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15 Reasons Why Shiitakes are the King of All Mushrooms

I’ve never met a mushroom I didn’t like. But if I had to name one variety that trumps them all, it would be shiitakes. The brown, saucer-shaped fungi are indigenous to Asia. But they’ve also proved...

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mushrooms for an antipasto platter?

by jen maiser 18 years ago

How can I make mushrooms for an antipasto platter? Are they always marinated, or is there a way to make them sauteed without tons of butter so that they don't solidify on a cold platter?

Storing Fresh Mushrooms

by wlw18 19 years ago

This is a basic question, I know, but what is the best way to store fresh mushrooms? Thanks.

freezing sauteed mushrooms?

by cheeseandchocolate 18 years ago

I bought too many mushrooms for a recipe I made a few days ago, and I don't want to waste them. Could make a mushroom quiche, use for pizza topping, or any of a number of things, but I'm not in th...

Freezing mushrooms

by Esaf 18 years ago

What is the best way to freeze fresh mushrooms? Thanks!

ISO a filet mignon recipe with a wine/mushroom reduction

by Richie 18 years ago

Hello,I am looking to make a filet mignon with a wine and mushroom reduction for a very special friend. Does anyone have a favorite recipe or something similar or very special in mind. Looking to i...

Portobello mushroom recipes needed

by Heidi 18 years ago

I have a ton of portobello mushrooms and would like some new ideas on how to use them, perferably as a main course. Grilled recipes would be best. thanks

Wild Salmon fillet recipes that include mushrooms?

by Hannah 18 years ago

I have these wonderful wild salmon fillets and I would love some recipe suggestions--especially if they include assorted mushrooms. Any help would be appreciated.

Armenian recipes for Garlic Sauce & one for Mushrooms

by CAthy2 18 years ago

Hi! I'm going to a dinner where sandwiches from basturma (Armenian air-cured meat), from Sahag's in Los Angeles, will be prepared. There is supposed to be a garlic sauce on the side. While resea...

Mushroom cookbooks?

by Natasha B 19 years ago

What are your recommendations for cookbooks/web sites (in English, French) offering interesting mushroom recipes? Thank you, Natasha

Straw mushrooms - peeled vs. unpeeled

by Sonia 19 years ago

I've been trying out some Southeast Asian recipes. Today I bought my first can of straw mushrooms. I had a choice between peeled and unpeeled. I wasn't sure what the difference would be but bein...

Help with mushroom ravioli dinner ?

by Bill 19 years ago

I'm cooking dinner for 6 friends tonight, serving mushroom ravioli from Rafetto's. I thought some kind of cream-based sauce would go well with these, so I also bought their "Genovese Walnut Sauce"...

Dried mushrooms--gone funky?

by Alexandra Halsey 19 years ago

So I need 4 ounces of dried mushrooms (to make baked mushroom linguine from Martha, FWIW). I’ve got 2 ounces of porcini, and 2 ounces of the Polish-type dried mushrooms (much cheaper). All of these...

favorite stuffing for mushrooms

by ChrisKC 19 years ago

My brother and I are in charge of Christmas Eve at which we do a wide variety of appetizers. We like to include a couple of kinds of stuffed mushrooms. Last year we did some crab & jalapeno stuffed...

Mushroom Help!?

by Kass 19 years ago

I am going to be making stuffed portobello mushrooms as one of the courses for Christmas dinner. I need to buy the mushrooms tomorrow (saturday). Does anyone have any handy storage tips to keep the...

Straw mushrooms

by Denise B 19 years ago

I've always wondered what straw mushrooms would taste like fresh. Does any one know whether they are ever available this way? I assume we only see them canned becuase they are highly perishable, or...

Straw mushrooms

by Denise B 19 years ago

I've always wondered what straw mushrooms would taste like fresh. Does any one know whether they are ever available this way? I assume we only see them canned becuase they are highly perishable, or...

need suggestion about a sauce for mushroom raviolis

by Wendy Lai 19 years ago

For my gourmet dinner club's next meeting I'm making mushroom raviolis. This is an original recipe, something I'm experimenting and making up myself. So far I'm very satisfied with the ravioli par...

Buying morel mushrooms in Vancouver

by Dina 19 years ago

Ciao all! :) Where could I buy morel mushrooms (either fresh or dried) in Vancouver and area? Email me in addition to posting your reply to the BB as I'm not sure how to get back here. :)

Quorn ever had it, mushroom or fungus?

by sooth 19 years ago

its all semantics. a mushroom is a fungus, and so is mold. anyway, anyone had Quorn before, and can attest to its taste and texture? I know its not a portabella mushroom. (i would repost the a...

Help- Morel mushroom recipe

by Sami 19 years ago

Does anyone have a favorite recipe or technique using the morel mushroom that you can recommend? Thanks.

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