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Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Remember My Pie Pizza ?

by Whamsey 6 years ago

To those who remember My Pie Pizza in Golden there any place in the Twin Ciities that even comes close ?


DCBobby commented 1 hour ago

Where to buy pizza for a crowd in St. Paul?

by soccermom13 2 days ago

I need to purchase pizza for about 45 people for a meeting. My husband can pick it up and bring it to the meeting, w...


Autumm2 commented 6 hours ago

Where in Minneapolis-St. Paul can I find excellent tortillas?

by soccermom13 16 days ago

I wish I had time to make my own tortillas, but I don't. Most of the tortillas I have purchased (both flour and corn...


soccermom13 commented 9 days ago

Very old Cuisinart DLC 7e food processor

by soccermom13 3 years ago

I have a very old (over 33 years!) Cuisinart DLC 7e 14 cup food processor that is still going strong, but I am in dir...


ibew292 commented 1 month ago

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Weekend in Minneapolis

by curiousgeo 1 month ago

My wife and I spent this past weekend in downtown Minneapolis with plans to see the Royals-Twins game Friday and 49'r...

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Nut-Free Cupcakes for a Wedding

by Rachelmd3 1 month ago

Looking for someone who can make nut-free cupcakes for my wedding next year. Are there any caterers or companies in ...

Where in TC's can one find McCormick clear imitation vanilla

by s4zando 1 month ago

So I'm making my way thru Christina Tosi's "momofuku milk bar" cook book and have been trying to obtain some of the m...


Autumm2 commented 1 month ago

Where can I purchase Turkey Giblets?

by s4zando 11 months ago

Does anyone know where in the TCs I could purchase some turkey giblets and neck (equivalent to what's typically in on...


s4zando commented 1 month ago

Where to find Italian lady fingers in the Twin Cities?

by taylorrush 3 months ago

I want to make Tiramisu and want to know where to find Italian lady fingers! Meaning, I want the hard lady fingers. N...


s4zando commented 1 month ago

Sources for Sacramento Brand Tomato Juice in MSP

by BigSal 3 years ago

Does anyone know if there are any local resources that carry Sacramento tomato juice? I'd rather not but it online if...


Trevinopair2 commented 2 months ago

Aloha Poke Co?

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

With the national news about Chicago-based Aloha Poke Co, I'm just wondering if the food is any good. Opinions? http...


ferret commented 2 months ago

Remember "Nankin" Chicken Chow Mein? Found "Wangs" in "Tonka even better.

by Royboy1256 6 years ago

Been searching for years and years for good 'ole Nankin restaurant type chicken chow mein (with the little bits of gr...


sober commented 2 months ago

Saleh Hamshari's Mean Green Sauce

by ibew292 9 months ago

A friend in Kenya wants me to bring some. Where is it for sale in Minneapolis? I have feelers out but nothing yet. Pl...


Bhannapowers commented 3 months ago

Croatian food for World cup party

by planeandpickle 3 months ago

Minneapolis/St. PAUL restaurants or delis to purchase authentic Croatian food!!!!


ibew292 commented 3 months ago

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Di Noko's Pizzeria closed

by prasantrin 4 months ago

I first heard about Di Noko's here on Chow a few years ago (

Favorite restaurants from the past

by jeff55432 6 years ago

Today I was driving down Central Ave., and I passed by the old Pannekucken (sp?) building which, in recent years, has...


Tommy_James commented 5 months ago

where to find dry curd cottage cheese

by sweet thang 8 years ago

A friend's mom is looking for dry curd cheese or dry curd cottage cheese used to make pierogies. She indicated she ca...


melindajbean commented 6 months ago

Chicago Style Subs?

by estreske 8 years ago

I was born and raised in Chicago. After moving to the Twin Cities, I periodically crave Chicago-style food, just lik...


ibew292 commented 6 months ago

Yeast-free bread

by typo 6 months ago

Do any bakeries in the Twin Cities make a yeast-free sandwich bread?


sandylc commented 6 months ago

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Mourning the loss of Legends

by soccermom13 6 months ago

It was just a sports bar. But it had great burgers at a reasonable price and the best side ever: sauteed veggies th...