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Foods That Destroy the Roof of your Mouth

by paulispumonti 9 years ago

Here's my shortlist: 1) Almost any sandwich on a crispy baguette- major damage 2) crispy tortilla chips or nach...


danigirl42 commented 5 months ago

old china and porcelain dishes..safe in microwave?

by erica 3 years ago

I have many dishes manufactured before there were microwaves, so no "microwave safe" label on the underside. I would...


Inventivehomecook commented 6 months ago

The perfect microwave brown rice

by rworange 11 years ago

It took me a few pounds of rice, but I have it down 1. Wash rice three times or until water runs clear to remove s...


colajane commented 12 months ago

Is it safe to heat plates in the microwave?

by la2tokyo 7 years ago

As someone who works in a restaurant I feel the need to plate everything on a hot plate. At home, where I have no pl...


Oracoke commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Can microwave oven be used to simmer/evaporate liquid?

by monotious 1 year ago

I just bount a new microwave oven, which I am told uses inverter technology, which basically means that the microwave...

Oatmeal boiling over in microwave

by sunshinedrop 11 years ago

Every time I cook oatmeal in the microwave it boils over ALOT. I use the regular oats (not the quick oats) and mix t...


FayeAn commented 1 year ago

No stove for two weeks

by junescook 1 year ago

I am accustomed to cooking three meals a day at home. Now they are retiling our kitchen, etc, (600 sq. ft.) and ever...


TastyReuben commented 1 year ago

Stuffed Peppers - pre cooking peppers

by michaeljc70 6 years ago

I usually make my stuffed peppers by cooking them wrapped in foil for 15 in the oven to help soften them. I then stu...


Querencia commented 1 year ago

Microwave Crisper & Browner. And...Why some Metal is OK to Microwave?

by alkapal 7 years ago

Does anyone make a crisper or browner that one can repeatedly re-use in the microwave? I'm looking to turn the micro...


Felinis commented 1 year ago

Microwave safe glass getting too hot

by rancher 5 years ago

I've been making hot tea in microwave safe glass measuring/pour cups for many years. Usually Pyrex brand. I put in ...


monicapg2001 commented 1 year ago

Safe Microwave Dishes?

by lemarais 5 years ago

With all the buzz about BPA and dangerous chemicals leaching into food-- ESPECIALLY when the food is heated! I've sw...


drrayeye commented 1 year ago

Microwave for Frozen Udon?

by arielleeve 2 years ago

So we're currently renovating our kitchen, which means all we have for cooking is a fridge and microwave. Washing all...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Snacks and Meals for Non-Patient Hospital Stay

by sjd98765 2 years ago

So my 4 month old son is having his second open heart surgery this Friday, I will be staying with him in the hospital...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Microwave Power Level for Reheating

by Jim Leff 14 years ago

for reheating purposes (not cooking) in a microwave, on what basis do you decide the percentage power to use?


DonShirer commented 2 years ago

Sweet potato in microwave started smoking! Why?

by Howard_2 2 years ago

A friend told me she'd tried to cook a sweet potato in a microwave, and it turned into a chunk of carbon, so natural...


Wtg2Retire commented 2 years ago

Lekué microwave cookers??

by josephnl 3 years ago

Recently I was talked into buying a Lekué microwave popcorn cooker by a salesperson at Sur la Table. I was hesitant, ...


docgradusadparnassum commented 2 years ago

Why did my broccoli catch fire in the microwave? Why did the pyrex bowl get so hot?

by Howard_2 9 years ago

I often do experiments in my microwave. The latest one I did was to put 2 small pieces of broccoli stem (fresh) into...


sunshine842 commented 2 years ago

Why did my microwave set some paper on fire?

by Howard-2 16 years ago

In my area garbage is collected only once a week, so sometimes it begins to stink after a few days. I sometimes deal...


loveTHEM2 commented 2 years ago

Are two step microwave cooking instructions ever necessary?

by ebchower 2 years ago

Most frozen, heat & serve food items have microwave instructions like "Microwave for four minutes, rotate, and cook a...


medlar commented 2 years ago

cooking beets

by kseiverd 2 years ago

Anybody tried cooking them in microwave? Good, bad, so-so results??


jmckee commented 2 years ago