From tacos to cochinita pibil, find the top Mexican restaurants around and share your favorite recipes and tips for cooking Mexican food at home.

11 of the Best Mexican Recipes to Grill This Spring and Summer

Since spring is in full swing, it's time to break out the barbecue, and grilled Mexican food sounds perfect for Cinco de Mayo (or any other occasion too). Margaritas optional, but encouraged. While...

chicharrón de ribeye

by luckyfatima 21 hours ago

I've seen a few of these Spanish language videos of chicharrón de ribeye taco recipes. (It seems to be a trend from a couple of years ago.) The recipes in the videos mainly consist of cutting a rib...

Los Altos brand Crema Mexicana

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Just wanted to share my favorite crema, made by Los Altos. The ingredient list is only cultured cream (with or without salt). No preservatives, gums or stabilizers. The taste is quite mild, very pu...


Feasting at Mole Cantina Mexicana, Manhattan...

by gutreactions 4 days ago

We gathered to celebrate my granddaughter's homecoming from camp. And we all agreed to Mole Cantina Mexicana on 2nd Ave., the Upper East Side. Got there for early dinner and they were able to seat ...

Consistently good Pancita de Res.

by borisabrams 4 days ago

Hi! I am on the hunt for a solid Pancita dee Res, a Mexican tripe stew. I had an excellent one down at Tacos El Bronco and Tacos Matamoros, both in Sunset Park. However, living in Williamsburg ...

Mexican -- La Taqueria

by sydneyct 9 days ago

Went to La Taqueria on the avenue and realized that it has yet to open. Does anyone know when it opens?

CENA (Supper): Just to Keep You Going While You Sleep

by cristina 21 days ago

Cena (supper) in Mexico is a mixed bag. For an ordinary cena at home, it's a tiny meal: a cup of hot chocolate or hot milk, a pan dulce (sweet bread), or a quick taco made with what's left over fr...

Calabaza en Tacha :: Winter Squash in Piloncillo Syrup

by cristina 13 days ago

A week or so ago, a fellow CHer on the Mexico board asked for the recipe for Mexican squash in brown sugar syrup. Here it is. Mari, the woman who spoils me by doing all of my housework, gave me...

What is a classic authentic mexican burrito filled with?

by Ramius 6 years ago

I´ve been learning how to make burritos from Youtube videos lately. And they turn out tasting pretty good. I´ve been trying to find as many spanish speaking and latino looking cooks as possible. ...

Desayuno: Breakfast in Mexico

by cristina 1 month ago

I receive many, many inquiries from foreigners planning a vacation in Mexico: "Where should I go for lunch?" "What's a good time to go out for supper?" "I want to eat lunch at (X high-end restaur...

Ok, what the heck are THESE things and how do I use them?

by GeneClark 6 years ago

My GF got these in Mexico recently. I was able to determine that "azafran" is "saffron". It just doesn't look like any saffron I know. A Google search for brown saffron pods gave **nothing**. Even ...

COMIDA: Mexico's Afternoon Main Meal of the Day

by cristina 29 days ago

Mexico's main meal of the day is comida, which is eaten sometime between two and five o'clock in the afternoon. Prime time for comida is three o'clock; in many places all over the República, busin...

Quiadaiyn (Oaxacan)

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 22 days ago

QUIADAIYN 12326 1/2 Venice Bl (1/2 block east of Centinela) Open 8AM-10PM daily See this mini-review with photo: https://www.facebook.com/nancy.zaslavsky/posts/3090747514276387 Nancy Zasla...

Montreal restaurant recommendations needed

by furysmom 29 days ago

We are long time day trip visitors to Montreal but will finally stay a few nights. We need recommendations for (not too expensive) restaurants with good drinks. Really open on cuisine but favorites...

Donut Avenue in Calexico?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 28 days ago

After reading about the role this 24-hour doughnut shop plays as a safe hangout for workers in the community, I'm curious about the food. Besides doughnuts and coffee, apparently it also serves san...

Making enchiladas with flour tortillas

by Gracemama 7 years ago

I was born in the US, and grew up in a low-income neighborhood, surrounded by Mexican families, where our next door neighbors sometimes sent over a steaming stack of fresh tortillas (and where hunc...

What to do with mole seasoning?

by linac 2 years ago

A very good friend of mine gifted me a large bag of incredibly fragrant mole seasoning after they returned from Mexico last year. I'm so excited to use it, but I've never cooked with mole before. D...

Villa Azteca | Oldtown Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Recently William and I enlisted a friend to join us to check out the new spot, Villa Azteca, in Oldtown. We had noticed its opening day on Steinbeck’s birthday in February. Happy to say that Salina...

Street Corn in Queens

by gnocchi 1 month ago

Where can we eat some good Mexican style corn, either on the street or at an indoor place that serves other food? Thanks.

what's the deal w/ radishes and mexican food?

by 1newyorkguy 12 years ago

I am new to LA and am LOVING the mexican food here. What is the deal w/ pairing radishes with your tacos though? I don't really get what they are supposed to add or the best foods to pair them wi...

Pibil Yucatan Food (San Rafael Transit Center)

by Malcolm Ruthven 7 months ago

Today I had lunch at Pibil Yucatan Food in the San Rafael Transit Center, south-most part. It's run by the family that recently opened food service in George's in San Rafael, dinner only. I had the...