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Mole Sauce

by Matt L 13 years ago

My mom loves it. I love my mom. I would like to treat her right Sunday by making some even though I'm an eager bu...


scunge commented 3 days ago

What to do with mole seasoning?

by linac 23 days ago

A very good friend of mine gifted me a large bag of incredibly fragrant mole seasoning after they returned from Mexic...

thegforceny commented 21 days ago

Culturas Hidalgo y Oaxaca | Alisal - Salinas

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

New restaurant, Culturas Hidalgo y Oaxaca, opened for business two days ago in East Salinas. The manager, Norma, expl...

Melanie Wong commented 27 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

La Soledad Bakery | East Salinas

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

In the menudo thread I've talked about some of my favorites at La Soledad, a Oaxacan bakery. https://www.chowhound....

Chili advice needed re: peppers and tomato

by BuffaloWing91 4 months ago

Hey all, so I've been lurking for a while attempting to research all tips, secret ingredients, and techniques pertain...

tim irvine commented 4 months ago

Best Mole In Orange County?

by Hoc 15 years ago

I should first start by saying that I have never tried Mole. However, after hearing about what a complex sauce it is...

Midlife commented 4 months ago

Safe to eat?

by maureenamaureena 7 months ago

I just opened a jar of mole I bought in mexico. It tastes fab but says it expire june 2011! It was sealed and never...


toddhicks209 commented 7 months ago

Help! bitter mole

by lorelei1261 7 years ago

Hi- Made Rick Bayless mole recipe last night for party this evening and the mole is bitter. Must have cooked the chi...


Mangoegiraffe commented 10 months ago

cooking with pre-made Oaxacan mole sauce?

by AppleSister 12 years ago

I live in NY, and often dream of the amazing Oaxacan food I've had at Gualagetza in LA, and recently bought some to t...


gourmetgeisha commented 12 months ago

Buying mole in Puebla & other questions

by NancyC 1 year ago

Hi everyone! I'm in Puebla now, and will be in and out of the city for a few more days. I live in NYC, where I believ...


NancyC commented 1 year ago

Mortars and pestles

by BrainFoodie 1 year ago

So I have owned some mortars and pestles but mostly have been smooth and low sides, and not as useful in a kitchen as...


Sirrith commented 1 year ago

How to use the Mole that I bought in Mexico City?

by Uncle Luigi 1 year ago

I was in Mexico City last week and on a tour of La Merced market, I bought some Mole from a vendor. There were vario...


Uncle Luigi commented 1 year ago

Chicken Mole at Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood

by lil mikey 1 year ago

Chips come with warm refried beans, a chipotle-style salsa, and a pico de gallo style salsa. So there's a lot going o...


TailbackU commented 1 year ago

How to use pre-packaged mole

by DianaMarie9999 2 years ago

I bought a pack of Mole Poblano in Mexico - La Bendicion moles & pastas - their website is under construction and do ...


DianaMarie9999 commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Double uses for labor intensive food - Mole sauce

by seal 1 year ago

After spending a good amount of time over three days making a mole sauce for a long cooking pork butt I was thinking....

Great mole in san francisco?

by JKJ 6 years ago

So, I've never actually eaten mole, as far as I know (I'm from the northeast and grew up eating a lot more caribbean ...


Relicario commented 1 year ago

Store Bought Mole Sauce / Paste?

by Optimista 2 years ago

Okay, I'm going to get a reputation for being a shortcut girl, but I've been dreaming of mole lately and making my ow...


Optimista commented 2 years ago

Casa del Mole and Rufina’s Kitchen in Healdsburg

by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

This little Mexican grocery store in the middle of town changed hands again earlier this year, and is now owned by th...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago