Mixing Bowls

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Stainless steel mixing bowls

by kdkrone 7 years ago

I was watching Jacques Pepin this A M (episode 111, Cattle Call). About 17 minutes in, he is using a stainless steel mixing bowl with an annodized, I think, exterior. This is the link to the prog...

Mixing bowl set

by hobbess 8 years ago

Does anybody own a Sori Yanagi mixing bowl set? Jill Sanpietro, chowhound's senior food editor, really loves the Sori Yanagi mixing bowls and recommended them in the New York Times in the articl...

Kitchen Aid glass mixing bowl

by javaandjazz 8 years ago

Does this 5 qt mixing bowl fit the classic 4 1/2 qt stand mixer? http://www.kitchenaid.com/flash.cmd?/#/product/K5GB/

Mixing Bowls

by Mother of four 9 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for some good heavy weight Stainless steel mixing bowls?

Large and deep mixing bowl - KA bowl?

by snax 9 years ago

I currently have 6 nesting light weight stainless steel shallow mixing bowls which get a use in the kitchen, but what I'm missing is one large and deep bowl which will be better at mixing multiple ...

Best Mixing Bowls?

by dainish 10 years ago

Suggestions for mixing bowls? I have 2 sets of crappy metal ones from BBB or something and a set of Pyrex glass ones. None of them have any sort of handle which makes them irritating to use with a ...

stainless steel mixing bowl

by hobbess 10 years ago

I'm looking to finally buy a stainless steel mixing bowl, but I want to know first if there are any particular brands or qualities I should look for when buying one. Or, are they basically a commo...

copper mixing bowls?

by qwerty78 10 years ago

just wondering if copper mixing bowls REALLY made a difference in beating egg whites and if there were other uses that would make it worth it. also- any suggestions on specific products? is thi...

What is your favorite material for mixing bowls?

by Steady Habits 11 years ago

Do you use different materials for different purposes, or do you have one preference? What do you like about the various materials over others?

ISO: High Quality Stand Mixer with 2 different sized mixing bowls?

by kasiav 11 years ago

Of course the KitchenAid is a gorgeous mixer, but growing up my mom had a Sunbeam tilt top which came with a large and a small mixing bowl. The small bowl was perfect for whipped cream or a bit of ...

Mixing bowls - what do people use?

by applehome 11 years ago

I was just getting ready to buy new mixing bowls - enough of our old sets have broken or disfigured that we're missing a nice middle sized one - and we thought we'd like to buy a new set. I was loo...

Did I Ruin My Copper Mixing Bowl?

by Velda Mae 12 years ago

I have a copper mixing bowl that my mom brought me from France several years ago. I took it out of the box and found some greasy tarnish marks. Several articles I found on the Internet recommende...

ISO SS Flat bottom mixing bowls

by itryalot 12 years ago

I am looking for some larger mixing bowls (bake batter, mix dough for bread and pizza, etc). I don't want plastic (enviro and gerny), not glass, and have a large SS one I love. I REALLY would l...

Mixing Bowls - what type is best (stainless, ceramic, plastic)?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 12 years ago

I'm stocking a new kitchen and trying to figure out what type of mixing bowls to purchase. They'd be used primarily for baking (for use with a electric hand mixer). I've always used ceramic bowls...

is my aluminum mixing bowl safe?

by missmasala 13 years ago

I have a very old kichen-aid mixer that is from a garage sale. the bowl is aluminum and sometimes rusts a little at the bottom. lately i have been using the mixer--and the bowl--a lot to make br...

A tip for cleaning old ceramic mixing bowls and stuff

by Richard 14 years ago

If you have old ceramic mixing bowls with lots of the crackled crazed dirty looking glaze you can soak it in hot water and oxyclean for awhile. I have been doing this with old pottery for awhile no...

copper mixing bowls

by Sheridan Moore 21 years ago

I am trying to find some place on line that sells copper mixing bowls. I need to have them arrive by 10- 19-98.Does anyone have any suggestions?

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