Explore Mexican food beyond the familiar dishes of guacamole and tacos, by diving deeper into the unique cuisines of individual Mexican cities, which you can learn more about here.

The Carajillo Is Mexico's Ultimate Two-Ingredient Coffee Cocktail

This National Coffee Day, unwind with a two-ingredient coffee cocktail from Mexico: the Carajillo. Or try an updated take that adds some warm spice for chilly nights. The Original Carajillo [caption...

Can't find heavy cream (whipping cream) in Mexico City

by SocksManly 13 years ago

Hey everyone, I've just returned from Costco where I was SURE I'd find this completely normal ingredient, and nothing... I did find "Crema Batida" in a can, but that's really not what I'm after at ...

San Miguel De Allende... very brief food notes

by erica 5 years ago

I’ve just returned from a 17-day Mexican visit, split between San Miguel de Allende and Michoacan. There is not much recent info here on San Miguel eating, so I will offer a few brief notes on the...

Desperately Seeking Cookies

by omgalletas 11 years ago

Well, one particular kind of cookie I recall from my childhood. I grew up in the bordertown of El Paso, Texas with my very, very Mexican family. It wasn't unusual to find Mexican food products in...

Street Food: Latin America (Netflix)

by thegforceny 1 year ago

Watch this wonderful (short) series. If you’ve travelled throughout this diverse region, it will make you miss the delicias you’ve had. If you haven’t, you’ll be planning your next trip.

Acapulco, Mexico, Food Trip

by josephml1 3 years ago

I need an advice about where to eat in Acapulco in la costera zona. I need a good for seafood fresh local a good place for breakfast Mexican dishes a good barbacoa open for suggestions for st...

Salsa cacahuate recipe

by iheartcumbia 1 year ago

I am looking for a salsa cacahuate recipe similar to one I had at a relatively famous al pastor place in Mexico City. it was one of 6 or 7 salsas offered!!! It was a dark red(the chiles I assume) o...

Location Tag Requests

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Some popular cities and regions with worthwhile culinary destinations do not have location tags. Let me request that you please add the following: Cupertino, California Millbrae, California ...

Nine Days in (and around) Merida

by erica 2 years ago

I rented a house in Merida for 9 nights in early January. Now that the time has come to look at airline tickets, I am wondering if this is too long a time to stay in the city, and whether or not I...

EATING IN MEXICO CITY..my tentative list, plus request for barbacoa

by erica 7 years ago

Two of us are planning a week in Mexico City in late October/early November. Based on what I've read so far, including the helpful threads here on CH, I've come up with a list and hope that the "ex...

Langosta viva en temporano - Mariscos Bahia - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Lucky to be in Baja during the short season for Langosta (Pacific spiny lobster), I had the chance to indulge in a live lobster at Mariscos Bahia two nights ago. My visits to the area usually focus...

Chocolates Grulla "Gold" Alfajores | Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Yesterday I dropped by La Flor de Calabaza https://www.chowhound.com/post/la-flor-de-la-calabaza-las-playitas-ensenada-1059046 to pick up some snacks and beverage provisions. The foil wrapper of Gr...

CDMX and Oaxaca

by getgot211 1 year ago

Hello everyone, have a trip planned soon and will be in CDMX for a couple weeks with a weekend in Oaxaca. Plan on hitting a lot of familiar spots but also looking to try places I haven't been or ne...


by Nyleve 1 year ago

Just a quick question. We are unable to get a reservation at Contramar when we'll be in CDMX. But we were told we can get one at Entremar. Is it comparable? I understand they share a menu but just ...

Azafran in Mexico

by kare_raisu 13 years ago

The best thing I had the opportunity to eat during 10 days in Guadalajara and surrounding Jalisco was Menudo Amarillo this past Sunday. I cannot determine what I would do if I had to choose bet...

Ok, what the heck are THESE things and how do I use them?

by GeneClark 9 years ago

My GF got these in Mexico recently. I was able to determine that "azafran" is "saffron". It just doesn't look like any saffron I know. A Google search for brown saffron pods gave **nothing**. Even ...

Thanksgiving in Mexico - Eating well in Mexico City, San Miguel and Queretaro

by rrems 2 years ago

My husband Stanley and I spent 9 days in Mexico, staying with our friends Danny and Patricia, and had many wonderful meals. I will submit several posts here. Part 1 - Mexico City We began with ...

Tripe soup/stew Mexico City

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hi! So a few years ago in East LA i came across a tripe stew of sorts that was ridiculously spicy and wonderful. I have never found it again. I assume it was a variety of pancita de res? E...

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE?? Street to high-end restaurants??

by erica 5 years ago

I will spend 10 days in a rental house in SMA this winter. Looking for information on food--restaurants, street stalls, and anything else food related. I have a reservation for dinner at Aperi....

Anyone seen blanton's gold, or straight from the barrel, in Cozumel?

by valcfield 7 years ago

these are two of the varieties of blanton's bourbon that are not sold in the US. I adore them, and am swinging by cozumel (and jamacia... if anyone has seen them there) in about a month on a cruise...

Girls trip to play & dine: please critique 4 days in Mexico City mid October

by arnage 2 years ago

My 3 girlfriends and I will be visiting Mexico City from nyc for the first time 10/17-10/21. We will stay at an Airbnb in la Condesa or Roma. I’ve researched and read your helpful posts. Please cri...