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What Grilling Really Means in the Midwest and the South

Chef Thomas Boemer wants to set one assumption straight: Discussing Midwestern grilling in general is like lumping all Southern desserts together, from Key lime pie to beignets. You just can't do it...

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MSP: Excelsior & Grand lunchtime chow

Chris Mitra
by Chris Mitra 13 years ago

We recently moved offices, and are now near Excelsior & Grand. I have not spent a lot of time around that neck of the woods. Can anyone recommend any lunchtime favorites in the neighborhood? M...

Indian Minneapolis Area

by Al 15 years ago

Looking for good Indian (So. or No.) in Twin Cities. Remember eating at one on restaurant row on Hennipin a few years ago. Any recommendations?

MSP: West Bank - suggestions for quick dinner

bob s
by bob s 13 years ago

Some friends and I are going to the Ted Mann Concert Hall on the West Bank (in Minneapolis). We'd like to find a quick bite beforehand, but we won't be able to spend more than 60-90 minutes from t...

Brisket in Minneapolis

by Josh Resnik 13 years ago

Like Alice a few months ago, I need some help shopping for my 1 year old's birthday party. I think I have the cake part figured out. However, I need to locate a brisket. My son loves smoked meats s...

St. Paul, MN Hmong Market - International Market - Chow Report

by teamkitty 13 years ago

We finally made it to the International Market (AKA the Hmong Market) in St. Paul to check out the offerings in the food court. There are about 8 food vendors selling different kinds of Hmong, Tha...

This year's fair finds (MN)

by diesel 13 years ago

I know there's been a fair amount of discussion about the fair already, but it's been more prepare-for-the-fair-based than report-based. Having been to the fair once already (yesterday), I have a c...

[MSP] Best breakfast at the fair?

by AnneInMpls 13 years ago

Any tips on the best place for breakfast at the State Fair? My sister likes the Epiphany Diner, but mostly because she loves to announce, after we've eaten, "I just had an epiphany!" Where shou...

A post on Bubble tea got me thinking: Where is there GOOD bubble tea in Mpls/St. Paul area? Any tried and true?

by cooknKate 13 years ago

There used to be a tiny little low budget place on Lexington, just off Larpentuer in St. Paul (across from Mavericks- the finest roast beef sandwich in the world) They had such good bubble tea and ...

[MSP] Cyclist-friendly chow?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 13 years ago

It looks like a great weekend coming up. I think it's time for a long bike ride. What are the most cyclist-friendly spots in the Twin Cities? Places along bike paths, places with bike racks, plac...

Another Friday Night Question - MSP

by St Paul Susie 13 years ago

Okay.... Looking for a little brainstorming on a date night for Friday. Work in MPLS and live in Saint paul so either of those works well (not uptown etc) Its a date night so we are thinking ...

Breakfast in the Twin Cities

MN Hick Chowhound
by MN Hick Chowhound 13 years ago

Okay I'm bored with all the Key's and Uptown Diner and its siblings. There must be some other good breakfast spots in the Twin Cities. Help me out!

Breakfast at MSP

by Rheta 13 years ago

Where can you get a good breakfast at the airport. Thanks in advance.

Anyone had bubble tea in Twin Cities?

by tubalard 17 years ago

It's tea made with big tapiocas and I've tried to copy it at home with no luck. I think it's Chinese but found a Thai style recipe on the internet. Thanks.

[MSP] Kim's Oriental Foods and Gifts

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 13 years ago

In search of "chili threads" (see Alice's post from earlier today) I stopped by this unassuming little Korean market on Snelling this afternoon. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but, on th...


by Nibbler 17 years ago

Hi all, I'm an LA 'hound who will be in Minneapolis next week. I'm looking for places to go for dinner that are unique to the place, have great food, and will provide some local color. Places clo...

Phoenix Hound travelling to Minneapolis

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 13 years ago

Hounds, I have provided many recommendations for visitors to the Phoenix area on where to go for authentic Southwest cuisine. Now I am travelling to the Twin Cities and would like some good...

Dinner in St. Paul for a group - help!

by emilyb 13 years ago

Help! I'm responsible for planning a laid back bachelorette party in St. Paul in August, and I live in NY. It's hard to get a real sense of a place via the internet - chow hound to the rescue. I'd...

A few days in Minneapolis

by cseshag 13 years ago

Hi! I'm coming into Minneapolis over the weekend of the 22nd. My wife is attending a conference, so I'm going to be out and about on my own. It's my first trip to the Twin Cities, and I thought I'd...

Searching for Special places in the Twin Cities area...

by Annie 13 years ago

I want to buy my parents a gift certificate to an area restaurant for their Birthdays. I no longer live in the area so sadly I no longer know the spots. I was looking for someplace fun, but a littl...

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