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Mortar and Pestle

How to clean a granite mortar and pestle?

by michaelnrdx 7 years ago

I heard that one shouldn't wash a granite mortar and pestle with soap, because the soap water will permeate into the ...


damiano commented 12 days ago

Recommend Mortar and Pestle?

by Seitan 8 months ago

My trusty marble mortar and pestle, which I've had for over a decade, just cracked. So, I'm looking around for a new ...


GibsonGirl55 commented 4 months ago

Best material for mortar and pestle?

by dordogne 11 years ago

Experienced dismal failure using a wooden mortar and pestle to grind fennel seeds, rosemary, garlic etc. into a paste...


ellabee commented 10 months ago

What Unusual (i.e. "Necessary") Cooking Gadgets Do You Have?

by TheLateNightGourmet 12 months ago

Pots and pans. Knives and spoons. Bowls, whisks, sieves...everyone has these in their kitchen, even people who don't ...

chickentender commented 11 months ago

One Mortar & Pestle to rule them all!

by Gelatodolci 1 year ago

Hi to all! ;-) Been looking for a mortar and pestle for various jobs, one that applies well for various cuisines,...

Gelatodolci commented 1 year ago

Wooden Mortar and Pestle (Pilon)

by Cemota 2 years ago

I have a coated (varnished?) one and an uncoated one. I'm thinking that I should use the coated one for wet items an...

hill food commented 2 years ago

seasoning a molcajete (and other stone mortar/pestles) - an endless process?

by foodfirst 12 years ago

I've been working on this for a good couple weeks now, but am still getting grit in my grinds. What's the secret here?


ratgirlagogo commented 2 years ago

molcajete recipes

by denise 12 years ago

hi! i had one of the best dinners down at la destilleria in cancun. it was a chicken dish cooked in a molcajete. ...


molcamanny commented 2 years ago

What do *you* use your mortar and pestle for?

by nutmegananne 6 years ago

Ok, I just purchased a gorgeous granite mortar and pestle. I know that I need to grind some raw rice first to get al...


2ManyPans commented 2 years ago

Mortars and pestles

by BrainFoodie 2 years ago

So I have owned some mortars and pestles but mostly have been smooth and low sides, and not as useful in a kitchen as...


Sirrith commented 2 years ago

recommendations for mortar and pestle, which material?

by bythebay 2 years ago

I'd like to buy a mortar and pestle to make some things by hand rather than with food processor/blender, for example ...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 2 years ago

Looking For Local Source for Thai Tao Grill and Mortar and Pestle

by Giselle1 3 years ago

Hi, this is my first post. I live in the LA area and I'd like to find a local shop that sells a clay Thai Tao grill a...


Giselle1 commented 3 years ago

Seasoning molcajete, question re grit

by Felila 5 years ago

I just bought a large, inexpensive molcajete (stone mortar and pestle) from Costco. I hope that it's a good buy. The ...


ARenko commented 3 years ago

Does garlic crushed in a mortar and pestle taste best? And why? And is wood or goudi best?

by sunya 3 years ago

I've been experimenting with tzaziki and skordalia, and looking for ways of getting strong, hot, raw garlic flavor bu...


treb commented 3 years ago

Is this a mortar and pestle?

by calmossimo 3 years ago

I acquired this gargantuan vintage marble mortar and pestle type set, but it has this column in the middle of the bow...


seamunky commented 3 years ago

To buy or not to buy Re: Mortar and Pestle

by snax 3 years ago

I don't know what made me enter an antique store here in Australia but neither the less I found myself staring at thi...


nikkib99 commented 3 years ago

Would you say a molcajete always gives superior results than a normal mortar and pestle?

by yeahboiii 6 years ago

I was looking at the molcajete from Williams-Sonoma:

SWISSAIRE commented 3 years ago

Would you use this mortar and pestle?

by justjennie 4 years ago

Hi all. Just looking for some feedback from those of you who regularly use a mortar and pestle. I know the stone/gran...

alarash commented 4 years ago