Make Almond Milk in 2 Minutes Flat with This Genius Trick

You can make almond milk (or other homemade nut milk) in no time at all with this ingeniously easy hack. If you're anything like me, you’re avoiding going to the supermarket at all costs right now...

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Help me use up milk and cream!

by NYchowcook 2 years ago

I bought a lot of wonderful local whole milk and heavy cream for our holiday open house and have a lot left over and would like to use it well in the next few days. Ideas? I think of chocolate ...

Straus Milk without Vitamin D is a godsend to those with Vitamin D Alergies

by MrHarleyDavidson 2 years ago

My wife and my sister are terribly alergic to Lanolin - from which most Vitamin D which is added to Milk is made. The only source of Vitamin D which does not cause severe problem for them (and othe...

do different brands of milk taste different to you?

by zackly 6 years ago

I drink fat free (skim) milk from large dairies and I'm noticing that they are not alike. I generally buy milk when I need it but if I'm in Costco or some other place that sells milk under $3.00 a ...

Can I substitute water for milk, in....

by Howard_2 11 years ago

..recipes for baked goods like cakes, cupcakes, etc? For that matter, what about using thinned-out yogurt (with a bit of extra sugar to offset the sourness) instead of milk? There's a recipe...

Keeping Milk Cold on a Buffet for Open House

by nemo 2 years ago

Friends are having an open house for sale of their home. I offered to supply treats, maybe 2 or 3 different kind. I know most folks would have a pot of coffee sending its aromas, but I don't drin...

How to froth cold milk?

by hungryann 4 years ago

I'm trying to recreate a freddo cappuccino like I've had in Greece. The milk froth/foam is so thick, it's like a soft whipped cream. I've watched them make it in the coffee shops: they add cold mil...

Raw milk in Lisbon

by hlegaux 6 years ago

Hi I live in the Cascais area. I am looking for organic raw cow or goat milk. I am from California so I am used to finding it. Does anyone know if it is even allowed to be sold here?

What to do with an abundance of organic milk?

by ChervilGeorge 3 years ago

When my awesome corner store guy heard I was experimenting with beginner cheese making, he sent me home with a gigantic amount of organic whole milk and half and half because the sell by date is fo...

Masala chai: "pulled" vs not, and when is best to add sugar?

by qixotic 3 years ago

So I have memories of some great masala chai I had in northern India a while back, and saw a few different cooking variations even out there. In the US, it's a lot harder to find something close to...

Skim milk into whole milk

by roxlet 9 years ago

I have a recipe that I want to make that calls for 2 cups of whole milk. I have skim milk and I have heavy cream. How can I approximate whole milk? I was going to try 12/3c skim to 1/3 cup cream...

Using expired coconut milk

by Clarissa 15 years ago

I don't know how strict those expiration dates are. I have several cans of coconut milk (Trader Joe's) that expired a year ago, and I'd like to use them, if it doesn't present a risk of any kind. ...

What seeds can turn milk into a pudding (like chia?)

by glify 4 years ago

I hear flax can do it also but must be ground, not ideal here in Thailand when I'm on the run (we don't have Whole foods here but we do have tons of convenience stores with small milk bottles and p...

Where can you buy whole milk in BC?

by jcolvin 3 years ago

Pretty much all homogenized (and even non-homogenized) milk in BC (even Avalon's organic "whole" standard milk) is actually partially skimmed. Milk from a cow is 3.5-4% or more, but the dairies rem...

A third milk thread: why in the world do people buy skim or low-fat milk?

Sam Fujisaka
by Sam Fujisaka 11 years ago

As hounds, most of us appreciate cheeses, butter over margarine, home made mayo, real whipped cream, and a range of full flavored foods. many appreciate what can be done with bacon. I can't unde...

Coke and Milk? Am I the only one?

by cocoagirl 14 years ago

Last week while I was on vacation I made an iced coffee - but I wanted some fizz- so I added some diet coke. It was good. Then I took some diet coke over ice and added some half and half- really,...

Cooking with spoiled milk

by E_M 8 years ago

So I am making spaghetti & meatballs for dinner. I used perhaps an eighth to a quarter cup of milk to moisten the bread. About 45 meatballs later, someone in the house poured themselves a glass of ...

Milk substitutes in rice pudding/custards

by E_M 3 years ago

I've been making rice pudding (or custard) for years..it calls for 6 eggs and 3 cups milk. In the past, I've used a combination of skim milk and 1/2 and 1/2. However, the milk drinker in the hou...

Raw Yogurt Makers?

by saxie 3 years ago

Making yogurt from raw milk, i want to keep the temperature pretty low, below 110 degrees. i think 104 was the ideal, i can't recall at the moment. of course it won't be thick like commercial paste...

Malted Milk Powder

by inciquay 13 years ago

Has anyone seen this product in T.O.? I'm baking for the holidays and found several recipes that call for it and look intriguing. I've checked Pusateri's and William Sonoma, where should I be trying?

raw/unpasteurized milk in Vancouver?

by willow72 11 years ago

Greetings Foodies, In my endless search for Icelandic skyr I have come to the sad realization that I am going to have to make it myself-in fact, at this moment I am thinning the rennet in boiled...