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15 Reasons Why Shiitakes are the King of All Mushrooms

I’ve never met a mushroom I didn’t like. But if I had to name one variety that trumps them all, it would be shiitakes. The brown, saucer-shaped fungi are indigenous to Asia. But they’ve also proved...

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Roasting mushrooms

by amp156 17 years ago

I'm making a simple dish of roasted mushrooms with thyme and truffle oil. I am using shitake, maitake, and chanterelle. Should I cook them all together for the same amount of time, or will the ma...

ISO first-hand experience w/ honey mushroom...

by Carb Lover 17 years ago

Seems like my CH activity has brought me some interesting karma. Recently queried about mushroom foraging on CA board since I live in Santa Cruz, CA and helpful hound Melanie Wong referred me to th...

crab-stuffed mushrooms

by bryan 17 years ago

Does anyone have a simple recipe for this? Am thinking about them as an x-mas appetizer. TIA

Where to buy fresh shitake mushrooms in NY?

by Cathy Elton 17 years ago

I'm having trouble finding a good source for fresh shitakes. Does anyone have any suggestions, in Bklyn or Manhattan? I need a good quantity, so price is an issue, too.

Stuffed Mushroom Question

by Arlene 17 years ago

Can one freeze meat stuffed crimini mushrooms for baking at a later time? If so, what is the max length of time it can stay in the freezer? My meat stuffing is composed of ground lamb with parsle...

Need a Recipe for Cepe Mushroom Sauce

by Laurie Connor 17 years ago

I have some dried cepes and need a recipe for that classic, lightly creamy, intensely flavored mushroom sauce that every restaurant in France seems to serve. Anyone??

beef carbonade and porcini mushrooms

by vozick 17 years ago

Can I add rehydrated porcini mushrooms to Beef carbonade (made with beer)? Thanks.

Seeking chowrecipe for Mushroom tea sandwiches

by julesrules 17 years ago

I have searched for, but cannot find, a recipe posted on General Topics some time ago. The poster was hosting a shower and I think the recipe called for sauteed mushrooms on buttered white bread, t...

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe?

by Erin 17 years ago

I used to have a wonderful recipe for stuffed mushrooms. You could use goat cheese, blue or Boursin and mix with the sauteed stems, garlic, onion and breadcrumbs. Put it all together and bake. D...

A LOT of Dried Shitake Mushrooms...

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

I just ran accross a gallon-size jar of "Dried Forest Shitakes" that are about 5 years old. 1.) Do dried mushrooms have a shelf-life? 2.) Any recipe ideas that use A LOT of dried Shitakes? TI...

Wild mushroom mania

by Nyleve 17 years ago

I have just returned from the great outdoors with a huge basket of gorgeous wild mushrooms. These are a somewhat unusual variety - tricholoma myomyces - which are sometimes considered of questionab...

mushroom-growing kits

by toni 21 years ago

I'm thinking about getting one of those mushroom-growing kits...has anyone tried them? A local store is advertising morel-growing kits. Are they worthwhile, or would I be better off just spending t...

cremini mushroom recipes

by jq 17 years ago

I couldn't resist buying a pound of cremini mushrooms at the farmer's market today, so now what should I do with them? I love mushrooms and usually just saute' them, but I am looking for something ...

Mushroom ravioli sauce ideas ??

by Bill 17 years ago

Want to cook a sauce to put on my wife's -- she's a vegetarian -- favorite: mushroom ravioli. Have improvised in the past with butter, heavy cream, sauteed onions, garlic and veggy stock made from ...

how best to introduce someone to the manifold glory of mushrooms?

by softserve 17 years ago

yesterday, to my complete shock and surprise, (and apropos of nothing), my boyfriend said to me, "you know, there's really no reason for me not to like mushrooms. i think from now on i'll try eati...

ISO pasta porcini mushrooms red wine sauce/reduction

by Richie 18 years ago

Good morning, I am looking for a pasta recipe made with porcini mushrooms and a red wine reduction/sauce. Does this sound familiar to anyone. I have searched online and one came up but it was no...

ISO mushroom sauce w/o cream

by foodie in lawyer's clothing 18 years ago

Well, gang, I ask your help once again. The hubby and I are going to his parents' house in NJ this weekend for a pre-Passover seder (don't ask, they have the seder whenever it's convenient.) Anyw...

Mushroom coffee question

by Sandra W. 18 years ago

I was given a one-cup packet of Gano cafe. It is a mixture of coffee and and something called ganoderma. I Googled ganoderma which led me to reishi mushroom coffee. This stuff makes all sorts o...

dried mushrooms-why?

by kiliki 18 years ago

I understand their use if we are talking about some hard to find/seasonal 'shroom, but why does Deborah Madison want me to use dried, rather than fresh, shitakes in Burmese noodles? I really don't ...

i didn't pick up your regular ol' button mushroom

by the doll face 18 years ago

Just got back from the farmers market, so pround that i support our local purveyors... But, I was talked into buying a $10 mixed basket of mushrooms. I think I have oyster and i thought she said "...

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