Muffin Pans

Every baker needs a set of quality muffin pans. Discuss the best materials, brands, and sizes with fellow Chowhound bakers.

Try This Trick for Perfectly Round Cookies

Isn’t it frustrating when you pull out a tray of warm cookies, only to discover that each one is mismatched? Some are too small; others, your high school geometry teacher would hesitate to call, well...

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Muffin tins for English Muffins

by shallots 13 years ago

Muffins are big and there are thousands of muffin tins out there. But I haven't been able to find the 'real' open top and bottom vertical sided muffin tins for making English Muffins. The kind whe...

Brownies in Muffin Tins- The Ultimate Corner Brownies?

by opinionatedchef 15 years ago

This afternoon I'll be doing brownies from Julia Child's Baking Book. I want to try them in teflon coated muffin tins. Has anyone done this?Because they will bake faster, I'm trying to figure out ...


by Deborah 14 years ago

I apologize if this is a repeated request. I would like to make Yorkshire pudding to serve 12. I want to make them in muffin tins but the recipes I have found use large pans. I appreciate any help...

Looking for tall thin muffin pans

by fatsotherabbit 14 years ago

I am a big fan of the poppy-seed quick bread from Hi-Rise Bakery in Cambridge, but they have stopped making them. I would like to make my own at home and I have a few recipes that I would like to ...

Best muffin pan?

by SxCx 14 years ago

My current pan is approaching worthlessness; everything sticks and it cooks unevenly. So who makes a quality muffin pan? I'm looking for a consistent, well-browned final result. Let's hear it.

Need great mini cheesecake (in muffin tins) recipe

Clare K
by Clare K 14 years ago

I've looked online and there is a basic recipe for mini cheesecakes baked in muffin tins, but it's to...Betty Crocker-ish, for lack of a better description. It uses one vanilla wafer for a crust an...

Has anyone ever seen COPPER muffin tins?

by BangorDin 15 years ago

I find it hard to believe that copper canele molds could be any better than steel ones. Since they are small, like muffins, the conductivity of the metal is not so important? Or am I wrong, as s...

Tamales in a muffin tin

by Joey 15 years ago

I'm making a batch of tamales this weekend and a friend suggested that there was a recipe years ago in a magazine like Sunset (?) for tamales that were cooked in a muffin tin. You line the tin wit...

Trying to bake brownies in mini muffin tins - trouble

by GGG 16 years ago

I've been trying to make two-bite brownies (an idea lifted from Whole Foods, but I don't really like theirs), by taking my standard brownie recipe and putting it into some non-stick mini muffin tin...

best muffin pans

by elise h 19 years ago

I recently greased my aluminum muffin pans with oil for a batch of blueberry muffins. Wasted effort, the muffins still stuck to the pan. What do hounds suggest? 1. a different kind of muffin pan ...

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