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Please, what is the name of this dessert? and a recipe, if possible.

by OuijaNY 5 days ago

Had tea and this spicy 'cake' from a cart in the Marrakesh square, Jemaa el-Fnaa. Would love to make the cake here a...

thegforceny commented 4 days ago

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Help me find a specific back issue of Gourmet Magazine

by carlynparker 23 days ago

Does anyone know which issue of Gourmet Magazine featured Moroccan food? I think I remember that the cover had a Mor...

Moroccan Olive Oil?

by Matthew T 14 years ago

Last year my sister brought back an amazing Olive Oil from Morocco. A deep dark green, with sediments collecting in t...


danpincus commented 2 months ago

Moroccan khlea in London?

by fifi 9 months ago

Hi! Where can I have Moroccan khlea for breakfast in London? Major craving, but no idea where to try it. TIA.


fifi commented 8 months ago

favourite Moroccan or Tunisian soup recipes

by prima 6 years ago

Wondering if any cooks would like to post their favourite tried and true recipes. Mostly interested in hariras, c...


WanderingVoyager commented 12 months ago

Wine Pairing - Moroccan lamb chops

by DaviHome 1 year ago

Looking for a wine recommendation for lamb chops marinated in a paste of garlic, cumin, lemon, mint, coriander and tu...


hungry_pangolin commented 1 year ago

New arrival for Moroccan food

by JulianPantangeli 2 years ago

Moroccan Flavors is getting ready to open in the Midtown Global Market, in the incubator spot Sonora Grill used to oc...

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 1 year ago

Best ethnic restaurants in San Diego?

by nroot 6 years ago

I'm trying to discover the best of (insert cuisine) within a30-40 minute drive of downtown San Diego. Here's a list o...


stuart954 commented 1 year ago

Seeking a Recipe for a Yemeni Vegetable Stew like from Sima's in Fairlawn, NJ...

by yumfactr 1 year ago

Hello! There use to be a tiny restaurant called Sima's (or Chez Sima maybe?) in Fairlawn, NJ. I was SO sad when sh...


yumfactr commented 1 year ago

Looking for Smen

by shaZamm 7 years ago

I would very much love to get my hands on some Smen, the moroccan fermented butter. Anyone know if there's a purveyo...


abycinnamon commented 1 year ago

Moroccan spice ingredients?

by Gour875mand 2 years ago

What constitutes Moroccan spice mix? Are there are specific spices and amounts in it?


Gour875mand commented 2 years ago

Where to find Moroccan wine in NYC?

by xerg 9 years ago

I moved to Manhattan from Marrakesh a little over a month ago and I'm becoming increasingly worried that it won't be ...


Simon commented 2 years ago


by hungryann 2 years ago

Has anyone seen this spread in the Maghrebi stores. It is a Moroccan product but maybe other N. African stores carry ...


lagatta commented 2 years ago

Food Cart Review: La Camel

by stevewi 2 years ago

See: This place is the real deal! Their website (i...


ajh05004 commented 2 years ago

Paris dec 28 - jan 1

by trippeltretton 2 years ago

Hello. We are planning a trip to Paris over new Years. Will live in Les Marais. Have checked out John Talbot's fantas...

souphie commented 2 years ago

Moroccan Preserved Meat Recipe?

by JessEvans 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm experimenting with various ways of drying and preserving meat. I recently came across a descripti...


JessEvans commented 2 years ago

Merguez Sausages

by Barry 12 years ago

Anyone know where to buy, Oakland/Berkeley, authentic Moroccan merguez sausages? Cafe Rouge much too expensive.


nikkib99 commented 2 years ago

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Best tagine

by Monica 2 years ago

Who serves the best tagine? More I know about tagine, the more I want to taste different versions.

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Best B'stella on the Westside?

by BerryPieFanatic 2 years ago

Where's the best B'stella (Bastilla) on the Westside? I'd rather not drive east of Westwood Blvd, as I'll be picking...