Need a rec for a countertop microwave.. The choices look bleak out there...

by chompie 10 days ago

My microwave broke and we need another one, preferably small and light to carry. Don't need fancy settings. Reading t...

alex9179 commented 10 days ago

Does anybody have experience with a convection microwave oven?

by MsMaryMc 4 years ago

Our old built-in, above-the-range microwave died last night, so we're shopping for a replacement. I haven't bought a...

Cam14 commented 7 months ago

Appliance emergency - dual fuel v induction v gas only?

by MrsPatmore 9 months ago

I bought a little vacation house and normally I would have spent months researching every appliance on the market and...


alexrander commented 9 months ago

Built in Microwave oven with extractor fan - Silly question

by southern_chick 2 years ago

I'm looking for a built in microwave oven without an exhaust fan. Pretty much all the cheap ones come with an extract...


ferret commented 9 months ago

Replace my microwave

by SliceOWonder 10 months ago

My microwave died last night. I'd like to replace with a toaster oven/microwave combo. I have a small place and use...

outRIAAge commented 10 months ago

Sharp Carousel 2 Instructions/Manual Needed

by ShyCountryMiss 10 years ago

Does anyone have the manual/instructions for this microwave convection oven, that they could scan & send me? Or post ...


md2003xlt commented 12 months ago

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Built-in Microwave Recommendations?

by emily 1 year ago

I just moved into a house with a 12 year old GE Monogram built-in microwave that I'd like to replace (control panel d...

Microwave Crisper & Browner. And...Why some Metal is OK to Microwave?

by alkapal 6 years ago

Does anyone make a crisper or browner that one can repeatedly re-use in the microwave? I'm looking to turn the micro...


Felinis commented 1 year ago

Crazy Battery-Powered Portable Microwave

by ferret 1 year ago

Cool adaptation of technology. A little small, but shows what's possible. http://gizmodo.com/this-microwave-oven-i...


travelerjjm commented 1 year ago

Any reason I can't remove an over the oven microwave?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 1 year ago

We are buying a condo that has an over the oven microwave and extremely limited counter space. We do not use a microw...


Chowrin commented 1 year ago

Why did my microwave set some paper on fire?

by Howard-2 15 years ago

In my area garbage is collected only once a week, so sometimes it begins to stink after a few days. I sometimes deal...


loveTHEM2 commented 1 year ago

Convection microwave

by mummycantcook 1 year ago

My mini counter top cooker is failing and my counter top microwave doesn't do fish sticks or frozen fries. I am thin...


mummycantcook commented 1 year ago

Survey: Toaster Oven or Microwave Oven? What is more important to you?

by Chemicalkinetics 4 years ago

This topic has been touched upon before, but I think it deserves a deeper discussion. Both a toaster oven and a mi...

DuffyH commented 1 year ago

Is there a microwave oven that can actually bake with convection?

by mama who loves to cook 10 years ago

I have seen convection microwaves but from my reading, there is no baking, only grilling and browning. Years a...


schristensen commented 2 years ago

My Microwave is Dead [moved from DC]

by maple01 6 years ago

We have a 15 year old GE Spacemaker microwave that is built in under the cabinet above the stove. We had a brief powe...

coll commented 2 years ago

Is all glass safe in the microwave?

by michaeljc70 2 years ago

So, I have been buying these desserts at Costco (basically different versions of panne cotte and custards) that come ...


michaeljc70 commented 2 years ago

Microwave replacement recommendation

by neighborguy 2 years ago

The manufacturer is Panasonic. The problem is the latch mechanism that opens the door goes after so many use cycles. ...

Sooeygun commented 2 years ago

How can I tell if my microwave is working right?

by CindyJ 2 years ago

I have a microwave oven that's a little over a year old. I don't use it much and It's never been great, but lately i...


kagemusha49 commented 2 years ago

Range Hood vs OTR Microwave

by dalewest 6 years ago

Dear Chowhounds, I am in the process of the doing a kitchen update and am pondering the the trade-offs between the...


ferret commented 2 years ago

Please help: range/speed oven/microwave...driving me nuts

by joyelyse 3 years ago

Hello wise people, I am driving myself insane. I'm getting very close on being able to pull the trigger on my kitche...


cstefan206 commented 2 years ago