Make Almond Milk in 2 Minutes Flat with This Genius Trick

You can make almond milk (or other homemade nut milk) in no time at all with this ingeniously easy hack. If you're anything like me, you’re avoiding going to the supermarket at all costs right now...

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"Ethical" milk?

by anonaz 4 years ago

The way by which we get to buy cow's milk is very disturbing. I would like to buy cow's milk obtained by "stealing" a little from a lactating cow, whose calf stays with her. Just get the "surplus...

Local home cheese makers? ? about milk...

by Jay3fer 8 years ago

Wondering which milk in the GTA you've had best results with for making cheese. I tried 4L bags with very mixed results, but not sure whether it's because I'm a novice. I am steering clear of Pur...


by Woodlay1992 4 years ago

what are the three most important milk proteins?


by Woodlay1992 4 years ago

What does the application of heat have on the carbohydrate and proteins?

Food with high calcium

by eateat22 4 years ago

folks my friend needs to start taking an increased calcium in her diet (1200 mcg a day) as she's pregnant but wants to avoid tablets. She didn't grow up on dairy milk but can drink it but I'm wo...

Raw Milk / Home Cheesemaking in AZ?

by Starka 12 years ago

I've gone through about 6 gallons of various milk brands, searching for the elusive non-ultra pasteurized kind, resulting in 6 gallons worth of curdled cheese-making heartbreak. Does anyone know w...

Loaded bakes potato soup

by Marissai123 4 years ago

My recipe calls for ten cups of milk but I don't feel like going to get more but I have a quart of heavy whipping cream. How much heavy whipping cream should I use to replace the milk?

Filtered milk?

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 5 years ago

I've been seeing TV ads for "filtered milk" and recently saw some in the store. Then this morning some emergency regulations setting temporary standards for filtered milk in California came across ...

Calculating Milkfat % in Creams

by zhooker 5 years ago

I'm an American who lives (and cooks) in South Korea. Here, there are no real labeling standards for cream products -- half-and-half, heavy cream, and etc -- so I use nutritional data listed on the...

Milk and Expiration Dates

by AdamGL 5 years ago

This may be a strange topic. I use a Nespresso coffee maker with a separate milk frothing thingy. This device holds a couple ounces of milk and heats it up while spinning it into a froth. Cons...

Soy Milk vs. Rice Milk vs. Almond Milk vs. Skim Milk vs. ???

by TroyTempest 7 years ago

So I have bee trying to eat a little healthier and bring my own cereal and milk to the office for breakfast. In choosing milk i was looking for low calories, so i picked the unsweetened Vanilla fl...

Cream-top milk at Trader Joe's

by vimal_babu 11 years ago

Hi, How do I find out if the cream-top milk sold at Trader Joe's ( Coleman Ave, San Jose) is supplied by Straus ? Thanks, Vimal

What sometimes gives milk a "vaseline" taste?

by takadi 5 years ago

Sometimes when I buy milk, whether it be regular supermarket milk, some local grassfed variety, or a pricey organic one, sometimes there is a taste to the milk, an aftertaste that reminds me of pet...

Heirloom Frosting Recipe Question - help!

by macrogal 12 years ago

So I have just discovered my grandmother's famous frosting recipe, which is essentially the following: cook flour and milk together let cool completely beat with crisco, butter and sugar ta-d...

Milk or Dairy - Handling

by BulaLolo 5 years ago

Does milk last still if you've heated it up then were to put it back in the fridge? Is it still usable? Thanks, Bula

Milk spoilage question

by DGresh 5 years ago

Back when we had a teenager or two in the house, we'd drink a gallon of skim milk a day, and I never had problems with spoilage. I'd buy two gallons each trip and all was fine. Now that it's just t...

Uses for about to spoil milk?

by zackly 5 years ago

I sometimes find myself in possession of milk about to spoil because Costco sells one gallon containers cheaper that the half gallon containers @ my local supermarket. It's generally skim or 1%. Ot...

Natural by Nature Milk

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 5 years ago

My favorite milk I've tried in America is "Natural by Nature". I've fallen out of touch with it; can't even remember where I first found it. Has anyone spotted it in the NY tristate area? Or does a...

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