Michelin Stars

New York's Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Announced for 2020

The 2020 Michelin results are out in the city that (arguably) spends more time and energy both eating and arguing about food and restaurants. While Japan may boast three of the world's top four Michelin...

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What restaurants in Vegas got Michelin stars?

by svL 12 years ago

I read in the paper that 12 restaurants got Michelin stars, Robichon got 3, Picasso 2. What others?

3 Michelin Stars: Jean Georges & Per Se? [moved from Manhattan board]

by druz99 12 years ago

Am I the only one who believes that Per Se is in a class above Jean Georges? Do you think Jean Georges deserves 3 Michelin stars? Personally, I believe the answer is no. Let the debates begin! -...

Michelin Stars Out!!!

by Adsvino 12 years ago

I was the first to tell Hiro-san at Urasawa-yesterday! He was thrilled! Two-star restaurants Mélisse, Santa Monica Spago, Beverly Hills Urasawa, Beverly Hills One-star restaurants Asanebo...

Tokyo Michelin star restaurants

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 12 years ago

One of our fellow Chowhound on the Japan board posted that the current fav., of foodies in Tokyo - Ryugin in Ropponghi is a Michelin Two Stars. However, I thought the guide won't be out till Novemb...

Outer Boroughs 2008 Michelin Stars

Bob Martinez
by Bob Martinez 12 years ago

Peter Luger's and Saul keep theirs. Dressler gets added to the club. Grocery gets stiffed for the 3rd straight year. :-) http://www.michelinmedia.com/pressSingle/value=MCH2007100830319/kw=

Michelin Stars and Ontario [moved from Ontario board]

by chef223 12 years ago

[NOTE: We've moved this thread digression from the discussion at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/444485#2985738 - THE CHOWHOUND TEAM ] since you've eaten at three and two michelin star restos, I...

Michelin Starred Restaurants with Fixed Price Lunch

by glsebs 13 years ago

At one time a few years ago, I had a list of the Michelin starred restaurants that offered lunch at a special price. We ate at Le Cinq one visit and Les Ambassadeures another time, and both were ...

New Michelin Starred Restaurants, 2007

by bjrocky 13 years ago

British restaurants win 14 new Michelin stars Blog: Matthew Fort on the might of Michelin Liane Katz, Guardian Unlimited Wednesday January 24 2007 Britain’s culinary conversion is continuing ap...

Osaka got a Michelin star?

by Larry Brooks 13 years ago

I was there for lunch the other day and saw the Michelin plaque on the wall. No offense to Osaka as I am a fan and always have been but....a Michelin star? I though those were more of a rare thing...

Saul and Peter Luger's Get Michelin Stars

by Bob Martinez 14 years ago

With all the talk about the new Michelin guide on the Manhattan board I thought a nod to Brooklyn was in order. I've always been a big fan of Saul and I'm glad to see them get the recognition.

Does Vong deserve its Michelin star?

by jakew8 13 years ago

I was amazed to read in the newest Michelin guide that Vong received a star. I've only eaten there once, but the food was not good. And by that I mean that I actually disliked it, not just that i...

michelin stars in Italy - are they worth it?

by kate 15 years ago

I've been going over the reviews of Italian restaurants on this page, and most of the time it seems possible to divide restaurants mentioned into two categories; unknown family-run trattorias in li...

Link To Post Of 2/03: "Dinner In A Michelin Starred 2000 Year Old Roman Furnace"

by Joe H. 16 years ago

A discussion on the "Not About Food" board included my mentioning this remarkable restaurant from a trip that my wife and I had a year ago. It was suggested that I move this topic to the Internati...

A 2000 Yr Old Michelin Starred Furnace & Notes From Italy, Last Week (LONG!)

by Joe H. 17 years ago

Last week my wife and I completed one of the more interesting weeks of binging in Italy that we have yet enjoyed. From Baldin, a wonderful restaurant in Genoa, to Garga, an overpriced and disappoi...

Dinner In A Michelin Starred "Roman Era Furnace" In Italy

by Joe H. 17 years ago

Has anyone been to La Fornace di Barbablu in Vado Ligure, Italy which is about 60 miles west of Genoa? This is a Michelin starred restaurant in a "renovated" Roman era furnace. It's website which ...

Michelin Starred Restaurants for Lunch

by ellyb 18 years ago

Which of the Michelin starred restaurants which offer fixe pris lunches as a more reasonable alternative to dinner. Last year we had lunch at Les Ambassadeurs and had a wonderful meal at an "affor...


by sean 18 years ago

CALL YOURSELVES CHOWHOUNDS????????? who won the stars today? does anyone know???????? do tell. ..

Advice/Recent Experiences Sought re Paris 1 or 2 Michelin Star places (or other similar)? (longish)

by kirk wallace 18 years ago

I am on the horns of a very nice dilemma. Here's the problem: 2 veteran hounds (and especially fond of game meats) have the following meals set for a week's holiday in France: day 1: (Loire)dinner...


by Jake 18 years ago

Hi Im dining at Waterside tonight. Any ideas on what to look for when ordering and also WHAT Aperitif and Digestif to have and look for. Any ideas welcome.

New Michelin Stars

by Andy Lynes 19 years ago

All the results for the UK are at www.caterer.com Gordon got three by the way. Link: http://www.alynes.freeserve.co.uk

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