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You can use this tag to discuss food in the Middle East or Africa. We also have tags for each of the countries in the region, as well as many of their cities, which you can browse here.

Summer of Sumac: This Tart Magenta Spice Belongs in Everyone's Pantry

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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New and Notable -- 2 dinners in Dubai?

by AgnesGooch 14 years ago

There haven't been any new Dubai recs since September 2005. I've printed the previous posts, but with the number of new hotels, malls, etc opening every month, can anyone recommend great new restau...

Good Food In Jerusalem

by jessiers 15 years ago

I will be in Jerusalem for a few nights in December and am looking for a couple of moderately priced restaurants and a couple of pricier restaurants. Ideally I would like good food (the last time ...

Help for a San Francisco palate in Cape Town?

by dordogne 15 years ago

I am going to visit my daughter, who is living in Rondebosch on a student budget and cannot wait to bring me (and my credit card) to some good restaurants and purveyors. Would love to try the high...

Going to Algiers, Algeria - what should I try?

by Caribou 15 years ago

Hi there! I'm a Canadian going to Algiers next week and was wondering if anyone could give some restaurant recommendations or types of food and drink I should try. I hear fresh dates are amazin...

Planning Special Dinner in Beirut

by KSRegan 15 years ago

Fellow Chowhounds: Pending political issues, I am planning a romantic dinner for two in Beirut, March 2007. My guest has lived in and out of Beirut for years. My intention is to surprise them wi...

Tunisia Questions from a fretting soon to be Mother in Law

by susancinsf 15 years ago

I am not sure if this belongs on this board or the 'Middle East and Africa' Board: since obviously they overlap... My daughter is getting married. To a great guy who is originally from Tunisia. ...

Rabat Recs?

by psb 15 years ago

I'm going to be in Rabat for a couple of weeks [other Morocco plans uncertain to date]. Any recommendations in town? Restaurants, food stands, bakeries, shops with prepared foods... "it's all good...

Cairo and Luxor - need advice

by 2eat4me 15 years ago

I'll be spending 2 weeks in Cairo and Luxor later this year and not much has shown up on my search of these boards. Any recomendations or updates appreciated. Thanks.


by dbird 15 years ago

I will be in Aleppo for a few days in October and would very much appreciate recommendations. I may be off base but imagine that solo dining is less usual there so am especially interested in place...

NY Chowhound looking for great eats in Casablanca

by RawTunaFan 15 years ago

I'm hoping someone out there knows some wonderful places to eat durig our stay in Casablanca this week. The travel guides haven't been doing us any good. :( ANY great recommendations would be SO...

Fes Lately? Where to go for good chow?

by pscurfield 15 years ago

Any recommendations for Fes?

Marrakech lately?

Gary Soup
by Gary Soup 15 years ago

My wandering daughter (a quasi-Chowhound but not a poster) is headed for Marrakech for a wedding in a few days. I've sent her links to the previous posts on Marrakech/Morocco, but just wondering i...

Been to Dakar?

by tafttiger 15 years ago

We're considering stopping over for 24 hours on a South African flight from JFK to Joburg. Would love advice on where to stay and where to eat.

Going to Dubai - Houndin' around the world

by jjweerts 15 years ago

I'm looking for the best of the best of Dubai - from five star to local joints...any type of food. I have never been to the city so any recommendations / education would be wonderful. Thanks, ...

Eating in Cape Town, South Africa?

by CChan126 15 years ago

Can anyone recommend a few great restaurants in Cape Town? I'll be there for 4 days. Thanks!

Restaurants Kuwait

by triplem 15 years ago

Caesars Group of Companies Business group which runs restaurants, confectioneries and catering services under the Caesars brand name; supplies smart card technology and software (plastic car...

Jerusalem restaurants?

by yelly 15 years ago

I am spending a month working in Jerusalem and would appreciate guidance from those of you out there who were here recently: both casual and more special, in Jerusalem and within a reasonable drivi...

Tanzania and Kenya for 6 weeks in July-August

by Food Tourist 15 years ago

Going to Kenya on July 9 for one week and then to Tanzania for 5 weeks, returning Aug 21 to Canada. Haven't booked any land tours, safaris, hotels, etc. yet but want a moderate-priced vacation for...

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