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What Grilling Really Means in the Midwest and the South

Chef Thomas Boemer wants to set one assumption straight: Discussing Midwestern grilling in general is like lumping all Southern desserts together, from Key lime pie to beignets. You just can't do it...

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Breakfast in the Twin Cities

MN Hick Chowhound
by MN Hick Chowhound 13 years ago

Okay I'm bored with all the Key's and Uptown Diner and its siblings. There must be some other good breakfast spots in the Twin Cities. Help me out!

Breakfast at MSP

by Rheta 13 years ago

Where can you get a good breakfast at the airport. Thanks in advance.

Anyone had bubble tea in Twin Cities?

by tubalard 16 years ago

It's tea made with big tapiocas and I've tried to copy it at home with no luck. I think it's Chinese but found a Thai style recipe on the internet. Thanks.

[MSP] Kim's Oriental Foods and Gifts

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 13 years ago

In search of "chili threads" (see Alice's post from earlier today) I stopped by this unassuming little Korean market on Snelling this afternoon. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but, on th...


by Nibbler 16 years ago

Hi all, I'm an LA 'hound who will be in Minneapolis next week. I'm looking for places to go for dinner that are unique to the place, have great food, and will provide some local color. Places clo...

Phoenix Hound travelling to Minneapolis

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 13 years ago

Hounds, I have provided many recommendations for visitors to the Phoenix area on where to go for authentic Southwest cuisine. Now I am travelling to the Twin Cities and would like some good...

Dinner in St. Paul for a group - help!

by emilyb 13 years ago

Help! I'm responsible for planning a laid back bachelorette party in St. Paul in August, and I live in NY. It's hard to get a real sense of a place via the internet - chow hound to the rescue. I'd...

A few days in Minneapolis

by cseshag 13 years ago

Hi! I'm coming into Minneapolis over the weekend of the 22nd. My wife is attending a conference, so I'm going to be out and about on my own. It's my first trip to the Twin Cities, and I thought I'd...

Searching for Special places in the Twin Cities area...

by Annie 13 years ago

I want to buy my parents a gift certificate to an area restaurant for their Birthdays. I no longer live in the area so sadly I no longer know the spots. I was looking for someplace fun, but a littl...

Ideas for SW Mpls/Suburbs Bakeries for Breakfast?

by Reddyrat 13 years ago

I'm looking to expand my favorite bakeries for breakfast. By idea of a good breakfast is generally a muffin or scone. Currently my top locations are: 1) Great Harvest in Linden Hills (the gen...

Twin Cities Suggestions Please

by Tuba Dave 13 years ago

Hello, We will be staying in the cities and would like some chow suggestions please. We know the cities reasonably well and want some exotic places to sample. We are staying near the Mall of A...

Where have all the doughnuts gone? Mpls

by Amy B 13 years ago

It seems like the great doughnut shop has become a thing of the past. I'm looking for locally owned and opperated melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts. Please help me find them in the Minneapolis area!

MSP: Looking for Uptown breakfast

by AnneInMpls 13 years ago

An elderly friend is taking me out for breakfast on Saturday, and I'm looking for a nice place to go in Uptown-St.Louis Park area (the part near Lake Street/Excelsior Blvd.) But I'm stumped - I ca...

(Where is the) Best place to buy USDA Prime Beef in the Twin Cities?

by Josh P 13 years ago

All- I am having a friend and his family over for dinner Tuesday. Now, this man is a prince. A man among men. The salt of the earth. The guy you give your house key to, the kind of guy you tr...

Twin Cities Street Food

by Badger13 13 years ago

Since the topic of good street food came up in someone else's post as a side item, I'd like to hear more about everyone's favorites. I'm going to do my own mini-restaurant tour of the Twin Cities ...

Town Talk Diner

by M. Hardy 13 years ago

The new Town Talk Diner has *finally* opened on Lake Street (near Minnehaha). We went on Saturday, which was only their second day of operation, and very much enjoyed it. The place has real potenti...

MPLS: Need a recommendation: Breakfast Downtown

by CulinaryKate 13 years ago

We're going to the Food and Wine show on Saturday, and got a hotel room at the Hyatt (for $60!) and we'll probably want a good breakfast in the morning, without a drive. What's the best place? We...

Best Japanese food/show in Minneapolis for this week?

by loangalsal 13 years ago

I am looking for a place for a birthday dinner in 3 days. We want Japanese food in Minneapolis, the kind of meal where you sit at the grill and the chef makes the food with a show to go along with ...

Anyone every try Crumley's Lunchbox in Hopkins, MN?

by Diddy 13 years ago

I drive by this little resturant called Crumley's Lunchbox (located in Hopkins, MN) and am looking to hear if anyone has tried it... Thanks!

minneapolis/stpaul and vicinity: CHEESECAKE!!!!

by brian homan 13 years ago

what are the best cheesecakes to be found in the TC?? does Cheesecake Factory earn a rec?? isnt there a place in stpaul specializing in cheesecake??

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