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Summer of Sumac: This Tart Magenta Spice Belongs in Everyone's Pantry

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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by EATTV 13 years ago

I have an opportunity to go to Phinda in late August. Anybody been? What are the food and cooking oppportunities?

Missing treats from home

by yoginijeanne 13 years ago

I moved to Egypt in the summer of 2006 with husband. Since that time I have found I miss many items easily purchased in the states and I have learned to make them. Who knew that English muffins w...

4 months in Rabat

by KMERC 13 years ago

Hi, I'm a chowhound from Rome and I'll be spending 4 months or so in Rabat (with another couple of weeks in Ouarzazate). Am looking for any rrecommendations of restuarants or food stands or patiss...

Having a Party in Tel Aviv

by Kumasdaddy 13 years ago

We'll be in Tel Aviv in late August and would like to through a luncheon for my mom's 70th birthday. Guests would run around 40-50 people. Ideal location would be near the sea. Kosher is not req...

Israel Food tour

by Elyse Goldstein 13 years ago

In case anyone is still looking, here is a fabulous culinary tour of Israel. This will be the third one I've led. Educational, fun and delicious! Its not till February 2008 but worth waiting for. h...

Maputaland and Cape Town?

by EATTV 13 years ago

What can you tell me about food and restaurants in Maputaland and Cape Town. I'll be there next week and am curious about cuisine, influences and local food sources. Also, are malaria drugs reccome...


by pgsfarrow 13 years ago

Due to visit soon for 2 nights -Any ideas? Do like my meat!

Sidi bou Said

by vitya 13 years ago

If you have dined at Aux Bons Vieux Temps, please comment. Thanks.

Tunisia's Best Luxury Restaurants?

by vitya 13 years ago

Will be vacationing later this month in Tunis, Djerba, Ksar Ghilane, Tozeur, Sfax and Hammamet. Any suggestions for fine dining?

Restaurants or cafes in the South African Winelands

by zinfanatic 13 years ago

We will make our four night base to visit the Winelands in October in Franschhoek. We would like suggestions for both lunch at wineries and dinner nearby. We like all cuisines and generally like to...

Moroccan Food

by bina_28 13 years ago

I went to Morocco, found the love of my life and found new foods I have not experienced here in the USA. Rabat, has the best Fish Pizza at Pizza. Cafe 123 has the best Chicken Schwarma's. If you ev...

My daughter's going to Guinea

by 42duffy 13 years ago

Can anyone provide some info, details, feedback or advice for my daughter? She'll be leaving in September for about 9 months in Guinea. Thanks!

Gordon Ramsay's Verre in Dubai

by Tav 14 years ago

Hi, Does anyone have an idea what the prices are at Verre? I was thinking of a table d'hote or equivalent, with wine matching, but any idea of recent or current rates would be very helpful. Tha...

Christmas in Tunisia

by goumandette 13 years ago

Anyone have any recs for eating in Tunis, Carthage, Salammbo, or Hammamet? My partner and I will be there over the Christmas holidays (Dec 24-31st). We're expecting cuisine similar to Turkish or ...

Livingstone Zambia (Victoria Falls)

by RBCal 14 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for dining on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls? I know the Royal Livingstone restaurant is incredibly expensive. Is there anything reasonable and good near the ...

One good place in Dubai

by Missy 14 years ago

My husband just got back from Dubai so this is second-hand-but here goes. The first night in Dubai he and a colleague went to Bastiakah Nights, a restaurant in the old section of town. Apaprently ...

Sierra Leone?

by cor 13 years ago

Anyone know any good places to eat in Sierra Leone?

Kenya and Sudan

by qwertyy 14 years ago

Jambo! Next week I'm heading out to spend three weeks in Nairobi and a week in Sudan on business. While in Kenya, I hope to be able take my weekends out of the city at the closer-in game parks. W...

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