Mint Tea Is So Much More Than a Drink in Morocco

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

Mint leaves turned brown

by lisaleira 4 months ago

Nice fresh mint leaves left out and many turned brown. Can I still use em for tea? Or should I try to pick away the brown? So many learning moments, cooking at home. Thanks all :)

Mad hunt for vintage candy

by Phil_A_Mignon 12 years ago

My wife, for years, has raved about a holiday candy she enjoyed when she was a young girl back in the late seventies, early eighties. She calls them "mint puffs" which she's sure is not the techni...

Substitute for fresh mint in Turkish soup

by sophia519 1 year ago

I was watching Milk Street and want to make the Turkish red lentil soup shown on the program. Recipe calls for garnishing with fresh mint. Since I don’t care for fresh mint, I thought I’d substitut...

Can I substitute dried peppermint for mint in recipes?

by lisaleira 1 year ago

Hello! I have a ton of dried peppermint from Frontier Market that I use for tea. Is this the same as the mint you find fresh in the store? I’m wondering if for recipes that add a bit of mint, if d...

Mint Jelly!!

by treb 3 years ago

I was out the other day and ordered a lamb slider, it came with a side of mint jelly. Oh, those were the old days..... mint jelly! Memories came rolling back to me, when I grew up my parents w...

Spicy Greek Yogurt and Mint Dip

by mikidep 3 years ago

I needed to use some leftover fresh mint, so I drew some inspiration from the Internet and came up with this: - 150g (about 1/2 cup) whole greek yogurt - 1/4 cup finely minced fresh mint leaves...

Mint Chip Ice Cream from Fresh Mint -- how to get proper flavor?

by arielleeve 4 years ago

So I had a thread about this a few years back but wanted to revive the conversation. I tried making mint chip ice cream a few summers ago using fresh mint from my CSA. After all the work of making ...

Mint Mystery

by munchkin1 4 years ago

I have been reading savory recipes that call for mint. (And my neighbor gave me some.) I can't seem to get beyond mint as peppermint patties, chocolate chip mint icecream, peppermint gum, creme de ...

Mint extract - making

by jounipesonen 4 years ago

Anyone have any ideas for a non-alcoholic solutant for fresh mint leaves? Glycerol would be good but extremely expensive here in Finland for food-grade product as only available in tiny bottles ...

afghani soup needs dried mint

by rmarisco 4 years ago

Making Aush (Afghani noodle soup) today. The dried mint specified in the recipe - is it spearmint? Peppermint? Can anyone tell me the name of the herb in Afghan Persian so that I might look for it ...

ISO: Recipes using Dried Mint

by content 4 years ago

I picked up a 1 oz bag of dried mint today, but I only need 1 teaspoon for the recipe I'll be making. I'd love some suggestions on ways I can use the rest of it. Tried and true recipes would part...

most flavoured mint?

by Fuffy 5 years ago

Am disappointed with mint my daughter grows - like much mint I buy the flavor is weak when I use it in cooking raw or cooked. Does anyone know of a particularly flavorful mint I could grow?

Too Much Mint

by Euonymous 13 years ago

As the result of a serious gardening mistake, which I really should have known better than to have made, I now have an entire raised bed, about 5 ft. by 3 ft., of flourishing mint. I need to get r...

Where to buy Corsican mint and Kentucky Colonel mint in NYC?

by qwerty1 5 years ago

Are there any stores/garden centers that carry Corsican mint and Kentucky Colonel mint in NYC? I tried two stores near me as well as the nearest Green Market and none of the carried either. Is my...

Mint or peppermint for mint ice cream?

by qwerty1 5 years ago

I'm thinking about making no-churn mint ice cream. I was wondering which was preferable - mint or peppermint and why? In this case I'll be using extract, but this also applies to churned ice crea...

Looking for fresh mint leaves

by sherrib 5 years ago

Hi All, I'm staying on Collins in Miami and want to know where I can go to purchase fresh mint leaves. Publix didn't have. Tyia.

How to make peppermint cream brownies?

by snax 5 years ago

Hey there, I made my first batch of brownies the other day based off the Pret-A-Manger recipe. It was seriously fab, but I was wondering how i could make a layer of peppermint cream to go on top? ...

Best culinary mint (for mojitos, really)

by AnneInMpls 14 years ago

Are there any cook-gardeners who can advise me on what kind of mint to plant for my summer mojitos? Which mint would give me that classic mint taste? I'll probably be making a few Vietnamese su...

Yum Gum: Orbit Mint Mojito

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 13 years ago

I know that a lot of you Chowhounds love Orbit gum, and I just have to tell you that the new Mint Mojito flavor is quite possibly their best yet. It's a great balance of spearmint and lime. The f...