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Mixers & Attachments

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker issues

by pastrymonster 7 years ago

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem......I just bought the Kitchenaid Ice cream maker 2 days ago, foll...


mitegserk commented 6 days ago

Help me decide: Ankarsrum or Bosch Universal?

by maestra 5 years ago

I have decided to purchase a countertop mixer, and after much research have narrowed it down to these two possibiliti...


MacGuffin commented 9 days ago

Pasta machine: Kitchenaid or Imperia?

by damiano 5 months ago

I want to start making home made pasta, and I am considering 3 options. Option 1 - Kitchenaid pasta roller EUR 65...


danlind3 commented 4 months ago

Anyone else have trouble creaming butter and sugar in a kitchenaid?

by loukoumades 7 years ago

Recipes always say to beat softened butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. I can never get this in my kitchenaid. Bu...


ReeseLee commented 4 months ago

Kitchenaid Pro or Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer?

by healaeats 8 years ago

Hi there--so my husband's birthday is coming up, and since he's our devoted home chef, I thought I'd get him a refurb...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 5 months ago

They don't make things like they used to....

by Libranflight 7 months ago

......and there are actual flaws engineered into products, so that they are guaranteed to fail. What a sad state of ...


alex9179 commented 5 months ago

KA attachments with 100% whole wheat flour

by Hiracer 6 months ago

I started milling my own flour about five months ago. Kind of seriously hooked on this. Mainly use Kamut, spelt, and...


Hiracer commented 5 months ago

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Repair

by cfhartzell 4 years ago

I have a vintage 1950's era Mixmaster. I can use it as a hand mixer but the mechanism that makes the bowl turn will ...


swede57 commented 6 months ago

KA standmixer

by Hiracer 6 months ago

Is this a good price? $350 for KitchenAid 6 qt mixer, 590 Watts?


acgold7 commented 6 months ago

Stand mixer - worth having?

by lizmari 4 years ago

The impulsive "love all kitchen tools" side of my brain really wants a stand mixer, but the voice of reason keeps as...


acgold7 commented 6 months ago

ISO Oster Kitchen Center fans

by Kaymoz 2 years ago

I am looking for fans of the Oster Kitchen Center. This is a "vintage" appliance that combined many functions into o...


VTLadyMAVet commented 7 months ago

Do I need a stand mixer?

by truman 7 months ago

This is sort of the inverse of a question posed/answered in another thread (


masha commented 7 months ago

Hobart Kitchen Aid... how old is this??!

by violetdiva_85 7 months ago

I've done a bit of research into the age of this particular model I was given and so far I haven't been able to turn ...


violetdiva_85 commented 7 months ago

Betrayed by Kitchenaid - is it possible that the stand mixer is Not All That?

by piedsdesanges 11 years ago

Can I just say that I have owned the vaunted kitchenaid stand mixer, professional model, for 13 months and it just br...


sukmadiq commented 8 months ago

Dough hook vs. hand kneading

by jbd 11 years ago

I just received a KitchenAid mixer and am interested in using the dough hook for kneading bread. Anything I should k...


lgilm57 commented 8 months ago

Kitchen Aid Bowl Lift - Does the beater "float"?

by sbp 9 months ago

After years with the tilt head (where there is a spring above the spindle which the beater attaches to), I just got t...


sbp commented 8 months ago

What stand mixer for a small kitchen?

by Dave_waters 8 months ago

Hi What would everyone's recommendations be for a small stand mixer. One that doesn't take up too much space or can...


rhiamom commented 8 months ago

Older/Vintage Kitchenaid Mixer Users - Get a Solid State Version or Not?

by dz5003 4 years ago

Ok, so I'm looking to find a vintage Kitchenaid and I read someone calling the K5-A as the "holy grail" of kitchenaid...


Posidude commented 8 months ago

Advice regarding kitchen aid mixers

by Tamdan 8 months ago

Which to keep? The vintage K5-A or the newer kitchen aid "ultra power" . The bowl size seems about the same and the ...


Njchicaa commented 8 months ago


by pembree 3 years ago

I have been making divinity at Christmas time for the past 25+ years. It all began when I purchased the Oster stand ...


Debcandy commented 8 months ago