Miami Beach


'A Fish called Avalon,' South Beach - Huge portion, pricey and mediocre food!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

Located on the busy Ocean Drive stretch, this popular restaurant was packed outside but empty inside when we arrived at around 6.30pm. A really strange phenomenon!....since inside was nice and cool...

'Yardbird' - Sorry folks! Hate to go against the trend... but my meal was a huge disappointment!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

After a good night sleep at the highly recommended new and modern boutique hotel " Abae ", we chose to have an early brunch before embarking on our cruise ship. Based on a number of positive and ra...

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Miami trip report

by Belkisw 2 years ago

Hi all, given that there isn't too much on Chowhound re the food scene in Miami, I wanted to share my notes from my last trip there: Stubborn Seed- the service isn’t great, lots of kinks to stil...

Adventurous Philly foodies going to Miami for 5 days: recs anywhere in the area please

by middleagedfoodie 3 years ago

We have a reservation at Kyo and we're considering Niu in downtown area. We'll have a car, so we're not limited. Our friend who lives on Adventure Island says we need to try Fiorito in Little Haiti...

Heading to Miami - vegan?

by lhpangler 3 years ago

My family just shot down my fav restaurant Full Blossom because it is vegan. Any locals can recommend an omnivore place with quality vegan options? I really dont want a bean burger or baked potat...

Best Specific Food Items in South Beach

by OCFoodShark 3 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be visiting South Beach next week. It's been a few years since I've visited. Hoping to get some recommendations for specific, best items at favorite restaurants. Here are some t...

South Beach & Coral Gables

by IOPfoodie 4 years ago

2 nights on South Beach, 1 night at The Biltmore. Looking for great food & drinks - casual or upscale, we like a mix of both. Would love great Cuban for lunch. Maybe sushi one night. Up for anythi...

Refined Restaurants Miami & beyond?

by bonaforchetta 4 years ago

Hi all, I have been doing research on the restaurant scene in Miami and wanted to see what you all thought. Would it be fair to say that the Bazaars from Jose Andres and Alter are consider...

Quality Meats or STK?

by brooksms 4 years ago

I'll be visiting Miami with my boyfriend for Christmas and am having trouble choosing between these two for a steak dinner! Which do you prefer?

Special Occasion Dinner (Fiance's 30th Birthday) in Miami

by mobrien87 4 years ago

Hi All, My fiance and I will be spending his 30th birthday in Miami and I would love to take him out to a special dinner to celebrate. Any price range is welcome. We will be there in June, and w...

Going to the beach

by miteemikee 5 years ago

As someone ho grew up on Miami Beach going back for a 2 nite stay, what would be your dinner recs for seafood and Latino or Cuban food.

South Beach, Steamed Blue Crabs

by Motosport 5 years ago

We'll be in SoBe for a few days next week. I know it is not the best time of the year to get Steamed Blue Claw crabs but I'm reaching out. Anywhere in the area that might serve the traditional St...

My foray into Miami nightlife

by WannaBeBourdain 5 years ago

I moved here about a month ago, and am engorged in the culture and ... shall we say, scenery. The people are so beautiful! And the weather! Anyways, I finally made my way to an actual club in Mi...

Restaurants near Fountainbleu Hotel

by Mtkalina 5 years ago

We're going to Scarpetta Sunday night and have two other nights to book. Maybe steak? Seafood? Don't want to break the bank but do want really good food/wine. Thoughts?

Dougie's House in Miami's Wynwood area is truly a hidden gem

by Juangu5303 5 years ago

Stumbled on this hidden gem in Wynwood. I havent stopped going. Best wings in town. They have delivery late night, aswell as on Postmates.

Looking for best French wine list

by jenna131 5 years ago

Hello! We will be visiting Miami next month, and I am looking for suggestions of your favorite French restaurant, particularly with a great wine list. Any price point, as we are celebrating a speci...

Foodie family first time in Miami

by palmtree38 5 years ago

We will be staying around 1750 Colins Avenue We are a family with a 10 & 12 year old that are pretty adventurous eaters and looking for must try dishes or restaurants that dont break the bank suc...

One night in Miami

by Lajo0806 5 years ago

My wife and I are planning to spend a day in Miami while we're in Florida at the end of July. We are looking for some suggestions for lunch, dinner and maybe a good cocktail bar. We aren't concerne...

Miami Itinerary Suggestion

by shake N baik 5 years ago

Hello fellow hounds! This is my 3rd year in a row visiting Miami for some R&R. I haven't been steered wrong yet and hoping to get some input for my upcoming trip. I've pretty much penciled in mo...