Mixing Bowls

Best Glass Mixing Bowls?

by kushnerom 7 years ago

I got these beautiful bowls from Williams Sonoma but they chip like crazy after just a few weeks of use and I even at...


susanrdrgz commented 2 months ago

Copper Bowls

by Kassch 7 months ago

I received a couple copper bowls from an auction box and they seem to have a plastic like lining in them. It has peel...


Chazzz commented 7 months ago

SS Mixing Bowls

by chefwong 11 months ago

In light of the recent PC thread, can anyone recommend a SS mixing bowl ? I've got some oldies and some German mad...


randallhank commented 11 months ago

Pampered Chef reviews? Love their stainless steel mixing bowls!

by RollWithIt 11 months ago

I was packing up my kitchen today and noticed on the bottom of my favorite mixing bowl that it was made by the Pamper...

drrayeye commented 11 months ago

Mason Cash, or not?

by jefpen2 1 year ago

I have owned 2 Mason Cash bowls, 1 3/4 qt. for at least 15 years. They have survived brutal conditions in my over stu...

emily commented 1 year ago

SS bowls and electric hand whisk safety

by silverrose 2 years ago

I may just be being silly, but I attempted to make my first buttercream yesterday, so opted to use a stainless steel ...


Chazzz commented 2 years ago

Cookware you're obsessed with...

by nikkib99 2 years ago

I bet some are like me who have a strange obsession with cookware or certain types of it. Looking through your colle...

JTPhilly commented 2 years ago

copper mixing bowls

by mixer34 10 years ago

I recently priced some copper mixing bowls for my wife and was blown away at the price. Why is copper better than st...


brandonbart commented 2 years ago

Pressure cooker and mixing bowls

by SpencerTracy 2 years ago

Seeing as how I was having a somewhat difficult time deciding between a 6 and 8 quart pressure cooker (PC), I thought...

DuffyH commented 2 years ago

Questions about Lagostina Pots, Henckels Frying Pans, Shun Knives, Ingenia mixing bowls

by johnnybravo 5 years ago

We recently got married and had some gift cards/cash to burn. We are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Some of ...


gremel commented 2 years ago

Using handheld electric mixers (with metal whisk attachment) on glass mixing bowls?

by avocadolily 3 years ago

I'm shopping Christmas gifts at the moment, I stumbled upon a good deal for glass mixing bowls for a family member wh...


avocadolily commented 3 years ago

The Best SS bowls are mixing bowls.....

by chefwong 4 years ago

Why are the best SS bowls I've come across are the ones that comes with mixing bowls. I have two 1 1/2 - 2 qt ancient...

letsindulge commented 4 years ago

Any Mixing Bowl Mavens in Da House

by chefwong 4 years ago

So I got a various box of Cusipro Definenitive bowls in. Ordered them sight unseen 1 1/2, 3 and 5 quarters. Seemed t...


janniecooks commented 4 years ago

Stainless steel mixing bowls

by kdkrone 5 years ago

I was watching Jacques Pepin this A M (episode 111, Cattle Call). About 17 minutes in, he is using a stainless steel...


janniecooks commented 5 years ago

Mixing bowl set

by hobbess 5 years ago

Does anybody own a Sori Yanagi mixing bowl set? Jill Sanpietro, chowhound's senior food editor, really loves the S...

omotosando commented 5 years ago

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Kitchen Aid glass mixing bowl

by javaandjazz 6 years ago

Does this 5 qt mixing bowl fit the classic 4 1/2 qt stand mixer? http://www.kitchenaid.com/flash.cmd?/#/product/K5GB/

Mixing Bowls

by Mother of four 7 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for some good heavy weight Stainless steel mixing bowls?

breadchick commented 6 years ago

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Large and deep mixing bowl - KA bowl?

by snax 6 years ago

I currently have 6 nesting light weight stainless steel shallow mixing bowls which get a use in the kitchen, but what...

Best Mixing Bowls?

by dainish 7 years ago

Suggestions for mixing bowls? I have 2 sets of crappy metal ones from BBB or something and a set of Pyrex glass ones....

breadchick commented 7 years ago