

I recently discovered these at my local, upscale grocer in California & would love to present some to BIL along with other foodstuff this year. Sis will pick up if not too much trouble (lives less...

L'anne French/Asian - Wheaton Town Square / Naperville

by specktaker 10 years ago

Are you local people crazy? I frequently travel to the Chicago western suburbs and am constantly on the lookout for some quality fare. Frankly, it's few and far between. For about a year now I have...

Naf Naf Grill in Naperville

Chicago Wine Geek
by Chicago Wine Geek 10 years ago

Just went there for my second visit and loved it even more than the first. Think middle eastern cuisine meets Chipotle. Bright and clean restaurant with great service. The chicken shawarma is ou...

City Island Naperville

Chicago Wine Geek
by Chicago Wine Geek 10 years ago

Anyone know anything about this place? It is opening where Boston Blackies was on Rt. 59. They are on Facebook, but no website up with info yet. All I've found from Google is this: "The Glamo...

Best LUNCH on Sunday in Naperville

by Anne 10 years ago

We'll be in Naperville to shop at the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's next Sunday. We don't want BRunch or pizza. Open to most ethnic foods. CHOW much more important than service, ambiance or alcoh...

Laurel Mediterranean Grill (Naperville) has closed

by CJT 10 years ago

Sad to report that Laurel Mediterranean Grill in Naperville has closed. It lasted about 1 1/2 years and was a worthwhile place to eat. Specialites were Turkish dishes, so we have lost the one pla...

Best Sub Sandwich (Naperville Area)

by AlienAgenda 16 years ago

I dig Jimmy John's #11 on French bread. Are there any non-chain or small chain sandwich shops around the area that you consider better than my beloved JJ's? I'm looking for any and all of what you...

Popcorn in Naperville & Western suburbs

by GraceW 11 years ago

I love gourmet popcorn--even make gourmet Cinnabun poporn myself. I know that Naper Nuts & Sweets is supposed to have good popcorn and also Kernel Fabyan's... does anyone know which one is better? ...

Affordable BRUNCH in Bolingbrook/Naperville/Lombard/Downers Grove

by tsup1 11 years ago

Hi! I have a group about 20 people and we'd like to do brunch but not have it break the bank! Options include buffets (preferably) or off the menu but something relatively nice. The group includes ...

Western 'Burbs (Naperville Area): Any Good Bakeries?

by MisaOutandAbout 12 years ago

We used to live in Naperville many moons ago. Then we moved to France. This little tidbit means the bar was set quite high for how all other bakeries are judged, at least on the bread and pastry fr...

Review: Al's #1 Chicago Beef in Naperville

by Tim K 16 years ago

Well after a lot of hype (in their ad) and a coupon for a free beef sandwich we gave this new place in Naperville a try. They are at 20 W. Chicago a couple doors down from the Lantern. The decor ...