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Reservations for Eleven Madison Park

by The Chowhound Team 2 months ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging Eleven Madison Park reservations, we have created thi...


PT55 commented 6 days ago

Michelin Stars 2018

by flaky_croissant 25 days ago

Jean-Georges downgraded to two stars. Three Stars Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (relocated to Manhattan) Eleve...


foodwhisperer commented 19 days ago

Bay Area Michelin 2018 predictions

by peterle 2 months ago

The Michelin Guide for 2018 is coming in 2 weeks … any thoughts who might get or lose a star? Could Crenn finally ge...


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2018 Chicago Michelin Predictions

by Gonzo70 2 months ago

With Chicago's 2018 Michelin stars being announced a month from today, I figured it was time for my annual prediction...


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Michelin Bangkok

by Chadsie 9 months ago

What dining will get 1,2,3 and bibs!! http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/news/michelin-guide-coming-bangkok-year


Chadsie commented 2 months ago

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Let's all do a fake Las Vegas and Los Angeles Michelin Guide predictions

by Chadsie 2 months ago

Know its not ever going to come out again . But we can do imaginary ones right?

Lunch Advice Michelin Restaurant

by soitgoes 5 months ago

I will be in Paris the first week of September, and I’m overwhelmed by the food options. My wife and I have never bee...

PhilD commented 2 months ago

Michelin Starred Tasting Menu for around $100

by biid 2 months ago

Looking for a Michelin star dinner tasting menu for around $100... It's with my parents so places like Contra may be ...


saregama commented 2 months ago

Eating solo at a Michelin Starred restaurant

by mkmoe 7 months ago

Hello, I am traveling to Lyon, France for business in June, and I was able to secure a reservation for 3 at Paul B...


Polisax commented 3 months ago

First Time In Paris, August - Would Love Advice

by Homesteadmem 4 months ago

We will be in Paris for 5 nights mid August and would love restaurant help! We are big foodies and would love a comb...


Homesteadmem commented 4 months ago

Paris visit - need some recommendations for restaurants!

by ejc2153 4 months ago

Hi there! Visiting Paris in second week of August. Very difficult to book a restaurant that I originally wanted to...

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High end and friendly Sushi restaurant in Tokyo to celebrate 20th anniversary

by capri103 5 months ago

Hello ! My husband and I are going to Japan in September to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We will be staying two d...

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