11 Easy Mug Cake Recipes That Make the Best Single Serving Desserts

Whether you're limiting your calorie intake or don't enjoy sharing food, microwavable mug cakes are a quick and easy alternative to baking standard-sized confections. Many times requiring only a small...

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My Microwave is Dead [moved from DC]

by maple01 8 years ago

We have a 15 year old GE Spacemaker microwave that is built in under the cabinet above the stove. We had a brief power outage that zapped it. Even after I flipped the circuit breaker nothing at all...

Is all glass safe in the microwave?

by michaeljc70 4 years ago

So, I have been buying these desserts at Costco (basically different versions of panne cotte and custards) that come 6 to a pack in glass containers that look like large shot glasses. I've saved a...

Microwave replacement recommendation

by neighborguy 5 years ago

The manufacturer is Panasonic. The problem is the latch mechanism that opens the door goes after so many use cycles. Sounds to be an engineering flaw with the push button release. This is the third...

How can I tell if my microwave is working right?

by CindyJ 4 years ago

I have a microwave oven that's a little over a year old. I don't use it much and It's never been great, but lately it seems to take forever to heat even a small bowl of soup. Is there any kind of...

Range Hood vs OTR Microwave

by dalewest 8 years ago

Dear Chowhounds, I am in the process of the doing a kitchen update and am pondering the the trade-offs between the extra counter space an Over-the-range (OTR) microwave yield and the superior ve...

Please help: range/speed oven/microwave...driving me nuts

by joyelyse 5 years ago

Hello wise people, I am driving myself insane. I'm getting very close on being able to pull the trigger on my kitchen redo. But I'm rapidly running out of money. I can't do everything I planned to...

scrambled eggs in microwave

by cathy1 15 years ago

My friend who is on vacation, so I can't call, tells me she microwaves eggs when she is only make one or two so she doesn't have to clean a pan...how long would I do this for??

Time to get rid of the microwave?

by Puffin3 5 years ago

Very sensible OP about why microwaves are destroying the food nutrition put in them. Interesting to get your reactions on the subject. http://www.realfarmacy.com/microwave-free-year-microwave-co...

I need a short microwave.

by Farmgirl22 5 years ago

I'm looking for a microwave that is between 12 and 13 inches tall to go over my stove. I have zero counter space, so no room there, and I can't mess with the cabinet height because of the stuff abo...

G.E. Monogram Advantium microwave/convection combo feedback

by Eatzi 6 years ago

I am renovating my kitchen and putting in a Wolf single wall oven and rangetop in the transitional styling (slim, rounded handles). I do not need a full second oven so am looking at combo ovens tha...

Microwave / Convection Combo Oven - Any Good?

by Seitan 8 years ago

Recently l've been looking for both a toaster oven and a microwave to replace both of my ancient units. I was in an electronics store the other day and noticed they had a Panasonic Inverter Convect...

How do you clean a filthy microwave oven

by Jpan99 7 years ago

Yes, too many spills and explosions and I'm not a good cleaner-uper. What can I do now to get my microwave looking like new?

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