9 Summery Spins on the Mojito That Make It Even More Refreshing

A traditional Cuban drink, a classic mojito is white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint leaves. But why stick to tradition when there are so many summer renditions of a mojito that will...

Mr. & Mrs. cocktails for wedding reception

by Tehama 6 years ago

Hey there libatious hounds! Our wedding day is right around the corner and I'd like to do the trendy "Mr. and Mrs." cocktails at the bar. I believe my sweetie has selected a mojito for the "...

Where do the locals eat in Florida Keys?

by missmojito 14 years ago

I am going to the Florida Keys in May and would like to eat at some really great restaurants... any suggestions? Also best conch fritters and mojitos?


by DoctorChow 7 years ago

My companion introduced me to mojitos just a few years ago, when there was a decent good-sized Mexican-oriented bar and restaurant -- can't remember the name now -- near Kiel's in Clairemont. I've...

Best culinary mint (for mojitos, really)

by AnneInMpls 15 years ago

Are there any cook-gardeners who can advise me on what kind of mint to plant for my summer mojitos? Which mint would give me that classic mint taste? I'll probably be making a few Vietnamese su...

Looking for best Mojito in Bergen County Area

by 0201Family 7 years ago

Hello all! I am in the search for the best Mojito in my area of Bergen County. Many bars have the knockoff versions, but I desire the real muddled mint! Haha! I think Oceanos in Fair Lawn has th...


by DiningDiva 11 years ago

Not a huge fan of Mojitos (but don't dislike them either), but my mother loves them and I got a big old bunch of mint in the CSA bag this week. Soooo, being a holiday/party weekend it seems a Mojit...

a really good, higher end rum for a great Mojito??

by french roast 13 years ago

I love a good mojito. I grow my own fresh mint, and have a lime tree in my yard. What I don't have is an excellent version of is the rum. I've only used the Bacardi silver, and I'm sure there has t...

Perfect Mojito

by Dapuma 10 years ago

Well after much testing i think i have found the perfect mojito 2oz rum barbancourt 5 star 3oz club soda 6-12 springs mint 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 juice of 1 lime 1 cup crushed ice (sonic ma...

Best mojito in South Beach?

by cherrybounce 14 years ago

Or is there something they're drinking now??? I had a post asking about cocktails at Barton G's and that got me wondering where are the best cocktails, if not there?

Great spots for Mojitos in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

by thriller 10 years ago

So it's going to be getting warm soon, which has me looking for the best places to get a fresh, tasty mojito. Any suggestions? Places with gardens or outdoor seating are even better. As well as ...

Tequila for Watermelon Mojitos

by attran99 10 years ago

I thinking of making watermelon mojitos for Memorial Day. What's a good tequila to use? I imagine using Patron or Don Julio would probably not a good idea. But I'm hesitant to use Cuervo. Any t...

Mojito's - Columbia, SC

by SweetPea 10 years ago

What a delight to find a good cuban sandwich in Columbia! Nice and moist with that perfect bread. The small resto itself has a delightfully bright, airy, colorful interior. And oh how I wish I h...

La Casa Del Mojito is now "Mojito" -- any significance?

by Thiebaud 10 years ago

I just found out that La Casa Del Mojito changed its name to just "Mojito." Does anyone know if this means anything other than just a name change? The new website is http://www.mojito1.com/, and th...

Mojito - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

by DeeDee 16 years ago

Has anyone tried this Cuban restaurant on Park Avenue and Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill? It was reviewed in today's Times but I would love some chowhound opinions.

need recipe for mojitos for a crowd

by Mariana in Baja 10 years ago

I would swear there was a recipe on here somewhere for "bulk" mojitos - using the blender to mix up the mint, lime and sugar - then add rum and soda. I did this once before but didn't keep any not...

For Those Who Miss TrJ's Mojito Simmer Sauce

by opinionatedchef 11 years ago

This product was one of our all time favs trJ or other. We would sear a pork loin roast or turkey thighs, and pour a jar over, cover and bake at 350 degrees til done. YUMMM!! So this wkend I fi...