Michelin Stars

New York's Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Announced for 2020

The 2020 Michelin results are out in the city that (arguably) spends more time and energy both eating and arguing about food and restaurants. While Japan may boast three of the world's top four Michelin...

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LA Michelin Starred Restaurants ('09 Guide) just released ...

by a213b 12 years ago

Listed Below (3 rosettes, 2 rosettes,1 rosette ... I left off Bib Gourmand and other notable restaurants) * * * None * * Melisse Providence Urasawa Spago * Asanebo Bastide Cut Din...

LA Michelin Starred Restaurants ('09 Guide) just released ...

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 12 years ago

We've moved a thread on this topic to the Food Media and News board at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/566243

Went to La Botte - night before the michelin star comes out

by Jerome 13 years ago

Wanted to go to la botte before the guide comes out and the star's in and it gets harder to get in. Service as always was impeccable. From the greetings - not sure if stefano really remembered m...

Typical 'Western' Michelin Star meal in Tokyo

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 12 years ago

I noticed most postings on this board by fellow chowhounders have been centred on Japanese cuisine, be it sushi, Kaiseki, contemporary Japanese etc. With my memory still relatively fresh from my la...

03/08 Cortez Well Deserves Its One Michelin Star

by opinionatedchef 12 years ago

We had a really wonderful evening here on the 2nd night of our' fab. Cal. foodie vaca.' We also learned that evening that the owners (the talented Bay Bread consortium) have sold Cortez to a loya...

Most 'Under-rated' Michelin Star Restaurants

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 13 years ago

One of the most pleasurable feeling pertaining to fine dining was being able to pick out those under-rated star establishments that are on the verge of 'multiple-stardom'. In a way, it is an achiev...

Tokyo turns down Michelin Stars

by Porthos 12 years ago

What a great article in the NYT. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/24/business/worldbusiness/24guide.html?pagewanted=1&ei=5087&em&en=274a645bee4e99ac&ex=1204088400 It further illustrates Micheli...

Michelin star (or equal) romantic dinner with a view

by MIross 12 years ago

Being European I am in love with Michelin stars (although I understand there is serious doubt if it really works in US. In last week of February I am visiting NYC (staying in midtown). I am lo...

Need restaurant suggestions! Looking for Michelin Star(s) & hole in the walls!

by Lynn88 12 years ago

Dear fellow Chowhounders, I'll be visiting San Fran with my significant other at the end of March. We're both in our mid-20s. We'll be staying at the CLIFT in the financial district. We're lo...

Paris restaurant with Michelin stars, but no dress code required?

by mkalerta 12 years ago

Hello! Please, can someone recommend a nice Paris restaurant with 1-3 Michelin Stars without dress code? I will travel in decent clothing, but not in suit and tie. Something like Taillevent, ...

New Michelin Stars for London

by zuriga1 12 years ago

I received this press release today... thought it would interest some of you. Who says the food here isn't worthy? MORE MICHELIN STARS FOR LONDON FOOD SCENE London’s reputation as one of the ...

Chez TJ gets a Michelin star

by lesleye 14 years ago

Was pleased to see that Chez TJ in Mountain View received it's 1st Michelin star today. We had a wonderful dinner there a couple of weeks ago, and I was especially impressed with the foie gras serv...

Michelin star lunch in Paris: what do you reccommend?

by plafield 13 years ago

I've read many posts on this topic on this and other boards and have also read many reviews of the various restaurants and I am still undecided about this! I'll be in Paris for 10 days in May and a...

What restaurants in Vegas got Michelin stars?

by svL 13 years ago

I read in the paper that 12 restaurants got Michelin stars, Robichon got 3, Picasso 2. What others?

3 Michelin Stars: Jean Georges & Per Se? [moved from Manhattan board]

by druz99 13 years ago

Am I the only one who believes that Per Se is in a class above Jean Georges? Do you think Jean Georges deserves 3 Michelin stars? Personally, I believe the answer is no. Let the debates begin! -...

Michelin Stars Out!!!

by Adsvino 13 years ago

I was the first to tell Hiro-san at Urasawa-yesterday! He was thrilled! Two-star restaurants Mélisse, Santa Monica Spago, Beverly Hills Urasawa, Beverly Hills One-star restaurants Asanebo...

Tokyo Michelin star restaurants

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 13 years ago

One of our fellow Chowhound on the Japan board posted that the current fav., of foodies in Tokyo - Ryugin in Ropponghi is a Michelin Two Stars. However, I thought the guide won't be out till Novemb...

Outer Boroughs 2008 Michelin Stars

Bob Martinez
by Bob Martinez 13 years ago

Peter Luger's and Saul keep theirs. Dressler gets added to the club. Grocery gets stiffed for the 3rd straight year. :-) http://www.michelinmedia.com/pressSingle/value=MCH2007100830319/kw=

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