Celebrate Spring with These Harvest Salad Recipes

Summer may seem like prime time for salads, but fresh spring produce also shines in simple preparations that showcase our favorite vegetables' tender new forms. Every time March rolls around, I remember...

Morels in S. Ontario

by yaddayadda 14 years ago

Anybody spot morels in S. Ontario yet? That last two years have been a total bust for decent mushrooms. Too dry, I suppose, or too many people trampling over the few remaining abodes. I would ap...

Morel Mushrooms

by tinkerbel9 4 years ago

Hello. My husband found about 1/2 a pound of morels behind the school where he teaches today. He is beyond excited. I haven't seen them yet. We used to find some in MT. Now we are in Germany. W...

Little white worms in my morels

by brooklynmonkey 18 years ago

I brought some seemingly beautiful morels home from a very reputable market, only to discover they were inhabited by DOZENS of little white worms (tiny ones!) that appeared to be happily nesting in...

Morels in Ontario

by Wink54 5 years ago

I see this page has no recent posts on Morels. I'm in southern Ontario in the County of Central Elgin. Any other area Morel hunters. As of today no morels. Weather appears to be a factor. Any other...

Morels within a few hours of Phila. area?

by phoodieofphila 9 years ago

When and where are the best locations for hunting for fresh morels within a few hours of CC Phila.? I'd love to use some fresh morels instead of reconstituting dried ones.

Morels In My Backyard!

by lindamller 6 years ago

I live in the Valley. It's like finding unicorn droppings in my yard, but they're all over the place in my shady beds. Anyone have a good recipe for an omelet?

Essence of Morel

al b. darned
by al b. darned 6 years ago

A couple times a year I splurge on for mail-order delicacies that I can't find locally. My Summer Splurge is chanterelle mushrooms. So I went to my favorite website for chanterelles, Earthy Delight...

Morels 2015

by Mila 6 years ago

Looking for some this week. I know they are there, Nyleve's secret spot is producing. Anyone know where to buy them in quantity. And yes, I did spend several hours walking in the woods to no...

Menus featuring ramps and morels right now?

by GDSwamp 7 years ago

The title pretty much says it. Any chefs doing good things with those two spring delicacies these days?


by nicebooks 7 years ago

Does anyone know of a a place where morel mushrooms are available???

Morel Mushrooms

by homeihead 10 years ago

Looking for a reliable place to buy morels this spring. Whole Foods has been hit or miss. Any suggestions?

Buying morel mushrooms in Vancouver

by Dina 20 years ago

Ciao all! :) Where could I buy morel mushrooms (either fresh or dried) in Vancouver and area? Email me in addition to posting your reply to the BB as I'm not sure how to get back here. :)

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