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Do I need a stand mixer?

by truman 11 days ago

This is sort of the inverse of a question posed/answered in another thread (https://www.chowhound.com/post/buy-food-p...


masha commented 5 days ago

Hobart Kitchen Aid... how old is this??!

by violetdiva_85 14 days ago

I've done a bit of research into the age of this particular model I was given and so far I haven't been able to turn ...


violetdiva_85 commented 12 days ago

Betrayed by Kitchenaid - is it possible that the stand mixer is Not All That?

by piedsdesanges 10 years ago

Can I just say that I have owned the vaunted kitchenaid stand mixer, professional model, for 13 months and it just br...


sukmadiq commented 24 days ago

Dough hook vs. hand kneading

by jbd 11 years ago

I just received a KitchenAid mixer and am interested in using the dough hook for kneading bread. Anything I should k...


lgilm57 commented 30 days ago

Kitchen Aid Bowl Lift - Does the beater "float"?

by sbp 2 months ago

After years with the tilt head (where there is a spring above the spindle which the beater attaches to), I just got t...

sbp commented 1 month ago

What stand mixer for a small kitchen?

by Dave_waters 1 month ago

Hi What would everyone's recommendations be for a small stand mixer. One that doesn't take up too much space or can...


rhiamom commented 1 month ago

Older/Vintage Kitchenaid Mixer Users - Get a Solid State Version or Not?

by dz5003 3 years ago

Ok, so I'm looking to find a vintage Kitchenaid and I read someone calling the K5-A as the "holy grail" of kitchenaid...


Posidude commented 1 month ago

Advice regarding kitchen aid mixers

by Tamdan 1 month ago

Which to keep? The vintage K5-A or the newer kitchen aid "ultra power" . The bowl size seems about the same and the ...

Njchicaa commented 1 month ago


by pembree 3 years ago

I have been making divinity at Christmas time for the past 25+ years. It all began when I purchased the Oster stand ...


Debcandy commented 1 month ago

Bought a Hobart Kitchen Aid 4C Stand Mixer on eBay - was it a mistake?

by greygarious 7 years ago

My fault if it was, since I did not do any research before bidding on eBay. It came to just over $100 including ship...


bbauerdsm commented 1 month ago

Stand mixer - worth having?

by lizmari 3 years ago

The impulsive "love all kitchen tools" side of my brain really wants a stand mixer, but the voice of reason keeps as...


zackly commented 1 month ago

Help me decide: Ankarsrum or Bosch Universal?

by maestra 4 years ago

I have decided to purchase a countertop mixer, and after much research have narrowed it down to these two possibiliti...

MacGuffin commented 2 months ago

KitchenAid Mini: Baking Bread

by nofunlatte 2 months ago

My sister just bought a KitchenAid Mini for her small kitchen. I'm wondering how well it holds up to kneading bread d...


medlar commented 2 months ago

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Kitchenaid mixer repair in MA

by kj26 2 months ago

I have been lucky enough to inherit a K5 mixer. It’s fantastic but needs an update. I want to have the electrical co...

Glass bowl for Kitchenaid K5SS?

by Wintek 3 months ago

Hello, My girlfriend has a K5SS stand mixer, and has mentioned a glass bowl would be a nice to have. Her birthday...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 3 months ago

Vintange Kitchenaid mixer age?

by bfrazer 1 year ago

My 94 year old mother in-law just gave me her mixer. I have been trying to figure out the age of this mixer so I can...


falconress commented 4 months ago

Kitchenaid dough hook not reaching bottom of bowl

by somervilleoldtimer 6 months ago

I am generally happy with my Kitchenaide mixer. But today I mixed up a batch of sweet roll dough using the dough hoo...


damiano commented 4 months ago

Kitchenaid Artisan bowl lift 7 qt

by Sophiia 6 months ago

Hi, I have just gotten the Kitchenaid artisan 1.3 hp 7 qt (5ksm7580xeca) as a present, and it seems good, however...


PSRaT commented 6 months ago

ISO Oster Kitchen Center fans

by Kaymoz 2 years ago

I am looking for fans of the Oster Kitchen Center. This is a "vintage" appliance that combined many functions into o...

NE_Wombat commented 8 months ago