How Moon Pies Became a Mardi Gras Tradition

To most, Mardi Gras is synonymous with certain foods and places—king cake and New Orleans top the list, of course. Many people probably don't think immediately (if at all) of MoonPies and Mobile, Alabama...

Ossie's BBQ sauce recipe, mobile, alabama

by dewdrop 11 years ago

several chowhounds are seeking this recipe from ossie's. i grew up in mobile with the boutwells who owned ossie's, and if someone would like the recipe e-mail me kenvista@gulftel.com and i will be...

Ossie Boutwell's Original Bar-be-que Sauce Recipe.

by JKLamb 5 years ago

I grew up in Mobile & my Father & Ossie were Golf buddy's. Ossie gave my Father the Barbeque Sauce Recipe years ago and all of my family recipes were lost in a fire. If anyone has Ossie's Origina...

Family party in Mobile

by fun3Xdaily 5 years ago

I'm looking for a place for 10 or so people to celebrate a 90th birthday in Mobile. We'll have a couple of vegetarians in our midst, as well as a young child. Some of us who are coming from far awa...

New to Mobile Alabama, Where's The Good Stuff?

by Big Milwaukee 15 years ago

Just moved to Mobile Alabama from Milwaukee Wisconsin. The first night we moved to Mobile Alabama I had to eat at the Olive Garden on Airport. I want to avoid that place. It wasn't bad, it's just t...

Restaurants recs for Mobile, AL

by pvandermeer 7 years ago

I'm going to Mobile for business and looking for some recommendations for good restaurants.

Large group dinner in Mobile

by mainehound 8 years ago

Any recommendations for a large group dinner in Mobile, AL - November 2014? Someplace goooood. Thank you.

will be in MOBILE AL for 2 weeks over XMAS and New YEARS..HELP

by AndyS 8 years ago

I would like some great not so exp.restaurants for every day dining and 2 GREAT places for Christmas DAY and New Year eve... Also I went to this little seafood place about 25 yrs ago on the isl...

Mobile, AL info

by klebb 10 years ago

I'm going to be in Mobile in Mid-August for a wedding and I'll be staying downtown at the Battlehouse. I can have 2 lunches and one dinner while I"m there and need some guidance. On all of th...

Mobile, AL

by CafeteriaFraiche 8 years ago

Hey folks, my wife and I will be driving through Mobile and spending the night soon. I haven't done any eating in Mobile since college...not that my palate had much to say for itself then. Are ther...

Wine selection in Mobile Alabama

by reidmc 8 years ago

I need to track down some rose wines in Mobile. What shops are going to have the (a) biggest selection of roses; (b) the most discriminating selection of roses (i.e. staff has actually tasted and ...

Dinner in Mobile, Alabama

by applebee69 8 years ago

I'll be in Mobile tonight with a 7 year old, looking for suggestions for dinner. Thanks!

Mobile Planning

by dagoose 9 years ago

Hi! I'm headed to the gulf for a quick trip and have a day on my own in Mobile before we head (further) south. As a northerner (seattle), I'm hoping to try any regional specialties, unique eats, w...

Halloween in Mobile, AL

by Allen_Rick 9 years ago

A very random question . . . I'll be in Mobile, AL, for an academic conference on Halloween 2012. Maybe the holiday is overshadowed by Mardi Gras, but I'm writing to ask if there's a good downtown ...

Jackson MS to Mobile AL on 49/98

by battman1_2000 10 years ago

will be traveling to FL from Ft Worth next week and midpoint is Hattisburg MS. Any suggestions on good eats on 49/98? Oh just an FYI....on the return trip, I'll be diverting over to Lorman MS the...

Vegetarian recommendations in Mobile, Alabama?

by jjonak 10 years ago

We are in Mobile, Alabama under unexpected conditions - our parents were hit in a car accident while traveling through on vacation. Because our mother is in the hospital in critical condition, and...


by pkimble 10 years ago

I'll be in Mobile for a few nights in about six weeks with a group of 12 and am trying to figure out where to eat. I've combed the board to get some recommendations, and I'd appreciate any feedbac...

Mobile this weekend

by Dax 10 years ago

Aside from the Brick Pit, which I have down for lunch Friday, any relatively inexpensive can't miss places? I know the town will be packed for Mardi Gras weekend, Thanks in advance. ----- Brick...

Rehearsal Dinner in Mobile Alabama Area

by bigbob 11 years ago

Our son is getting married in Mobile AL next spring and the rehearsal dinner is on us. I know I am a bit ahead of the curve but better now than a week before the wedding! I am looking for a nice ha...

Where's the good Greek Restaurant in Mobile Al. area??

by johnmaggie 14 years ago

We live in Daphne for 2 years and have yet to find a great Greek place. I thought about going to the church in Malbis and asking there! We've been to the greek festivals, but perhaps we are spoi...