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Is good quality, affordable microwave cookware extinct?

by Bob Frable 1 month ago

I'm still using products my parents (G_d rest their souls) bought before the early 2000s. They're going to just break...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 26 days ago

Foods That Destroy the Roof of your Mouth

by paulispumonti 9 years ago

Here's my shortlist: 1) Almost any sandwich on a crispy baguette- major damage 2) crispy tortilla chips or nach...


danigirl42 commented 1 year ago

old china and porcelain in microwave?

by erica 3 years ago

I have many dishes manufactured before there were microwaves, so no "microwave safe" label on the underside. I would...


Inventivehomecook commented 1 year ago

The perfect microwave brown rice

by rworange 11 years ago

It took me a few pounds of rice, but I have it down 1. Wash rice three times or until water runs clear to remove s...


colajane commented 1 year ago

Is it safe to heat plates in the microwave?

by la2tokyo 8 years ago

As someone who works in a restaurant I feel the need to plate everything on a hot plate. At home, where I have no pl...


Oracoke commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Can microwave oven be used to simmer/evaporate liquid?

by monotious 2 years ago

I just bount a new microwave oven, which I am told uses inverter technology, which basically means that the microwave...

Oatmeal boiling over in microwave

by sunshinedrop 12 years ago

Every time I cook oatmeal in the microwave it boils over ALOT. I use the regular oats (not the quick oats) and mix t...


FayeAn commented 2 years ago

No stove for two weeks

by junescook 2 years ago

I am accustomed to cooking three meals a day at home. Now they are retiling our kitchen, etc, (600 sq. ft.) and ever...


TastyReuben commented 2 years ago

Stuffed Peppers - pre cooking peppers

by michaeljc70 7 years ago

I usually make my stuffed peppers by cooking them wrapped in foil for 15 in the oven to help soften them. I then stu...


Querencia commented 2 years ago

Microwave Crisper & Browner. And...Why some Metal is OK to Microwave?

by alkapal 8 years ago

Does anyone make a crisper or browner that one can repeatedly re-use in the microwave? I'm looking to turn the micro...


Felinis commented 2 years ago

Microwave safe glass getting too hot

by rancher 6 years ago

I've been making hot tea in microwave safe glass measuring/pour cups for many years. Usually Pyrex brand. I put in ...


monicapg2001 commented 2 years ago

Safe Microwave Dishes?

by lemarais 6 years ago

With all the buzz about BPA and dangerous chemicals leaching into food-- ESPECIALLY when the food is heated! I've sw...


drrayeye commented 2 years ago

Microwave for Frozen Udon?

by arielleeve 2 years ago

So we're currently renovating our kitchen, which means all we have for cooking is a fridge and microwave. Washing all...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Snacks and Meals for Non-Patient Hospital Stay

by sjd98765 2 years ago

So my 4 month old son is having his second open heart surgery this Friday, I will be staying with him in the hospital...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Microwave Power Level for Reheating

by Jim Leff 15 years ago

for reheating purposes (not cooking) in a microwave, on what basis do you decide the percentage power to use?


DonShirer commented 2 years ago

Sweet potato in microwave started smoking! Why?

by Howard_2 2 years ago

A friend told me she'd tried to cook a sweet potato in a microwave, and it turned into a chunk of carbon, so natural...


Wtg2Retire commented 2 years ago

Lekué microwave cookers??

by josephnl 4 years ago

Recently I was talked into buying a Lekué microwave popcorn cooker by a salesperson at Sur la Table. I was hesitant, ...


docgradusadparnassum commented 2 years ago

Why did my broccoli catch fire in the microwave? Why did the pyrex bowl get so hot?

by Howard_2 9 years ago

I often do experiments in my microwave. The latest one I did was to put 2 small pieces of broccoli stem (fresh) into...


sunshine842 commented 2 years ago

Why did my microwave set some paper on fire?

by Howard-2 16 years ago

In my area garbage is collected only once a week, so sometimes it begins to stink after a few days. I sometimes deal...


loveTHEM2 commented 3 years ago

Are two step microwave cooking instructions ever necessary?

by ebchower 3 years ago

Most frozen, heat & serve food items have microwave instructions like "Microwave for four minutes, rotate, and cook a...


medlar commented 3 years ago