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Remember My Pie Pizza ?

by Whamsey 5 years ago

To those who remember My Pie Pizza in Golden Valley....is there any place in the Twin Ciities that even comes close ?


lifecomm commented 19 days ago

Favorite restaurants from the past

by jeff55432 5 years ago

Today I was driving down Central Ave., and I passed by the old Pannekucken (sp?) building which, in recent years, has...


Tommy_James commented 1 month ago

Very old Cuisinart DLC 7e food processor

by soccermom13 3 years ago

I have a very old (over 33 years!) Cuisinart DLC 7e 14 cup food processor that is still going strong, but I am in dir...


JodyandEddie commented 1 month ago

where to find dry curd cottage cheese

by sweet thang 8 years ago

A friend's mom is looking for dry curd cheese or dry curd cottage cheese used to make pierogies. She indicated she ca...


melindajbean commented 2 months ago

Chicago Style Subs?

by estreske 8 years ago

I was born and raised in Chicago. After moving to the Twin Cities, I periodically crave Chicago-style food, just lik...


ibew292 commented 2 months ago

Yeast-free bread

by typo 3 months ago

Do any bakeries in the Twin Cities make a yeast-free sandwich bread?


sandylc commented 2 months ago

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Mourning the loss of Legends

by soccermom13 2 months ago

It was just a sports bar. But it had great burgers at a reasonable price and the best side ever: sauteed veggies th...

Where can I buy Beef Ribs to Cook at Home in MN? Non-Butcher

by matt4200 3 months ago

Looking for a good market that sells Beef Ribs I can cook at home. I've checked Cub and they don't have them I briefl...


Codetron commented 3 months ago

The Duke @ Bar La Grassa-A modified Pimms Cup cocktail

by benjaminthom 3 months ago

Anyone else had a chance to imbibe on "The Duke" @ Bar La Grassa in Minneapolis. I can't get over how refreshing it ...


JMF commented 3 months ago

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What if Chipotle served soul food!

by soulbowlmn 3 months ago

Soul bowl has reimagined soul food for the future.

Best Chinese BBQ Duck (take-out)?

by JoeAllen 7 months ago

Chinese BBQ Duck; looking for a good one at one of the markets, maybe along Univ. Ave. in St. Paul? One they will hac...


chaolee commented 3 months ago

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Looking for sweetbreads in Minneapolis

by ibew292 4 months ago

People say they are available at various markets. I have not found that true. Anyone have a specofoc market they are ...

Saleh Hamshari's Mean Green Sauce

by ibew292 5 months ago

A friend in Kenya wants me to bring some. Where is it for sale in Minneapolis? I have feelers out but nothing yet. Pl...


ibew292 commented 4 months ago

Salted Herring

by Filmster17 5 months ago

Hi I'm looking for a source for salted herring in the Minneapolis area. Any ideas?


KTFoley commented 5 months ago

Cheng Heng, recent thoughts or tips? [MSP]

by tex.s.toast 9 years ago

Thinking of (finally) getting out to trying this palce tonight and ive looked through some older posts but havent fou...


My_Annoying_Opinions commented 5 months ago

Grand Szechuan Near Bloomington Mn Cub Foods

by MarkG 8 years ago

decent food at a decent price. but HOT. even the dishes designated as low grade hot are really hot and spicy. be prep...


My_Annoying_Opinions commented 5 months ago

Remember the old Lincoln Del? (Bloomington, MN)

by Sammiches 10 years ago

Anyone remember the old Lincoln Del restaurant in Bloomington along 494 off of France? What a gem it was. I worked...


PaulKerling commented 5 months ago

Thai Cafe, St. Paul, University & Western

by JimGrinsfelder 3 years ago

Disclaimer: I'm not any kind of expert on Thai food. I had an early dinner at Thai Cafe yesterday with my daughte...


My_Annoying_Opinions commented 6 months ago

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St. Croix breakfast/cafe?

by chocolatemint 6 months ago

I'm looking for suggestions for a quiet and comfortable breakfast/cafe in St. Croix River Valley- maybe in Afton or B...

Dinner and live music/show for 2

by chocolatemint 8 months ago

Hello! I am looking for dinner (steak or something else?) and live music/show for two (her and a guest) deal in the...


chocolatemint commented 6 months ago