Explore Mexican food beyond the familiar dishes of guacamole and tacos, by diving deeper into the unique cuisines of individual Mexican cities, which you can learn more about here.

Mexico City trip report!

by indiefoodie 4 months ago

Thank you everyone who helped make my trip a delicious one! This was my first trip to Mexico and I really like the place, the people and of course the food! Here goes: Pujol: We enjoyed this qui...

Mexico City no reservations - possible to eat at top spots?

by rachelchows 3 months ago

Hi all! I decided very last minute to take 4-day trip to Mexico City (Dec 26-30). First time visiting and I’m incredibly excited! There are a few hot spots I want to try that no longer have rese...

Recent visit to San Jose Del Cabo

by curioussheridan 17 days ago

Claro Ristorante AKA Claro Fish Jr! This was the best food of our trip: smoked Marlin was superb bay scallops, delicate crunchy shrimp tasty oyster taco, and a fresh and generous condiment bar with...

Merida Restaurants and Food

by naick_berden 1 month ago

Hello fellow foodies! We just spent an awesome couple of days in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and we LOVED the food. We are a couple travelling for 6 months in Latin America and we share our ...

Topo Chico + Lime

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Fans of Topo Chico sparkling mineral water from Mexico . . . now it has its own song.

Panuchos and other recommendations

by burgeoningfoodie 2 months ago

The reason I ask is that I'm going to the Peninsula for a wedding, but doubt I'll have time to eat anywhere off the grid. I'll be in Cancun for most of the stay (all inclusive) with an excursion/t...

Where to find Chile mije/mixe aka the Oaxacan pastilla in Mexico City?

by shescheeky 2 months ago

Hi, New husband and I are traveling to Mexico City in a few weeks. I'm an avid home cook and was hoping you kind and knowledgable folks would know where to find the elusive Chile mije/mixe aka th...

SoCal locals going to Los Cabos recommendations please!

by jacknhedy 1 year ago

Hi all, Little about us: Thankful to be able to say we've been to many of the best. What we're hoping for are UNIQUE restaurants with dishes we would NOT likely see in Los Angeles or any major c...

East coast 'hound looking for good seafood and local specialties in San Jose Del Cabos

by curioussheridan 2 months ago

We'll be spending a couple of weeks in San Jose Del Cabos in February: one week downtown and one week by the beach. Where are the memorable meals, whether in dingy cafes or smart restaurants, but ...

Mexico City - traveling with toddler and looking for great food in vibrant settings

by waxyjax 2 months ago

Hi! My husband and I are planning a trip to DF and will be taking our 3 year old daughter. I'd only been once before - but it was a work trip so didn't have much time to explore :( We love Mexic...

San Jose del Cabo - December 2011 - Suggestions Please!

by halpie97 7 years ago

I'm celebrating my 2 year anniversary with my wife staying at the One & Only. We are both foodies and love exploring the locales so we are looking for some restaurant recommendations for dinner as...

Mexico City New Years 2019

by SophyMB 3 months ago

Hello! I'm headed to Mexico City for the second time, but this will be my first time there over the holidays. I know that lots of restaurants are closed or open during specific hours, which I've lo...

Recent recommendations for Oaxaca?

by Nyleve 5 months ago

Will be in Oaxaca for about a week around Dia de los Muertos. I've been scanning through posts for restaurant recommendations but there doesn't seem to be anything recent. Would love some suggestio...

Oaxaca trip report!

by indiefoodie 3 months ago

Thank you all for helping me plan a delicious trip to Oaxaca! Here are some of the places we tried: Restaurante Catedral: I had read a lot about their Sunday brunch but that wasn't an option for...

Oaxaca - mole paste storage?

by gordon wing 7 years ago

I recently brought some mole paste home from Oaxaca ........ will not be using it all soon. Should I freeze it for longer term storage ( 2-3 months ) or is it OK in the fridge ? TIA

Help me identify tiny beans and chiles purchased in Yucatan!

by cathyeats 7 years ago

I was in Valladolid, and went to the Mercato Municipale. Many vendors were selling these tiny little red beans, maybe 1/8" x 1/16". Seriously small, more like a seed than a bean. I bought a bag, pl...

Please help finalize CDMX itinerary (researched)!

by indiefoodie 6 months ago

Hi, a friend and I are planning a trip to Mexico City, Oaxaca and possibly some other place in mid November. We live in NYC so we'd like to concentrate on things that are either not available here ...

anyone import tequila from mexico?

by ac106 11 years ago

Heya all, I live in Mass and cannot receive shipments of liquor domestically. However I have read that people have imported absinthe and such from Europe with little problem. I am trying to a...

Tamales Liz | Rosarito, Baja California

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

From Popotla where we struck out on buying any tamales de elote https://www.chowhound.com/post/popotla-baja-california-1075792 , we continued south.

Ensenada Fish Tacos: Tacos Corona vs. Tacos Mi Ranchito El Fenix vs. Puesto Tacos Fenix

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Making the rounds of the well-known fish taco stands in June 2017, Puesto Tacos Fenix, the small stand on Avenida Espinoza at the corner of Avenida Juarez (5ta) was my favorite. In January 2018, I ...