Need some food intel for Milpitas? Local Chowhounds can tell you which coffeehouses to visit, the best dinner spots, and more.


Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles | Cupertino & Milpitas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles expanded to Cupertino in April. I had a chance to pick-up take-out when passing through last month. Open for to-go only at this point, there are a couple small tables ou...

Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker Join Forces on Bill to Ban Most Factory Farming by 2040

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The Farm System Reform Act would prohibit new large factory farms from going into business and force others to cease expansions before halting operations entirely within two decades. Warren...

Koi Palace frozen dim sum special, Daly City, Dublin & Milpitas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Koi Palace restaurants are now offering frozen dim sum in bulk to steam at home. For orders over $50, a 10% discount is offered. Order by phone to pick-up at the restaurant. KOI PALACE - Daly Ci...

Milpitas vs Fremont for authentic Chinese food

by learntocookchinese 1 year ago

Dear Chowhound, a friend is looking to buy a place. The friend wants to be near authentic Chinese restaurants. Of course Milpitas and Fremont both have tons of Chinese restaurants. My friend is ...

Where to buy rare cut of steaks?

by beeflover1 1 year ago

I'm looking for specific cuts of beef that are considered rare or uncommonly sold and purchase in grocery stores. The specific cuts I'm looking for are flat iron steak, ribeye cap (Not from Costco ...

DaeHo Korean BBQ & Beef Soup | Japantown - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Back in March a friend raved about a new Korean place in Japantown, DaeHo that he said was Los Angeles Koreatown quality. At that time it was still under the radar. When I finally I had a chance to...

South Indian Lunching: Buffet @ Swagat (South Abel St., Milpitas)

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

At lunch time, the Swagat branch on South Abel in Milpitas offers a lunch buffet, bargain-priced at only $6.94 per person. Overall the selection is quite good here, but only a few South Indian ite...

Quick Wok (nee Magic Thai) at Milpitas Great Mall closed

by foodcache 4 years ago

Was disappointed to see this place vanish from the Mall. Their Pad See Ew was the best around. Anyone know if they've moved elsewhere?

NEW: Burma House, Milpitas report w/ PICS

by hhc 7 years ago

They now have a Burmese restaurant in Milpitas!! They are off Dixon Landing Rd & Milmont Dr by Barrio Fiesta. Waitress said they've been open for about 6 weeks and still had the Grand Opening s...

Pho Kim Long in Milpitas

by Porthos 14 years ago

It's been a while since anyone has posted on this place but it is a true and true chowhound spot for Vietnamese. There are the reliable standbys like pho and grilled pork chop over rice but their ...

Guasanas @ Jaden's | Salinas - San Jose - Milpitas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Fun to find freshly roasted guasanas at the Saturday farmers market in Oldtown Salinas. Jaden's Kettle Corn of Milpitas roasts them on site. A small bag of warm fresh garbanzos in the pod was a lit...

Song Ngu in Milpitas for Snake River Farm Wagyu Pho

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

For last month’s dish of the month, I reported on the banh xeo cuon (Vietnamese crepe served in roll form) at Song Ngu in Milpitas, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/900476#8107224 In additi...

Regional Chinese roundup 2.0

by hyperbowler 7 years ago

The Bay Area's Chinese food scene is evolving. Sichuan and Hunan cuisine continue to gain in popularity and we're finally getting access to foods from Shaanxi, Guilin, and northwestern China. To...

Shanghai Kitchen in Milpitas

by ssfire 6 years ago

Shanghai Kitchen just opened in Milpitas. Here are the photos for the shen jen bao (pan fried pork buns), XLB (xiao long bao, which they call "nanxiang steamed juicy pork buns"), etc: https://w...

Truong Thanh in Milpitas

Dave MP
by Dave MP 6 years ago

On the way to a wedding near Santa Cruz yesterday, we stopped by Milpitas for some lunch. I identified Truong Thanh as a place that offered bun mam (which I was in the mood for), and I found brief ...

MOH Kitchen: Burmese and Thai in Milpitas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Good looking plate of See Kyat Kauk Swe (Burmese Noodles with Fried Garlic and BBQ Pork). Has anyone tried this spot? MOH Kitchen 1244 S Abel St Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 262-3333

A review: Sizzling Stone in Milpitas

by RandomlyEdible 6 years ago

Recently I visited one of my regular South Bay lunch spots: Sizzling Stone in Milpitas. The name pretty much describes exactly what this place is about - hot rocks with stuff cooking on them. More ...

The Porridge in Milpitas: Taiwanese comfort food

by zartemis 6 years ago

My boyfriend and I eat at The Porridge semi-regularly. Great comfort food when we're in the mood. We went there last night just before closing. I snapped a few photos. They serve taiwanese ri...

Golden Garlic - Tianjin and Szechuan in San Jose/Milpitas Area

by Candice 7 years ago

In my continual search to find places to eat with my Chinese grandma, we discovered Golden Garlic near Landess and 680. It has a combination of Tianjin and Szechuan dishes on the menu. We order...

Cornology (Popcorn shop) now open in SF North Beach, Livermore, Emeryville, Milpitas

by hhc 7 years ago

Cornology is now open in North Beach, SF, they give free samples if you want to try the popcorn. What do hounds think of them? Other locations: Livermore Outlet; Emeryville Bay St; Great Mall, Mi...