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ISO German cruller/kruller recipe or place that sells them

by jennyfur 14 years ago

When growing up in the midwest, my Mother worked for a German bakery that made crullers...not the spongy, airy ones like at Krispy Kreme...these were more cake-like and looked like...POTATOES!!!! ...

After 30 years, Union House in Genesee Depot has a new owner

by shaja 8 months ago

After 30 years, Union House in Genesee Depot has a new owner

Where (close to Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha) I can buy lard??

by agulka0303 14 years ago

I always need lard for cooking ( I'm Polish and we use lard a lot to ours recipes) and I could not find a lard in any store. Maybe someone know where they seling lard. Thank you!!!

Lunch in Milwaukee Western Suburbs

by madsdadus 1 year ago

Looking for anything tasty for lunch on a Tuesday in Milwaukee. Open to anything as long as the food is tasty and the ambiance fun and or pleasant. Only requirement is that I need to be able to car...

Turkey Leg Jones - Milwaukee

by Orgullo de Mexico 16 years ago

what has happened to Turkey Leg Jones? A favorite of Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana, the Wisconsin State Fair, now he has vanished. What's the scoop???

One Dinner In Milwaukee?

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

OK, short notice here. I'll be in Milwaukee on business tomorrow (11/29/18), and I'd like a rec for a restaurant or dinner that typifies old Milwaukee. The only place I'm aware of is Wolski's. ...

Coerpers Steakhouse in Milwaukee

by BUCKEYE 19 years ago

When I used to go to Milw on business in mid 90s we used to go to Coerpers Steakhouse (i hope I have spelling right) for dinner. It was excellent but it was in REALLY BAD AREA that, when we'd descr...

Milwaukee trip report

Dr. John
by Dr. John 2 years ago

Looks like there is not much action on this board, so I thought I would post about our trip. We were in town for a conference and a bunch of the meals were at the conference itself, but we had som...

Liver for beginners?

by harrism 2 years ago

I'd like to give liver an honest try, in spite of the fact that I've always been squeamish about it and other organ meats. Apparently I ate it as a very small child, but young enough that I don't r...

First Time in Milwaukee in Search of Vegetarian and Cheese Curds

by NShewmaker 2 years ago

Hey All, My friend and I will be heading to Milwaukee (I live in Chicago and she lives in Brooklyn) for the first time. She’s a vegetarian and in search of the best cheese curds we can find. I’...

Journal-Sentinel's Best 50 Restaurants of 2017

by shaja 3 years ago


Perfect Indian Meal in Milwaukee

by Slappey 3 years ago

How lucky we were to happen upon Durbar Indian Restaurant on Astor Street, just a block from our hotel. From the exquisitely appointed dining room to the excellent service, it was a night to rememb...

Looking for some ethnic restaurants

by L2soon 4 years ago

Looking for restaurants in Chicagoland area or anywhere within a day trip (up to 6 hours by car(includes Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, Detroit, Quad Cities, St Louis) to try some new cuisines. ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Best 30 Restaurants of 2016

by shaja 4 years ago

Carol Deptolla's 30 best plus 20 good eats. I can't agree with the Union House in Genesee Depot; we did not have a good experience there.

Two nights in Milwaukee with 9-year-old

by DFWBuff 4 years ago

My son and I are traveling to Milwaukee in two weeks. I need recommendations for all three meals of the day. Staying in downtown but will also be traveling to the Waukesha County Museum on Saturd...

Sheboygan, WI Supper Clubs

by CindyJ 4 years ago

I saw an old thread with recommendations for supper clubs in/near Madison, WI. http://www.chowhound.com/post/supper-club-recommendations-madison-wi-828386?commentId=7077089 I'd love to get some r...

MKE - Karl Ratzsch's sold

by shaja 4 years ago


Carol Deptolla - Milwaukee's best new restaurants of 2015

by shaja 5 years ago

With a couple out in Waukesha County. http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/dining/milwaukees-best-new-restaurants-of-2015-b99637468z1-363382921.html

Milwaukee - Hyatt on Kilbourn - Dinner and drinks - Walking

by Monch 5 years ago

Hounds, Two friends and I will be getting together for one evening (11/25/15) in Milwaukee. We are booked at the Hyatt on Kilbourn. Looking for CH suggestions for that neck of the woods. I'...

Advice for 3 nights near New Glarus/1 night in Milwaukee?

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 5 years ago

Hi everyone! My husband and I are excited for four nights in Wisconsin (followed by four in Chicago) coming up at the end of July! I was hoping I could get some feedback about our plans. We are ...