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Eating solo at a Michelin Starred restaurant

by mkmoe 19 days ago

Hello, I am traveling to Lyon, France for business in June, and I was able to secure a reservation for 3 at Paul B...


damiano commented 6 days ago

Walk In Bar Menu at Noma Mexico Pop-up in Tulum

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Several media outlets have quoted an instagram post by David Chang (Momofuku group) that Noma Mexico would offer a ba...

Melanie Wong commented 27 days ago

Michelin Bangkok

by Chadsie 3 months ago

What dining will get 1,2,3 and bibs!!


Chadsie commented 1 month ago

Kin Khao | Union Square - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

During Kin Khao's first year, I visited three times, each meal progressing in quality over the previous one. But some...


tre2012 commented 1 month ago

Noma in Tulum Tickets for sale

by thewhitnet 1 month ago

I have two tickets I bought for May 7 at 6 PM . Unfortunately I will not be able to make this date . I bought the...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

ISO Starred dining in Lyon and Avignon

by AGM_Cape_Cod 1 month ago

Our neighbors are going to be in those two cities and are interested in recommendations for starred restaurants. If y...

estufarian commented 1 month ago

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo - An Underwhelming Michelin 3* Experience!

by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Since my foodie friend and I were told, through regular channel, that the 3* restaurant - 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo was full...

PhilD commented 2 months ago

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Michelin commits a faux-pas

by rrems 3 months ago

Thought this was pretty funny:

Short Trip Report

by tatuaje68 3 months ago

I apologize for this late posting. I was in San Francisco for a few days the end of October and I had some terrific m...


JonDough commented 3 months ago

The Right Michelin 3-Star for Me?

by plumpdumpling 4 months ago

I'm going to Paris for the first time in May and hope to have dinner at a couple of the 3-stars. Will you please help...


cqt commented 3 months ago

Enoteca Barcelona experience anyone?

by Monica 3 months ago

It's one of the 2 Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona. I can't seem to find any reviews on this restaurant her...

Monica commented 3 months ago

US Michelin guide road trip

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

" . . . The shortest route would still be 3,426 miles in total and, if one ate at one restaurant a night, would take ...

MikeR commented 4 months ago

Bo Innovation - do people seriously rate this?

by TomEatsHK 6 years ago

So I finally made it to Bo Innovation (kindly accompanied by e_ting) and as the weeks have gone on since I ate there ...

Charles Yu commented 4 months ago

Fabulous Dinner at Smyth

by masha 4 months ago

We went to Smyth for the 8-course tasting dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate a special occasion and had a wonder...


cocobinga commented 4 months ago


by johannabanana 4 months ago

I thought people curious about L'Ambroisie might like to see this video that Vedat Milor made about a recent dinner t...


rrems commented 4 months ago

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Michelin starred restaurants with tweens/teen in Japan

by srqchick 4 months ago

I'm looking for recs for Michelin starred options in Tokyo and Kyoto to go with my 11, 12, & 15 year old for lunch or...


by IPcook 5 months ago

Looking for good cooking in Amsterdam, prefer to not be served "tweezer food" ; suggestion for good european bistro c...


saeyedoc commented 5 months ago