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Review of China Palace in Milpitas

by tanspace 15 years ago

This place boasts a huge menu of items from all areas of Chinese cuisine. It not only has the wide range of different Chinese cuisine representated similar to "Q's in Newark", but it also has depth...

Help!! Lunch Spots-Fremont-Milpitas

by ciaogina 15 years ago

I'm working down in the area close to McCarthy Ranch. Today's lunch was Chili's. There's got to be some other great spots for inexpensive non-chain lunches--Mexican, pizza, Asian somewhere. I'm...

Jealous New Yorker's Report (Napa, Milpitas, etc.)

by Andy T. 15 years ago

Incredible! 7 days in a row of perfect weather in your fair city. Clean air, friendly folks, great eats, and now back to the RNC ;) . Thanks to all hounds for the recommendations! San Mateo: L...

Korean Grocery in Fremont/Milpitas area?

by Lorea 15 years ago

I was wondering if anybody knows of any Korean grocery markets in the Fremont/Milpitas area? The only ones I know of right now are in Oakland and Santa Clara. Or, does anybody know where I can b...

Milpitas Eats and Malls?

by Wendy-san 15 years ago

Did a search on the board for Milpitas but came up with nothing. We'll be in the area today and wanted to know some good recommendations for Chinese food and Chinese shopping malls. We're not famil...

8 Courses of Fish at Miss Saigon- Milpitas

by Nathan P. 15 years ago

I stopped in to this place based on a tip and thought I would pass on a brief report as I could not find any past mentions using the search engine. The restaurant is in a strip mall but the owne...

A new? Szechuan restaurant in Milpitas LION dixon landing

by Han Lukito 15 years ago

This is where TAM was: has anybody tried it yet ? I saw it several months ago. It's in the corner close to Fu Lam Moon. I saw many interesting authentic Szechuan dishes there.

Pho 54 and New Hwong Kok Inc, Milpitas report

by Arlene 15 years ago

went to Pho 54 for lunch today with a friend. We both liked it. Small bowl of pho is $4.75 and good if you're not very hungry. I got #10-rare beef w/ beef brisket. Tasty soup, good tastying bee...

Back to Hui Lau Shan (Milpitas)

by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

Last Sunday my sister and I took a rest break at Hui Lau Shan on our way back from Salinas. Mangoes are so good right now, it seemed like the best time to enjoy the mango specialties here. Previo...

Chinese or Viet restaurant for large group in Milpitas/East San Jose?

by Alice Ringer 15 years ago

My parents and siblings are coming to town, and they've asked me to choose a restaurant for dinner with some relatives on Memorial Day (next monday). Here are the criteria: Must be in Milpitas o...

Pepper Lunch: cheap Japanese sizzling beef in Milpitas

by Dave Baselt 15 years ago

With a name like “Pepper Lunch”, you know it must be Japanese. This restaurant is a branch of a Japanese franchise that has 78 stores in Japan, so right away you know it has a certain undeniable au...

Tokyo Ramen in Milpitas

by tanspace 15 years ago

After hearing that Tokyo Ramen was open after months of anticipation, I rushed over there for lunch today around 11:45 and already a line of 10 people was in front of me. After a 30 minute wait, I ...

anyone tried the long-awaited "hui lau shan" in milpitas

by gab 15 years ago

any good? that's their third USA location in addition to LA and NY. looks expensive to me. also next door is the brand new ramen place that boost handmade noodle

Thai House in Milpitas- Thai Buffet and more

by Han Lukito 15 years ago

That is correct, it is a buffet with Thai dishes only. We also ordered from the menu Catfish salad was boneless chunk of catfish, thin slices of apple?, carrots, etc marinated in a slightly sweet...

Good Dim Sum around San Jose/Milpitas/Cupertino/Palo Alto

by Keitaroi 16 years ago

I am looking for a good Dim Sum restaurant around the south bay. I haven't found any restaurant's that are as good as the ones in SF. A couple of my favorites: ABC SEA FOOD RESTAURANT, Milpitas...

Halong Bay Restaurant, Milpitas-new Vietnamese restaurant

by Arlene 16 years ago

Ad in the Fremont Bulletin mentioned there's a new restaurant in Milpitas: Halong Bay Restaurant Authentic North, South & Central Vietnamese Cuisine 1245 Jacklin Rd, Milpitas 408-263-9888 Ad also...

Yan Can in Milpitas

by siu 17 years ago

I really liked the chicken salad at Yan Can in Milpitas Mall. It's near the Black Angus restaurant. Opposite of Ross for Less. The place seems small and the menu is limited and a bit confusing. ...

Milpitas ABC downstairs secret - Family Delight Cafe

by gab 16 years ago

OK This place serve very decent family style cantonese food that only costs $4.99 per plate with Drinks at lunch time or soup for dinner. Cannot beat the price for the quality of food. Its cookin...

Disappointment at ABC Milpitas

by Ruth Lafler 16 years ago

I was meeting a (nonchowhound) friend for lunch in the South Bay and suggested we try dim sum at ABC. Although it has been highly touted by dim sum civil war judges from both sides, I had never bee...

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